Notre Dame Player Arrests Update: Four Practicing, Butler Not

Dexter Williams - Notre Dame RB
Photo: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly announced Wednesday that the four players who are still on the Notre Dame roster following last weekend’s arrest are still practicing and are currently “available” for Texas.  Further disciplinary action could still be forthcoming from the University, however, and in reading between the lines it sounds as the four are still very much in limbo.

Devin Butler, meanwhile, is still suspended after being charged and arraigned earlier this two on two felony accounts.  “He is still indefinitely suspended,” Kelly said. “He is not practicing.  He is not in the building.  He is not part of any football related activities at all.”

As for Dexter Williams, Ashton White, Tevon Coney, and Kevin Stepherson; those four players are still on the team and practicing as the Irish prepare for Texas.  “Those four players that were suspended are currently practicing,” Kelly said before cautioning,  “There could be further actions through the University and that will have to take it’s course. The University is certainly looking at all these cases and will be moving quickly through the process.”

He player will be dealt with individually as the University sorts through each case.  “Each is separate in their own.  I think my statement is pretty clear that a lot of these decisions are joint in that there are other implications and the University is involved in these as well.”

It is important to note that at this time, no charges have been formally made against any of the five players arrested in Ashton White’s car in Fulton County, Indiana last weekend.  Unlike Butler who was charged and arraigned earlier this week.

As far as Kelly is concerned though, he has dealt with his players and any additional action taken is out of his control. “Those matters are out of my hands,” Kelly said.  “I’ve dealt with it internally.  The’ve been handled within the program and the rest will be about what the University does.”

When pressed if they would play against Texas, Kelly only added, “They will be available to play.”

Kelly also would not elaborate on what he told his players.  “What we talk about stays among the team.  Wee’ve addressed anything that happens with our football team.  We have a number of conversations daily about what is expected.  Those are conversations that are between me and the team.

In reading a bit between the lines here, it sounds like the future of the players involved other than Redfield is directly tied to the legal system at this point.  Until there are formal charges, it is doubtful that the University will take any action and Kelly has reiterated that he has doled out all of the discipline that he intends to to these players.

If – and it’s a huge IF – charges are not made, it will be interesting to see what if anything the University does here.  If charges ARE made, then any/all players charged with a felony are subject to dismissal from the University.

The 6th player involved in last weekend’s off the field issues, Max Redfield was dismissed from the team on Sunday.





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  1. What’s important to note, is that Brian Kelly brought these thugs on campus, and will do nothing until they are convicted of murder. My how Notre Dame has fallen.

  2. I don’t profess to be a lawyer, an expert on the law, or the rules governing the state or the University.
    But I do know that the Constitution, Our Constitution, allows a person of legal age and in good standing with the law the right to bear arms.
    In the state of Indiana you have the right to purchase, conceal, and vehicle carry with the right permits and license. You are under no obligation in regards to duty to inform, and that the state of Indiana honors the licensing from other states.

    All I’m saying (and not knowing the details) is anyone who owns a firearm legally, and carries one with them or in their vehicle in a responsible manner is not necessarily a thug… even if they attend college or are a member of a football team.

  3. I agree with all of you saying that we don’t know all the facts etc, etc. HOWEVER, what we do know is that they were all arrested. Innocent people are typically arrested. At the very least, all of these players displayed poor judgement and I think suspending them for a few games is probably the the minimum required disciplinary measure.

    You may say that all of the other programs win at all costs, but that is flawed for a couple of reasons. First, just because other programs act without integrity doesn’t mean ND should. The standard should be higher than that. ND should be better than that. Second, look across the field next week. Charlie Strong’s Texas team has set a standard of ethics and no one can accuse them of winning at all costs (or even winning, frankly).

  4. Joe Kramer,

    Seriously? They are like the rest huh? When is the last time you heard of any of the schools you mentioned and any others suspend a top returning players for an entire season because their grades were bad? I sure as hell haven’t heard of it happening. I don’t think ND was saying “win no matter what” when Everett Golson is returning from a NC run and gets suspended for the entire year. And even more recently is Alize Jones who would have been a huge factor into this year’s offense.

    And for the rest of you giving me crap about being narrow minded, I’ll challenge that you may also be narrow minded in thinking that these players had no idea that weed was present (or maybe even a gun) when riding around in that car. You all are acting like these players are completely innocent, haha! They even said Stepherson and Williams were charged with misdemeanors for the gun too.

    This sounds pretty thug-like to me, they got caught, charged by police, but are able to continue practicing and are “available” for Texas as if nothing even happened. The point is it could have been worse than it was. They shouldn’t be doing it no matter what. Sorry but I’m holding strong on these players should be held a little more accountable than what Kelly/ND has done.

  5. Chris – I understand your point but believe you’re mistaken. BK knows more than we do which is why 2 players are already gone. It may be that the other players arrested were along for the ride. I trust ND to do the right thing with this players.

  6. What planet are you on CJ? Although you may think ND is different from all the others, they are the same. So is Michigan, Stanford, Alabama Penn Stae,…………Win no matter who gets hurt, abused, shot, raped or arrested.
    The are all the same.

  7. The only thing I will say is we don’t know the whole truth! If they were only handing out with there friend and. It smoking pot and had nothing to do with the gun what have they done wrong? If any one sits there and judges them with out know all the facts they should be ashamed of the self. We all have been around people that have done things that don’t involve us and could have had the same situation! Let the legal system run its course and go from there.

  8. It’s easy to cast stones from the sidelines; Coach Kelly was decisive and as harsh as could be with the seniors. I trust not only his judgement -assured he knows more than we do – and am certain the administration will be getting their pound of flesh.

  9. Perhaps you do not know all or any of the details. Redfield got launched, perhaps he had the grass and the gun and the others had no knowledge of either. Quit jumping to conclusions, you make yourself look very narrow minded and all knowing. Shut it til you know the facts.

  10. I am very surprised to hear that Kelly has not taken it upon himself to suspend these players at all. He is setting a bad precedent here because the next kids that think of doing something stupid like this will probably be saying to themselves, “Well remember that one time when those guys didn’t have to miss any practice or games, so it’s ok even if we get caught.” I mean, these guys were riding around in a car with weed and a freakin loaded handgun. That is really bad and definitely deserves punishment.

    I think by not punishing these kids it is lowering the integrity of the school/program which is NOT what ND typically represents. I don’t want ND to turn into some other school where kids get away with a lot more than they should. It shouldn’t just be about winning. That is what pro football is for. Going through college as a student athlete is also about growing as a person and learning life lessons. So when ND does win, we all know that ND will be winning the right way with quality student athletes and not thugs who are just there to get to the pros.

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