Notre Dame Football Stock Report: Irish End Season Falling

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

After 12 months of introspection, change, yoga, and new beginnings, Notre Dame and Brian Kelly are right back where they started: leaving California following an embarrassing loss, left to wonder where to go from here. It’s most likely Kelly and co. won’t be going anywhere; he wasn’t fired following 4-8, athletic director Jack Swarbrick doesn’t figure to fire him after 9-3, with a 35 point win over their biggest rival in the books.

Defenders of Kelly will point to the five game swing from 4-8 to 9-3, as if those two things occurred in a vacuum, without six other seasons as data points, and also as if Kelly was somehow not instrumental in the 4-8 to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, Notre Dame was at times great this year. Their three best wins have come against teams with a combined 27-9 record, by a total of 76 points. Those aren’t flukes, or a bunch of smoke and mirrors. It was built on physical domination, on both sides of the ball. They deserved all the accolades they got, full stop.

That makes their eventual collapse even more frustrating. They broke down in the humidity against Miami, and then wilted against the pressure of Stanford. It was all to familiar to those who have followed the Kelly era closely, which was the problem. So much of what happened this year was new. The way they carried themselves, the way they played, the way they won. It made it feel real, it wasn’t the same old Brian Kelly outfit. Saturday night was a blast from the past, in the worst way possible.

Gone was the edge, gone was the confidence. Instead of being the team that made the plays, they watched Stanford first out compete them at receiver, then on the front line. The quarterback looked lost, the running back lacked burst. In short, they weren’t what they had been, at least not through the first nine games.

And so it goes, on to a bowl game where the team will try to get the sour taste of November out of its mouth,as they did in 2014. Unfortunately, we know where this road leads. In a vicious circle.


Jerry Tillery

Tillery hasn’t gotten enough praise in this space this year, but wow did he turn in a good season. He finished the year on a high note, with six tackles and three tackles for loss against a premiere running team. He flew under the radar because of the stellar play of the linebackers behind him, namely Te’Von Coney and Drue Tranquill. But, he put up numbers that outpaced those turned in by Louis Nix in 2012, the gold standard for nose tackles in the Kelly era. Tillery posted more tackles (52 to 50), tackles for loss (8.5 to 7.5), sacks (4 to 2), and quarterback hurries (10 to 3) with still a bowl game to play.

He left the field in shame following the loss to USC last season, having been ejected for stomping on a player. He not only redeemed himself with his play, but was constantly a part of a number of hustle plays that don’t show up in stat sheets. Looking ahead to next season, if he can build off of his play, an anchor up the middle like Tillery is vital to any good defense.

Te’Von Coney

No one benefitted from the play of Tillery more than Coney, and he capitalized on the openings Tillery created for him, leading the team in tackles and tackles for loss. No one would have predicted Coney would be the best linebacker on the team in the preseason, but it proved itself out over the course of the 12 games. The perfect illustration of the difference between Coney and Morgan this season was Coney coming unblocked against Bryce Love in the first half, and bottling him up for a two yard loss, unassisted, while Morgan, in the same situation, whiffed on his tackle, springing Love for a 40 yard gain.

Again, looking to next season, being strong up the middle is key to any good defense, and Notre Dame looks to be in good shape there.


Yoga As A Cure All For Coaching Deficiencies 

I kid.

Brian Kelly was able to rid the program of the dysfunction of last season, but not of the habit for his teams to fall apart at the end of the year, which was the problem before the team stopped lifting weights and taking things seriously.

It’s easy to change coaches and strength programs and get rid of the malaise of familiar faces around the program. But, the end of season struggles are now happening across coaches, quarterbacks, and programs. The only constant is Kelly, who might have a little more trouble solving this problem as it takes more than a coaching change here and there.

A question I saw a lot today in the Twitterverse was whether or not we, as fans, would have taken a 9-3 season in August. I mean, sure, it beats 4-8. Fact is, it doesn’t really matter what I would have taken or what someone else thinks is a good season. Because the administration, the people who matter, clearly would have signed up for it. Again, there is this desire to compare 9-3 to 4-8, to separate one from the other, as if 4-8 was an obstacle to overcome and Kelly conquered it. He created the obstacle! He doesn’t get credit for rebounding to 9-3 from the depths of despair, especially when he was the author of that awful story.

After all that, from coaching changes, to the yoga, and the coaching re-birth, Notre Dame went from contender to pretender to flame out. And their coach is left to find answers again, this time without whole sale changes to the coaching staff to fall back on.

Maybe he can try Pilates this time.

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  1. SFR,
    Ever get the idea some of these guys like Duranko and Burghundy are just the blog owners stirring it up? Just lie the University these clowns need to drum up advertising revenue. And pretend there’s hope. So they stir the pot maybe. Otherwise this is a above average program just like any other.
    I still don’t feel like it’s old Notre Dame when we played for good. I feel like it’s just another football program.

    1. C-Dog,

      Sure I have.

      That’s why I devised this analogy between this site and old-time rasslin’ to be totally sardonic.

      I guess if we take my “kayfabe” analogy to an extreme, though, some on here could think we’re “jabronis” too, working for or actually being Frank and Greg (this site’s “bookers” to use the pro wrestling argot).

      I remember (with nostalgia) when this was a serious site. There were debates for sure, some even got surly. But at least you sensed people were genuine.

      Then “Ronna Burgundia” et al. showed up (at about the same time as all the ads on here) and things really went south fast. Now we have the “like” and “dislike” click baits to further degenerate this site, bring in revenue, and allow internet cowards to feel they have an opinion that matters.

      I’ve just decided to go along for the ride and play the role of the “heel”. Although “David” has basically taken my gimmick and added the stock phrase “Brian Kelly is a fraud”.

    1. I would speculate SFR, that the outcome would be far different than what it was earlier when they played and I would speculate also that there would be a different winner too, based on how ND played in November.

  2. Notre Dame was 4-8 in 2016 with chaos on the coaching staff and in the weight room.

    Notre Dame THUS FAR, is 9-3 in 2017. There is chaos neither in the coaching staff nor in the weight room. That is the good news. The other good news is that our Irish, or at least MY Irish, beat everyone they ought have beat. The bad news is that our Irish lost to the three best teams on the schedule. That fact will remain true even if those Three teams sweep three of the 5 POWER FIVE championships.

    The biggest long term improvement for the Irish is the sudden stabilization of defensive strategy, tactics, training, coaching and recruiting. The resolute FOCUS of Mike Elko, leveraged with the existing talent, and with Notre Dame’s recruiting advantages portend a bright future for the Irish defense. This defense of 2017 whistled past two monstrous graveyards-defensive tackle depth and safety quality. Will they be problems in 2018? Not any more.

    On offense, the Irish had some great moments, but struggled mightily against the uber-quickness of Georgia and Miami. Stanford? Mostly self-inflicted wounds. The Irish struggle against quickness and not against power.

    But in the mob fetish with going back to ’89’s rushing attack is the cold, harsh reality of football in 2017. You must pass to beat a great defense. LSU runs the football with will and purpose. And take a guess at their record against the Crimson Tide in the last five games.

    How did Clemson beat Alabama last year? Well, just look at the box score. I have. I don’t need the work, you’uns do.
    Just how many of the runs were originally called pass plays?.

    Wimbush has a bright future, and it may begin in the bowl game. He was very close on several big plays. He is an eager learner and has good coaches to work with him. Behind him are Book, the criminally-overlooked Avery Davis, Jurkovec and McNamara.

    Sure lots of players leave. lt’s college football.

    But ask yourself, do you feel better about the FUTURE (not the present) of the program NOW or a year earlier, 11/28/16.

    I know how the players feel. Their effort and sweat starting last winter was rewarded, but not to the extent they would like.
    They know the best days of THEIR Notre Dame era are ahead of them.

    Nobody can force any one to be all in on the Irish. It’s voluntary, and I continue to raise my hand.

    Heck, it’s nearly Advent. Football, except for the Bowl Game, is over, and some of us return to real life.

    Fare thee well and Merry Christmas. It is the Incarnation, a hint half guessed, a gift half understood.

    1. Excellent Points!!!! The only thing that I would disagree with you on is that Irish were not suppose to beat USC. And what did they do????? They gave them a good old fashion whooping 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am as excited for the future!!!! 9 and 3 is nothing to sneeze at. ND is an elite program doing it the right way!!!! We never have lost our focus on the fact that we are a University focused on Academics first and foremost!!! And my ND Football Brethren I will tell you that something special is brewing on the basketball front. They are a fun group to watch. I am just saying. Go Irish!!!!!

      1. Fair enough on USC, but I can not feign respect for Helton. To me, he is evocative of Ted Tollner and Paul Hackett.

        I think that his game has been called by the erstwhile arrival of Chip Kelly in Westwood.

        You said “We never lost our focus on the fact that we are a University focused on Academics first and foremost!!!”

        Well, the 2016 season happened while young Corey Robinson was the Student Body President.

        And in 2017, we had the redemptive story of young Kevin Stepherson.

        These things define Notre Dame’s essence.

    2. Duranko, you can be all in on the Irish because you have only read about the past greatness. Heck you even think you are cool using the name of a great player back in Irish history for your ID. Bet you think it’s cool but it’s actually incredibly disrespectful. Those of you who are younger like Duranko, just haven’t experienced what it was like. We who are older saw first hand the winning formula.
      You haven’t yet. You just haven’t. This program is primed to go anywhere from 8-5 to 10-3 next season. Decent to good. But not primed for national championship number 12. Number 11 was in 1989. 28 years ago.
      Kelly believes in his formula. Every legendary coach at Notre Dame believed in Notre Dame. Until a coach adds that to the mix it’s just not going to happen.

    1. I’m not sure what the future holds for Wimbush, but I’m not ready to pin everything on him. He was starting to progress, show more maturity in the pocket and was starting to improve his passing. Then poof, Miami happened and it was all gone. He was back to square one. That screams to me a coaching issue. You don’t just suddenly regress like that. And he’s not the only one. We saw it happen to Golson, Zaire and Kizer. They all progressed to a certain point then fell apart (well maybe not Kizer, he just was put in bad situations). Ironically, Rees was the only one not to regress during his time and he was the most ill-suited to BK’s preferred offense. He had a ceiling to his abilities, but he never wilted under pressure.

      The same thing would just happen again to Book and Jurkovec. They might start off well then hit a wall and wilt. The answer lies with better coaching. Wimbush is never going to be Brady Quinn or Jimmy Clausen with his passing abilities. But I don’t think he’s as bad as we saw in Miami, Navy and Stanford.

    2. Giving Book the reps between now and New Year’s, and starting him in the bowl, in the spread and the “I”, while putting in a wildcat formation for Wimbush in the red zone, as well as a single wing series with an unbalanced line and a jumbo package for Wimbush is not throwing him under the bus – it’s letting him do what he can REALLY do, instead of trying to force a round Wimbush peg into a square “spread” hole. As much as I tried to believe otherwise, Brandon Wimbush is not a spread QB, and he never will be. Sorry. So instead of throwing Book to the lions when the game is desperate and he hasn’t had the prep time he needs against the first team “D” in practice, give the kid three or four weeks of practice and see what Ian Book can (or can’t) do in the spread.

      Or, if you really are a Wimbush fan, and really want to see him continue to get every snap, switch to the “bone” for God’s sake, and let him use his God given talent in a way that would really suit him. Stop “philanticizing” about how great he’ll be as a spread passer after he’s “coached up properly” (or has some mystical metamorphosis that changes everything about him) or whatever the hell you all are dreaming is going to happen! Wake up!

      And if I’m wrong, Wimbush will clearly beat out Book and anyone else next Spring, we’ll have our dual threat, and win a NC. But we’ll never win a NC with a 45% completion rate in our passing game dudes. NEVER! Do you get that? NEVER…even if Saban, Meyer, and Sweeney are ALL coaching for us!

      BGC ’77 ’82

  3. No intensity. No focus. Were the players just worn down from the full class schedule and football demands? Don’t most schools allow lighter loads during the season? Or is it just another late season coaching failure?

  4. What the hell happened over the last four games? Same players and same coaches different result. AD needs to get answers.

  5. Fair and balanced post, Greg.
    But I wouldn’t be that surprised if Tranquil and Coney join Adams and move on; maybe E.Q and Tillery too. How many of the Juniors and the Seniors with eligibility remain, or those who graduated will seek to finish their 5th year elsewhere? Decisions about staying at ND made by the players I mentioned will more clearly show if the team has lost confidence in Kelly.
    Whether the fans have or not makes no difference to ND Admin.; they still have NBC $$; now if it gets so bad that they have to reduce their ticket prices to sell out- no pun intended, then coach change will be in the discussion.
    Follow the money, be it politics or sports.

  6. I dont know if kelly should be fired sometimes he seems like the greatest coach in the world ie smoking mich state usc nc state oklahoma other times its just not there. What i will say is that theres changes needed at nd notre dame week in and week out is consistenly the QUIETEST STADIUM in the ncaa. Ive been yelled at for standing from viewers behind me. There is no home field advantage at nd see georgia game. Secondly notre dame fans regardless of a win will find fault. I do believe change is needed but i think fans also need to change.

  7. I’ve always thought that keeping Notre Dame independent was one means to keep it elite. But times have changed and I now think Notre Dame should align its football with basketball and other sports in the ACC. Having to play a perfect or near perfect season to qualify for the new NC bracket is a lot a pressure to bear.

    I think ND would do better with an intermediate target – a conference championship – to keep focus. ND is already in “ACC light,” five ACC opponents each year, so why not put both feet in the water? We would play 9 conference games plus Southern Cal, Navy and one other and one other opponent from geographically random areas. It would also help recruiting in Florida and along the East Coast generally. “Fire the coach” has a visceral appeal, but hasn’t produced results.

    1. Will the ACC allow us to keep our television rights for home games, or will we have to sign them away and reduce our home TV broadcasts to two per year, like Clemson or Miami. I think we all know the answer to that question.

      BGC ’77 ’82

      1. I tend to agree. While conferences aren’t as regional as they once were, ND would find itself very limited by joining the ACC or any other conference for FB. They’d get a conference championship but they’d lose so much else. I think they’d find it difficult to schedule the usual players for their 4 out of conference games as well. Scheduling schools like Michigan, MSU, Purdue, Stanford, USC would become rare events. True they had to reduce how many times they can play some schools like the B10 schools, but I think joining the ACC would make it almost impossible to schedule with any regularity. Plus as Bruce noted the NBC contract would definitely be gone. There’s no way a conference would let any school keep their own personal TV deal.

        The deal Swarbick negotiated with the ACC I thought was actually a very good deal for ND. Sure we have to play 4 or 5 ACC teams a year, but the ACC is trending up these days so I think that helps our SOS. And it allowed ND to keep its coveted independent status, and it got us some crucial bowl tie ins. Also with it allowed Swarbick to find homes for other sports teams, the ACC has been very good for our BB teams for instance. So ND got the best of all worlds and really the only cost was playing 2 or 3 more ACC teams a year then we were previously playing.

  8. I have never commented prior to this. For the record, I did not attend Notre Dame, but have been a lifelong fan going back to
    my first game (Bill Wolski had a big game against USC and Bill Nelson). I never felt comfortable this year with the qb situation,
    as opposing coaches figured out that you stop the run, you stop ND. In my life, ND has had 4 true passing qbs: Hanratty,
    Clements, Theisman and Montana (okay Buerlein could throw well too). I don’t know if this kid from PA will be the answer,
    but he looks polished and poised beyond his age, and if I recall GA did pretty well with their freshman. And I have jumped on
    the bandwagon that Kelly has to go. I have never coached, but I can see when a team is prepared to play, and sadly far too
    many times this season and in the past, ND was like a deer in the headlights. I could have accepted a close loss in Miami,
    maybe even Stanford, but these results are unacceptable.

    1. Mike, aren’t you forgetting Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen as two more to your list of true passing QBs? I’m pretty sure both of these guys set passing records and still own many, if not all.

  9. BK is an above average coach most years. 8-4 to 9-3 most years, and the occasional surprise 10-2 year every 5 to 10 years. For some schools that would be great.

    Is that what ND has become in football? I’m starting to fear that the real power at ND, the ones that really make the decisions, are satisfied with that. That ND being an elite program is so far in the rearview mirror that they don’t know how to be elite anymore. BK is not an elite coach. It’s just not there. He’ll get you winning seasons most years, decent bowl games, but that’s it. Is that what ND wants? These days I think there’s more of a chance of the basketball team winning a NC then the football team. Are we becoming a basketball school (I’m a big fan of the men’s BB team too, but FB is my first love).

    Long started off ok but when things started falling apart he didn’t seem to have adjustments ready to account for that. Still, I’d hate to see BK take over play calling again because he was far worse. Elko may be a good DC. There were some miscues on defense the last few games, but our defense was such a mess up to last year that I’m more patient with Elko. Like it or not it takes time for the defense to do a 180 and there’s no doubt our defense this year was a lot more respectable then it’s been for a while.

    1. Agree, Damian. And here’s the thing, ND can only play for national championships because they aren’t in a conference. 10-2 might be ok if you were playing for a conference championship year after year. But with ND, it is most definitely NC or bust considering this. 9-3 and 10-2 cannot be accepted, especially when you are better all around on paper to the teams you lose to. I mean really…Kelly has lost to Navy like two or three times…and Tulsa!? Aren’t they the smallest school in all of division 1 football and here they are beating up on ND with one of the dumbest calls at the end of a game (other than not running Lynch on 1st and goal from the 1) you’ll ever see.

    2. One time, going 4-8 at ND would be the express bus to “retirement”.
      Now, you can just declare it “2.0” and keep cashing your cheques.

  10. Hear Phil J is free, perhaps He can come in and be our yen, yoga master and herbal additives guru and get this team winning again.

    1. Just like Garry Faust came in and had our linemen do ballet. That really helped to turn Dan Devine’s program around, which is what all the fans wanted, right?

      BGC ’77 ’82

  11. PP, Phil Jackson the last Yoga guru had Kobe and Shaq to make Him look good. How is He doing in Knickland? Wimbush failed in His two big games. Time for Jurkovec to take over immediately. Our fourth Qtr collapse due to Coaches taking their yoga break!

    1. You want to build confidence and put the team in the right frame of mind for football? Try boxing instead of Yoga. It’s good for the coaching staff too – Rockne himself used to box, and so did that punt returner we had against Nebraska who almost single handedly sent us into overtime in that SELL OUT game Coach Davey had.

      BGC ’77 ’82

  12. Maybe Long benefited from a really strong O-line and a really healthy Josh Adams during the first 3/4 of the season and we just didn’t realize how vanilla his play calling really was. It seemed to me like our O-line and Adams may have simply been worn down by the season because they basically did nothing the last 3 games. And then Long basically wasn’t innovative enough to adjust when teams simply shut down our run. Wimbush can throw the ball probably 70 yards through the air with his arm strength yet we didn’t send Steph or EQ on a bomb once all night. He did at least call two crossing routes which both went for scores. I realize our receivers have pretty much been garbage this year other than Stepherson so why not continue to call those easier pass and catch plays like short crosses and let your athletes run after the catch. Two TDs like it was nothing doing this. And then not another short cross the rest of the night. Wimbush must have picked up 8+ yards on the two or three qb draws called for him but then it wasn’t called anymore?? Maybe Long should watch the OSU/MICH game. I’m pretty sure Barrett just took over running once OSU went down and got OSU right back in the game. Wimbush is a better runner than Barrett and yet we don’t use him the way we should. I’m very frustrated with the play calling regardless of how bad Wimbush throws the ball. I don’t think Long is playing to Wimbush’s strengths. If he struggles throwing on time with superb accuracy, then adjust.

    1. Mostly agree – play calling questionable and lacks versatility – but that may have a lot to do with Wimbush and what
      long had confidence in doing – he can’t throw!!! Again yes receivers dropped some balls – but many of those were a little
      behind or too high – not on spot throws – and frequently receivers just flat out missed – can’t depend on Wimbush running
      out of trouble all the time or the OL and backs going against stacked defenses. A long look and QB for next year needs to be taken. There is a top QB recruit coming in – he needs to get a true look. Unless Wimbush all of a sudden gets accuracy
      – maybe a Christmas gift – going to that next level just won’t be there – a completion % of less that 50 just doesn’t cut it. I will give Long a little break here with what he has to work with. Give a high completion percentage and things could
      change a lot – look at what he did at Memphis. Need a QB real bad

    2. Yeah, he throws the ball 70 yards in the air, to receivers who are 55 yards down field. And just to show balance, he struggles to complete a flat pass that any 7th grade middle school starter can complete 90% of the time. And it just doesn’t seem to change.

      BGC ’77 ’82

  13. Yes, Saturday’s loss was one big tough pill to swallow. However, my ND brethren, I would like to point out that we had a darn good season and stand at 9 and 3 with really only 2 bad losses. I am proud of how our team has played all year!!!!! Brandon is going to be a great quarterback and leader of the team. One thing that I will note was that last year Brandon did not get those EXTRA practices between the end of the season and the Bowl game as ND was not in a Bowl game 🙁 🙁 🙁 That hurt his growth in the passing game. This year he will have those practices. These are crucial!!!!! I bet dollars to donuts that we see a more mature Brandon the Passer in the Bowl Game 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Now Greg, I am curious about all your yoga references. I did not know the coaching staff were taking yoga classes. This is another reason to love the hiring of Elko and Long (Which one brought yoga to ND? I bet it was Elko. The defense seemed to be really healthy and flexible this year like only a yoga student could be.). I have to say I am a big fan of Yoga. I start my day with yoga classes and it really does make the rest of the day seem like a big bowl of sunshine 🙂 🙂 🙂 I give yoga my Positive Pete Stamp of Approval for all on the site. You can thank me later 😉

    I am excited about our bowl game wherever that may be because of the extra practice time especially now knowing about all the extra yoga classes. They are going to be primed for a big win (think USC of Michigan State). GO IRISH!!!!!

    1. Sorry dude, 9-3 is garbage at ND. When you are consistently recruiting top 10 classes every single year, 9-3 shows you aren’t coaching these kids up the way you should be. And then getting routed in big games on top of that, not even showing up…that is inexcusable.

      You can’t say 4-8 to 9-3 is good. Not when last year we could have easily been 10-2. Same old same old man. And the fact that this year’s team turned out to be really good. This year’s team has been setting records. 9-3 and the way we lost, other than the GA game, is not good.

      However, I do agree with you that Wimbush will be alright and I still have faith in him. Jurkovec may really surprise some people next year though. Not sure if you’ve seen this kid play but he is legitimately the real deal both as a passer and runner.

      1. We haven’t recruited top ten classes year after year. We are starting to do better on the recruiting front, but the QB was not ready to be a QB this year. Right now he is a great athlete, who can make some spectacular plays and has good tools but is not a QB yet. That is what hurt us in Miami, Stanford and even Georgia. Stepherson not being with us for Georgia hurt too.

      1. Great Question, George!!!! Yoga can be taken by all ages 🙂 🙂 🙂 It is not just for kids!!!! It is the greatest!!!! It was so instrumental in helping me overcome my fears (i.e. : job insecurities, circus clowns, relationship breakups, etc,,,). Yoga can help you in your fears too. You will be hooked on yoga once you start!!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps you will become a yoga instructor on the weekends like me????? I can give you a few tricks of the trade when you are ready! Let me know my ND brother 🙂 You will see the impact on ND in 2018!!! I would love to get your potential yoga loving insight on this!!! I see a huge win in our bowl future!!! GO IRISH!!!!!!!

      2. “George,”

        Don’t be a “mark” for this bit of UHND “kayfabe.”

        “Positive Pete” isn’t real. He’s a “face” invented by the “bookers” of this site to generate some “heat” or “pop” from us all and pay their cable bills.

        “Pete” “jobs” for Frank, who plays “Pete” of our favorite “heel,” “David.”

        This site has become some cheap version of regional pro wrestling troupes, not even WWE level. You have a bunch of “jabronis” who just rant to get a “pop.”

        Really pathetic for an alleged “labor of love.” (Of course, this became a money-making venture a long time ago.)

        (If “David” or “Ronna” would like a lesson in the use of ” ” I will show them how and when to use them and why.)

    2. This is one of the problems – seeing the glass Three-quarters full – 9-3 good if a lot less is expected – settling is not the
      answer – to heck with the extra practices – it got worse as the season went on – very little development there – game
      experience the real measure and he did not measure up. Being proud of really flat performances in those losses will
      just lead to more losses
      Some adjustments need to be made here

  14. Above average coach. Definitely not elite. .667 winning percentage great at most places — not at ND.

    In 7 years, Bo Pelini had a records of


    He was let go. It’s sad that most of these schools have a higher standard than ND

      1. Based on what…opinion? Over those seven seasons combined, Notre Dame’s schedule was around 30th in the country. Nebraska’s was around 40th.

        So ND played a slightly better schedule over that time period. But that was never the point. Pelini was let go after a 9 win season and never had less than 9 wins.

        Nebraska has a higher standard for its football program than ND.

      2. I think the point is that Nebraska is a lot more dedicated to and serious about football than the University of Notre Dame. It’s pretty much undeniable. The program at ND is going NOWHERE. And that is a conscience decision that the administration has made. They’re perfectly fine with the current state.

    1. And where is Nebraska football now?

      The point is, while we all want a national championship, to let a coach go with a .667 winning percentage makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. Nebraska would have been better off keeping Pelini.

      Remember, it can be worse with the next guy. And no, Stoops is not available. So let’s not even start that conversation.

    2. Yeah – firing Soltis then Pellimi has worked out so well for Nebraska. Now they are right up there with Alabama, Clemson. Ohio State, etc. Brilliant.

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