Notre Dame Finally Heard Enough of Enter Sandman

All week long we heard about how amazing the Enter Sandman entrance was at Virginia Tech and truth be told, it was pretty cool.  You know what is cooler than an entrance like that?  An exit that includes a 22 point road win over a ranked team.  Still, it seems pretty obvious that Notre Dame was a bit sick and tired about hearing Enter Sandman and hearing about how great it would be based on Notre Dame’s social media presence since the win.

First, there was the @NDFootball tweet that rolled Virginia Tech with an “Exit Sandman” tweet and video immediately following the game.

Notre Dame’s locker room was sick of hearing about Enter Sandman too so apparently they decided to celebrate their beatdown of the Hokies by blasting it in the locker room one more time.

After hearing all week long about how tough it would be to play in Lane Stadium and how they couldn’t win on the road, the Irish earned the right to celebrate a little bit last night.  And celebrate they did.

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  1. Did the Irish win? Yes they did-who cares about scenarios if we had this player or that player!! Man sometimes I wonder why some people are never satisfied with the results…

  2. Getting a team ready to play in a hostile, raucous venue is hardly an ‘extraordinary feat’ for any team expecting to compete for championships.
    Many SEC teams have to do that 2 or 3 times every season.

    By comparison, Notre Dame stadium, with its ‘down in front!’ lifers, is a relative library.

    So that Kelly finally achieved that aspect of big road game prep (and only after the debacles of Alabama, Clemson, Miami) is good to see. But it hardly rewrites the rest of his ND record of bonehead coaching.

    1. It doesn’t, but why does it matter to you? If he has learned how to get us into the NC picture then how he got there doesn’t matter to me at all. Not telling you how you ought to feel, but you can be happy with how he’s doing or angry with how he has done. I’d rather be happy, personally.

    2. Alabama was a debacle because they were that much better and ND wasn’t deep enough to risk heavy contact that would have gotten the team ready for really physical play. Clemson was a close loss and by no means a debacle. Kizer and the boys almost pulled that one out. Yes, Miami was a debacle, but Kelly learned from it. Give him credit, for goodness sake! The only “bonehead” coaching I’ve seen from Kelly was his insistence on passing against North Carolina State during the monsoon, and giving up a sure field goal against Tulsa years ago, opting for a Tommy Rees interception in the end zone. Like I say, the man has learned. Why not cut him some slack?

  3. I think Book and Notredames offense has a lot of potential to be really explosive. Right now it’s probably a shade below Ojio Statr Clemson Georgia and Alabamas offenses not because of Book the difference is those teams have a blazer or 2 on the outside andNottedame has fast receivers but no one the equal to Dexter.Could you imagine this offense with Will Fuller.50 points a game

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