Notre Dame Football First Semester Freshman Progress Report

Notre Dame is getting a lot of help from their 27 member freshman class this fall as part of their 6-0 start to the season.  The NCAA’s new redshirt rules have changed the way we look at playing time for freshmen.  Normally at this point we would definitively know who is and isn’t redshirting.  With the new rules, we only know who definitely isn’t redshirting at the half way portion of the season.  Today we’ll take a look at al 27 and how they’ve progressed this year so far.

Redshirt Burned Already (6)

Notre Dame has six players who have already passed the four game threshold for retaining eligibility and will continue to be called upon over the second half of the season – some more than others.

  • Jayson Ademilola – The injury to Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa assured that Ademilola would not redshirt this season.  Ademilola hasn’t just been a body on the DLine though, he’s becoming a force.

  • Kevin Austin – Austin’s been the top freshman WR to see the field so far, but to date his impact on the offense has been minimal.  With no wide receiver establishing themselves opposite Miles Boykin though, that could change in the second half.
  • Bo Bauer & Tariq Bracy – Both have been primary special teamers to date though Bracy has seen a bit of time on defense so far.
  • Houston Griffith – He’s been splitting time with Nick Coleman at the nickel though lately Griffith has been getting the lion’s share of snaps.  His athleticism is clear so far but the game is also still a bit fast for him.  More snaps should have Griffith in a much better place by season’s end.
  • Shayne Simon – It took Simon a few weeks to get going, but against Virginia Tech he got his first snaps on defense on a 3rd and goal in the 1st half.  Simon combined with Tevon Coney for a stop behind the line to force a FG.  The arrow is pointing up here.

Played Less than 4 Games (8)

Notre Dame has eight players who have played in at least one game at this point where a redshirt is still up in the air.  Of the eight only one looks assured to blow past the four game limit.

  • Paul Moala (S) – Made his collegiate debut on Saturday on special teams so still has three games left.  He was earmarked as a freshman who would play early on special teams so it will be interesting to see if he plays the rest of the way.
  • Justin Ademilola (DE) – Like his twin brother, he has been coming on strong and at this point it would be a shock if he redshirted.  He can flat out play already and is part of Notre Dame’s deep DL rotation.
  • C’bo Flemister & Jahmir Smith (RB) – With Dexter Williams back, it makes sense for Notre Dame to redshirt at least one of these two backs, if not both.
  • Joe Wilkins (WR)
  • Jarrett Patterson (OT) – In an ideal world Notre Dame would retain his redshirt season while getting him action in a couple more games to stay under four games.
  • DJ Brown (CB) – Baring an injury or two in the secondary, it seems like a redshirt makes sense.
  • Phil Jurkovec (QB) – S0 far he’s only played one game – the blowout win over Wake Forest.  Depending on how the game goes on Saturday, he could see the field again this weekend against Pitt. The Navy game should be a chance for him to play as well.  That would put him at three games with Syracuse, Florida State, USC, and Northwestern also left.  Look for Kelly and staff to keep him at four games.

Haven’t Played At All Yet (12)

Of the 12 players listed here, it would be surprising if any of them didn’t retain a redshirt at this point since there are only 6 regular season games left and then a bowl or playoff games.  Since they can all play in up to four games though, a few of them at least should see some action towards the end of the season – possibly as soon as this weekend.

  • Noah Boykin (CB) – With Notre Dame’s depth in the secondary, he is probably headed for a redshirt at this point.
  • Jack Lamb and Ovie Oghoufo (LB) – It was expected that Oghoufo would redshirt, but as an early enrollee it’s a bit surprising that we haven’t seen Lamb yet. Look for him to see the field at some point but keep his redshirt.
  • Tommy Tremble and George Takacs (TE) – Notre Dame is deep and talented at TE, expect both to retain their redshirts.
  • Derrik Allen (S) – This is the most surprising name in the list because some felt that Allen could step in and play day one and possibly start by the end of the season.  With ascension of Jalen Elliot
  • John Dirksen, Cole Mabry and Luke Jones (OL) – It would be a shock if any of these three burned a redshirt.
  • Lawrence Keys III, Braden Lenzy and Micah Jones (WR) – Of this group, Lenzy is the most intriguing because of the speed he brings to the table.  It would be disappointing if he didn’t see at least a few snaps this year even if he does retain the redshirt.

Redshirt Confirmed (1)

  • Jamion Franklin (NT) – Franklin got on the field against Wake Forest, but also suffered a season ending injury.

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  1. Frank , wondering when the Irish Tight Ends and their progress under Chip Long will get some props–as being integral part of this 6-0 season so far. Irish fans have been waiting for Tight End U to come back. I think it has under Chip Long offense. Alize Mack , Cole Kmet , Nick Weishar and Brock Wright out there on offense —sometimes 3 of them , sometimes all 4 in the redzone–with Wright lined up in the I-formation. Here’s what VT head coach Fuentes post game said. “Our defense were confused–had no idea who Irish wide receivers or who tight ends were lined up —they all are big and all wore numerals on their jerseys with numbers in the 80’s. How true it is — Boykin #81 , Weishar #82 , Claypool 83 , Kmet 84 , Mack 86 , Young 87 , Wright 89. With a QB like Book –who is imaginative , improvisational and throws to anybody on the planet—howdya stop this offense ? But back to “Tight End U”— and progress under Chip Long. I looked up 2017 stats. For full season –tight ends had 45 receptions and 4TD’s. So far in 2018 after 6 games –Irish TE’s have 35 receptions and 4TD’s. That’s after 6 games! Before Chip Long –in 2015/2016–you don’t want to hear this — 31 receptions and 5 TD’s total. In 2018 after 6 games — Mack as 19 catches —his total in 2017. Kmet has 6 catches–and is due for more, he is one tough dude to take down. Weishar and Wright have 5 catches –in and 3 TD’s down in redzone ! One more thing — Mack , Kmet , Weishar have been crucial in their blocks to spring Juiceman — versus Stanford and VT. Check the replays. Bottom line — is Tight End U back at Notre Dame and helping /contributing to the success so far on road to playoffs — I think so.

  2. Sure hope we can save these guys redshirt status and have these guys available going in undefeated against Southern Cal. They are our insurance policy to stay perfect. Irish vs. Tide rematch coming soon.

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