5 Things I Didn’t Like: Notre Dame v. Florida State

This week’s “5 Things I Didn’t Like” comes to you all later than normal for a few reasons: 1) I was dealing with some food poisoning on a vacation earlier this week 2) the day job was hectic coming back from vacation and 3) there really wasn’t a whole lot to not like last weekend.  Notre Dame beat up Florida State 42-13 on Senior Day and finished off their home schedule undefeated pushing them within two wins of the playoffs.

1. Turnovers

This was the easiest one of the bunch because it was the one blight on an otherwise dominant performance.  Brandon Wimbush turned the ball over twice officially, but it could have more had one not been called back and if the Florida State defense had better hands.  Wimbush made some nice throws on Saturday, but he also made a few that made you scratch your head.

Without the turnovers, the outcome would have been even more lopsided than it already was.  This was the fourth week in a row in which the offense was sloppy with the football and is something that needs to be cleaned up.  It seems like it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is lately for turnovers to pop up.  Against Pitt, Navy, Northwestern, and lowly Florida State; it was fine.  Notre Dame can’t do that again the next two weeks.  And they most definitely can’t do that should they reach their goal of making the playoffs.

2. Lack of Vertical Passing Game

One thing I thought we’d see a lot more of on offense that we didn’t see was the downfield passing game to take advantage of Brandon Wimbush’s cannon.  Notre Dame didn’t need it, but that aspect of the offense is something that the Irish have only had success with in brief spurts this year.

Florida State’s secondary is bad.  Really bad.  They have let wide receivers run loose all season long.  Notre Dame didn’t take advantage of that when they could have.  Mind you this is the first in my list this week that is a nit pick.

3. Sudden Change Defense

Ok, here’s another nit pick.  After Brandon Wimbush’s first interception of the game, Florida State took over at the Notre Dame 30 yard line.  Normally that would be reason to worry, but this year the Irish defense has been so good at sudden change defense, you expect them to bail out the offense.  In this case the Seminoles scored in 4 plays to cut the lead to 32-13.

After Wimbush’s second interception the Noles were once again in Notre Dame territory at the Irish 48.  This time they marched down to the 3 yard line before eventually turning it over on downs since the field goal did them no good at that point.

It’s not that Notre Dame was really bad in this department, they just weren’t great in it like they have been all year.  Notre Dame’s defense has excelled in these situations all year long so expectations have been set.   But again, still a bit pick.

4. Rushing Defense

It was very clear that Clark Lea was worried about the Florida State receivers running loose and making big plays.  Notre Dame was playing with six defenders in the box most of the night almost daring Florida State to run the football.  Amazingly, Florida State didn’t take advantage.  That is why the Noles are cruising towards missing a bowl game for the first time in 30 years.

Cam Akers had his moments – specifically two touchdown runs – and he averaged 5.3 yards per carry but he only carried the ball 12 times.

Again, Notre Dame wasn’t bad in this department by any means.  They just weren’t as good as they normally are.

5. That We Still Have to Deal With Flutie One More Time

Notre Dame has no more home games in Notre Dame Stadium, but we still have to suffer through Doug Flutie’s commentary one more damn time this year.  Flutie wasn’t as insufferable as he normally is on Saturday since Notre Dame was so dominante.  Still, we have to listen to him one mote time and you know he is going to gush over Eric Dungey and Syracuse’s uptempo offense.

On the flip, props to Mike Tirico, a Michigan fan, for definitively stating that in no world should Michigan ever jump Notre Dame in the rankings if the Irish keep winning no matter what happens with Michigan the rest of the way.  We all know how much talking heads lover to discredit Notre Dame’s win over Michigan on September 1 right now because  “it was so long ago” and Michigan has suddenly transformed into the ’85 Bears.  Tirico wasn’t having any of it.

For a column that was really tough to find material for though, you can’t go wrong with listening Flutie as something that wasn’t likeable about a Notre Dame home game.

Notre Dame, please keep making these columns really hard to find material for.

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  1. Okay so I am hoping that I don’t get eaten alive for this comment but here goes anyway. FSU has not had a good year – no argument there. That being said, I saw FSU receivers drop at least four passes last Saturday – it may have been more – that a good team will not drop. I think Julian Love is headed to the NFL and will enjoy a solid career but – and here is where I may incur the wrath of ND fans – I still think the pass defence is soft. With a good QB and a corps of good receivers (the kind who don’t drop the ball when it hits them in the hands) our boys might be in trouble.

    I hope I am dead wrong on this but…

    Looking forward to a victory against Syracuse.

    Go Irish!!!


    1. Brad, yeah college football players in general look soft in comparison with their pro counterparts. Seems , targeting, late hits, unnecessary roughness are called more frequently in college ball than Pros. The players have to play tenderly so as not to bring that flag out. ND line ( Tillery in particular) and linebackers ( Coney, Tranquill) have been bailing out our backfield all season. Our D backs should eat opposition alive. Oh, and I forgot Gilman as rover. They keep us in the game.

    2. I think FSU has an exceptionally tough QB…who for years has not gotten enough help. Oh well.

      BGC ’77 ’82

  2. I agree with Jeff. One nitpick for me was that Jurkovec wasn’t put in earlier. At least one offensive series earlier. I thought for sure he’d see the field at that point. They probably won’t get any more opportunities to put him out there and they should have taken advantage of the huge lead and given him some ‘practice’ time with an opposing team. They waited one series too late and by that point they were just a couple hand offs. I don’t really consider that ‘meaningful’ practice. Put him in a little earlier, let him actually run the offense for a few plays and get his feet wet. Wasted opportunity.

    Agree about Flutie, though he wasn’t as obnoxious this past week, and he too was pretty adamant that head to head against Michigan has to count. I was a bit surprised he didn’t offer any opposing viewpoint. Tirico was definitely pretty passionate about it, going so far to say if they throw out head to head then the rankings would be almost meaningless.—but it’s more an issue for the ESPN talking heads. So far the committee has been pretty steady in counting ND’s win over Michigan in our favor and I have seen no signs they are considering any change to that.

  3. I agree.Notredame has to clean up some things in all 3 phases if they want to have a shot to keep winning. Small breakdowns turnovers missed gaps assignments will cost you big time against top opponents.

  4. Let me REITERATE, ND is very weak at one corner. The next two weeks the opposition will exploit that. The Irish have been able to cover that up by extra coverage, sacks, hurries. But, I know and you know it is glaring. I hate cheap td’s. The next two games the Irish must play them as if they are bowl games. We must root for UCLA to lose to Troy. Then they will be stinkbowl eligible and not as desperate when facing the Irish.
    My inside info tells me the Irish will waste ‘Cuse. I am not so sure. Still holding at 34-27. Last week vs. Noles I was off by one point.

    1. Keep those predictions coming GK!! This game ND will face the best offense since September, PRIDE and COLEMAN will be tested all day! OFFENSE needs to get the run game going early and have time consuming drives in the first half. BOOK hopefully comes back sharp and gets good enough protection to pick on CUSE secondary and build a lead!! Think your right this game will be tough, and go down to the 4th QRTR!! Wish this game was in SOUTH BEND, even though IM going it would feel a lot better!! GO IRISH!!!

      1. Can’t wait to see student (kneeler) section at Yankee Stadium. Side shows will abound, at the Hollyweird of the East. Really, the Yankee Doodle Dandy should be there to unite all.

      2. Well Burgy, we could have it in South Bend, and we could wear POLKA style football uniforms, right? The helmets would have STUDEBAKER insignia on them.

        BGC ’77 ’82

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