Notre Dame QB Ian Book Sounding Very Confident Heading Into Clemson Rematch

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book is sounding very confident heading into this weekend’s rematch with Clemson for the ACC Championship Game. ESPN tweeted out the following quote from Book via Kirk Herbstreit earlier tonight.

Book seems to be referencing all of the starters that Clemson was missing on November 7 that will be on the field on Saturday. Most notably, Clemson was missing star quarterback Trevor Lawrence in addition to several defensive starters.

It sounds like Book and Notre Dame might be getting tired of hearing about their double overtime win over the Tigers not meaning much – according to some in the media – because of who was not on the field for then #1 ranked Clemson that November night inside Notre Dame Stadium.

There are some who will be upset that Book gave Clemson some “bulletin board material” but on the flip side, you have to love the confidence that Book is showing in both himself and his team. Notre Dame enters this rematch a 10+ underdog according to some sportsbooks even though they won the first matchup between the two last month. It would only make sense that Book and his teammates could be feeling disrespected to be double-digit underdogs to a team they beat once while being ranked as the #2 team in the country.

I wondered if Notre Dame would try to play the disrespect card this week and it appears that they are. And guess what? I love it. This team knows that they can beat Clemson because they have once already this year yet the national media and most people outside of the program not only doubt they can do it again, but think they will lose handily.

We’re still about two days away from what will hopefully be another epic contest between the Irish and Tigers. Book threw a bit of additional fuel on the fire tonight that should only make Saturday even more fun.

4:00 on Saturday simply cannot get here soon enough.

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  1. The reason Ohio State plays nobody but still is raked is because they pay off the dead beat sports wrters, the same can be said of Alabama, USC !

    At least “ND” graduates it’s players ! More than you can say of the conference football

    1. Thank you, this is a very well informed take.
      Do you happen to have a blog or website where we can get more of this inside information?

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