Notre Dame Freshman Blake Fisher’s Workout Goes Viral

Notre Dame freshman Blake Fisher already had hype building for him after an impressive showing in the Blue and Gold game a couple months ago. That hype only got larger yesterday when the frosh tackle posted a workout video that started to go viral showing him move in ways 6’6″, 330 lbs individuals are usually not able to.

Here’s the video of Fisher topping out at 21.2 mph on the treadmill yesterday.

How? That’s 330 lbs of human being sprinting at 21.1 mph. I don’t care how long the video is, reaching that speed while still in control of your body and not flying off the treadmill at that size is damn impressive.

The video has been viewed over 113,000 times in less than 24 hours already with some prominent Notre Dame personalities like Mike Golic Jr weighing in on just how absurd it is for a someone Fisher’s size to display that kind of speed.

It seems like a forgone conclusion that Fisher will start the season in the starting lineup. It’s rare for a true freshman to start on the offensive line at Notre Dame, but Fisher is obviously a rare athlete who looked like anything but a freshman in the Blue & Gold game.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Notre Dame has a very special player on their hands.

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