Podcast: Can Notre Dame Football Finish Strong Following Bye Week?

The pod is back with a special guest, Brendan McAlinden from One Foot Down, as Frank is home taking care of his newborn child. Notre Dame is coming off the bye week as was their opponent, long-standing rival USC, and they head into the final stretch of the season ranked #13 in the AP poll.

Topics on the pod include:

  • Having children while in season
  • impressions of the team through the first six weeks, with more evidence from previous opponents to evaluate
  • The emergence of Cam Hart
  • Reasons to believe the offense will see a big jump over the final six weeks
  • What to make of the quarterback position
  • What we’ve seen from the Marcus Freeman defense
  • Predictions on Notre Dame’s overall record.

Give it a listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts or Spotify, rate and review the pod, let us know how we are doing. Brendan is @verypiratey on Twitter, he is the co-host of a bi-weekly podcast with One Foot Down. Follow him for his legendary memes and photoshops, plus game previews. Greg is @greg2126 on Twitter, Frank is @FrankieV_UHND. Thanks for listening.

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