Notre Dame TE Coach Trolls North Carolina About Kyren Williams Long TD

Notre Dame TE coach John McNulty doesn’t get to talk to the media often, but maybe he should because it might be pretty entertaining. McNulty took to Twitter following Notre Dame’s win over North Carolina to troll the Tar Heels who apparently were dancing on the sidelines before the 4th quarter during the light show inside Notre Dame Stadium.

For some context, the North Carolina players were dancing on their sideline between the third and fourth quarters, and Notre Dame noticed. And apparently, it didn’t sit well.

Here’s a clip of it from former Notre Dame WR Robby Toma who was on the sidelines for the game.

Williams lit up the North Carolina defense for just under 200 yards thanks in large part to that 91-yard touchdown that looked like it could have been stopped for a loss in the backfield. After a slow start to the season, he’s now back on pace for another 1,000-yard season.

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  1. Maybe just maybe, they read and get psyched up to to win here. And you wonder why Cincinatti did wha they did, and USC was “too much”? And if I was coaching a team with a visit to ND, darn tootin they better have an attitude coming in. What do you want them to do roll over? Are you reduced to who said what now, and my pee stream goes longer than yours?

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