Podcast: Breaking Down Notre Dame Football’s Best Class in Years Despite the Wide Receiver Debacle

Notre Dame signed a bonafide top-10 class with more “dudes” than the Irish usually sign for the best class in years despite a major debacle at the wide receiver position at the end of the cycle.  We talk about what went wrong, how to fix it, and more in this week’s Single High. 

  • Elite hauls at linebacker, offensive line, and tight end
  • Where each of the 4 LB’s project long-term
  • Why we’re thankful for Tobias Merriweather 
  • Near elite haul at cornerback back even with the loss of Devin Moore
  • What went wrong at wide receiver and how Notre Dame can address it short term and long term
  • Coaching positions to fill and how the Irish should attempt to fill them
  • Numbers at safety – just as much of a concern as WR?

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  1. This kind of hyperbole a little bit isn’t it? Best class in years? Ranked #7. Last year was ranked number #9. Per Rivals, last year ND ended up with a final class of 27 with a total number of 2,378 points. Currently, they have 21 commitments with a total of 2,384 points. So yeah they do already have more total points than last year and their average recruit ranking is 3.67 this year vs 3.44 last year. Now they could possibly add a couple guys and get up to #6, but the gap seems to be too wide right now to overtake Texas for the #5 spot, so like I said the “best class in years” statement is a bit of a stretch, considering last year they were ranked #9. We’ll see where they ultimately end up.

      1. Here are the problems:

        1) The Top 5 classes are always the same teams…the ones ND must eventually beat.
        If they were anyone else once in a while, 7th could be okay. But they’re not.

        2) ND classes really might be chronically over-ranked, simply because ND recruits seem to get the same “celebrity bump” re-rating that ND itself enjoys in the media.
        I might be wrong ….. sue me.

        3) ND does not get as much out of its continual ‘Top 10 classes’ as other programs do. I don’t know why, and I don’t know who’s at fault (…other than that previous observiation). But other than taking credit for a couple of random draft picks, ND football underachieves its (alleged) talent level.

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