Notre Dame CB Cam Hart Will be Ready for Fiesta Bowl

Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman announced today that cornerback Cam Hart suffered a thigh bruise in practice earlier this week, but the rising star will be ready for the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday. Hart had been seen at practice on Wednesday with his leg wrapped and walking with a noticeable limp.

Hart being ready for the Fiesta Bowl is a huge boost to a secondary that is already playing on Saturday without star safety Kyle Hamilton who opted out of the game along with running back Kyren Williams. Oklahoma State is not a great passing offense, but playing without Hart would have made the Irish secondary much more susceptible to a big play.

With Hart in the lineup, the Irish secondary should still give Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders plenty of problems. Sanders tied for 112th in the nation in interceptions this season with 12. He had four in his last game alone – the Big 12 Championship loss to Baylor. He threw three against Baylor in their first matchup and another two against Oklahoma.

Whether or not Hart is limited at all or hampered by the injury is another story, but having Hart available is big for Notre Dame. If Notre Dame can stack the line of scrimmage and stop the Oklahoma State run, it’s hard to imagine the Cowboys offense scoring a lot of points. Having Hart in the lineup will help allow them to do that.

Notre Dame will still be missing three starters tomorrow with Josh Lugg missing the game after getting hurt earlier this month in practice. Freshman Blake Fisher returns to the lineup after a three and a half month hiatus after a knee injury week one in Lugg’s place.

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  1. Florida lost to UCF. Auburn lost to Houston. Tennessee lost to Purdue. Missouri lost to Army. Miss State lost to Texas Tech. Vandy didn’t make a bowl. That’s damn near half the almighty SEC that lostbto a bunch of middle rung nobodies.

    As much as david wants it to be so, the SEC remains Alabama and it’s 13 tagalongs. As usual, one of the also rans is good this year, not bama good, but good. So let’s say 2 of 14 are good with one of those great. The rest are meh, as usual. They inflate their wins with only playing 8 conference games and then playing 4 FCS schools. Then their fans tell us they need to do that cause playing in SEC is so tough.

    But ok, keep eating the ESPN bs about how great the SEC is.

    1. You know which teams usually have players who sit out pointless bowl games, because they’re about to become multi-millionaire picks in the NFL.? SEC teams.

      You know who made it to the most bowl games? SEC teams.
      You know who loses bowl games? Half of the teams that play in bowl games.
      Yuo know who;s in the final bowl game? Two teams from the SEC.
      Yuo know who’s going to win that bowl goame? Someone from the SEC.

      Just shut your insufferably clueless pie hole. You are a compllete gobshite arsehole.

    2. …and no fewer than 6 of the “”tag-alongs” would whip ND like a rented mule.

      But we;ll never know for sure……..because you’re spending the morning fretting and wringing your hands over whether ND is good enough to pull out a win over…wait for it……mighty Oklahoma State!

  2. This post fro mere minutes ago on the football messageboard is a first ballot UHND Hall of Fame effort:

    “Had Cincy lost to ND, it wouldn’t be in this embarrassing position – karma, or whatever.”

    Breathtaking, exquisite, derailing.

  3. The SEC has Alabama and is dominant. But if the Big 10 had Bama, they’d be dominant. Ditto for Big Eight and ACC. Saban teams were tough at MSU.
    BGC 77 82

  4. For those who thought
    a) ND deserved to make the playoff,
    b) Alabama isn’t good enough,
    c) the SEC is overrated, or
    d) Brian Kelly isn’t a money-grubbing, deceitful, extortionist fraud and POS….


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