Frankie V’s Prediction: Will Notre Dame Finally Snap its Major Bowl Losing Streak Today?

Marcus Freeman makes is head coaching debut with an opportunity to do something that Brian Kelly failed to do in 12 years in four tries - win a major bowl game for Notre Dame.

Notre Dame returns to action for what feels like the first time in about five years, even though it’s only been five weeks. Under the guidance of Marcus Freeman, who is making his head coaching debut today, the Irish take on Oklahoma State and their stout defense in the Fiesta Bowl, looking to snap one of the more embarrassing streaks in Notre Dame football history. Will they do it? Let’s dive in.

What Worries Me this Week

Injuries on the OL. Blake Fisher is a freak of nature. Most true freshmen wouldn’t be ready to start already after a significant injury like the one he had. Most true freshmen aren’t ready to start at left tackle in week one of a season either. That said, the loss of Josh Lugg for this game worries me simply because Fisher hasn’t played in almost four months. In a vacuum, Fisher is probably more talented than Lugg at this point, but games aren’t played in a vacuum.

Oklahoma State led the nation in sacks this season with 54. That’s a lot of sacks. They will test Fisher early and often. Expect some rest from Fisher early and try not to forget that he is still a true freshman. He is still going to make true freshman mistakes.

First game snafus from Marcus Freeman. Coaching the first game of your career as a head coach in a New Year’s 6 Bowl against a top-10 team isn’t what I’d call a low-stress environment. Freeman is getting thrown right into the fire. Like with Fisher, expect some mistakes and remember that before freaking out too early.

What kind of mistakes could we see? Late decisions on punt/4th down situations, misused timeouts, interesting 2-point conversion attempts, general clock management issues, etc. The good news here is that even with Brian Kelly’s “87 years of experience” or however many he had, he wasn’t strong in any of those departments either. Still, expect Freeman to have some growing pains with the new position.

Jack Coan having time to pass. I don’t think we’ll see a full return of Coan getting sacked six or seven times as we saw at the beginning of the season, but Oklahoma State has the kind of defense that could harass Coan all day. If Notre Dame tries too many slow-developing plays that require pass protection to hold for too long, it could be a long day for Notre Dame. I have faith in Rees not to dial-up too many of those, but the Ok State defense versus the Irish offense does not favor Notre Dame from a matchup perspective.

Loss of Kyren Williams as a runner. Kyren Williams is a cheat code. He’s a video game-style running back, and he will be a high NFL Draft pick all for a reason. That said, I am not as worried about his loss today when running the ball as I am in other areas. Sure, there’s bound to be at least one third down that one of his replacements fails to convert that Williams would have made easily, but overall between Chris Tyree, Logan Diggs, and Audric Estime, Notre Dame has a lot to work with.

I expect Diggs and Tyree to split the carries pretty evenly, with Estime chipping in maybe five or six of his own. Tyree is finally back to 100% after his turf toe injury and is ready for liftoff.

What Doesn’t Worry Me This Week

Oklahoma State losing their DC. I wrote about this on the boards, but I don’t think the loss of Jim Knowles for Oklahoma State got talked about enough. Remember five years ago when Oklahoma State was a high-flying offense that couldn’t stop anybody? Jim Knowles is the DC who changed all that. He isn’t coaching for Oklahoma State today since he was hired away by Ryan Day to run the Buckeye defense. That’s a massive loss for the Cowboys.

The guy who was the architect of the game plan each week for a defense that finished the season ranked 2nd nationally was not there to create this game plan. The guy who called blitzes at the right time all year for a defense that led the nation in sacks won’t be calling plays today. Sure the players are the same, and the playbook is the same, but if there isn’t a dropoff from the Oklahoma State defense, Ohio State would have never hired Knowles to run to their defense.

Spencer Sanders having a big game. The Oklahoma State quarterback can be a little Jekyll and hyde, but he’s been mainly hyde in big games. He threw four interceptions versus Baylor in the Big 12 championship after throwing three against them in their first meeting. He finished the season ranked 112th nationally in interceptions.

Sanders has talent and can make big plays, but the Notre Dame defense should frustrate him. Luckily for the Irish, Cam Hart’s thigh bruise earlier this week is not expected to cause him to miss the game. With Hart back there, Notre Dame’s secondary, even without Kyle Hamilton, could have one of its better days this year. I don’t expect Sanders to be as generous as Graham Mertz was in September, but he will put some balls in the air the Irish secondary will have a chance to come down with.

Loss of Kyren Williams as a run blocker. I think Notre Dame misses Kyren the most today in the pass blocking department. Williams is an elite pass blocker at the running back position. Part of the stabilization of the line also meant Williams was staying in the backfield more to block. Chris Tyree is a pretty good blocker, but he’s not on Williams’s level just yet. Still, expect to see Tyree almost exclusively on third downs for Notre Dame.

Even without Knowles calling the shots, the Oklahoma State defense will pose problems for the Notre Dame offense today. We’ll learn if the 2nd half resurgence was just a result of playing bad defenses or if the Irish really did find their way.

Players to Watch

  • Lorenzo Styles – With nearly a month to prep for this game, I hope we see Tommy Rees get Styles the ball in multiple ways.
  • Jordan Botelho – He will be playing ROVER again today and could have another game as he did against Wisconsin.
  • Xavier Watts – I think we see the converted receiver get his first career interception.
  • Jayson Ademilola – Oklahoma State is down their starting center, which could make for a big day from Ademilola and the interior defensive line.
  • Isaiah Foskey – I said on Twitter I expect him to be the defensive MVP for the Irish because I think he gets a pair of sacks.
  • Blake Fisher – If he looks like a freshman, Notre Dame, could have some issues today. The Irish offense should score more than enough to win the game if he doesn’t.
  • Michael Mayer – He’ll remind the Mackey Award committee just how assinine it was that he wasn’t a finalist for the award this year yet again today.
  • Kevin Austin – Look for him to win a couple big contested catches that sets Notre Dame up for critical socres.
  • Tyler Buchner – How many snaps will he get? I expect to see him earlier than we have in recent games to help soften up that Oklahoma State defense.

Prediction Time

I have gone back and forth on this game for weeks, but as we approach kickoff today, I am feeling relatively confident that Notre Dame will score enough points to win this game. There will be some frustrating moments – Oklahoma State has a great defense that frustrates even the best offense. In the end, though, I think Notre Dame manufactures enough points, and the Irish defense creates enough turnovers to keep Oklahoma State off the scoreboard for most of the day. I expect a close, ugly game that Notre Dame puts away late just as they did against Wisconsin.

Notre Dame 24, Oklahoma State 13

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  1. Worst onside kick I’ve seen in a long time today. Gotta love that missed FG as well. Good riddance, JD. The good teams can do the bare minimum, unlike ND. Freeman’s mediocre defense this year earned him a huge promotion somehow. The goal going forward needs to be keeping that weak schedule. Continue missing out on the playoff narrowly in order to avoid more whoopings, but hopefully beat a 3rd tier team in a Big 6 bowl…… someday. That’s best case scenario and the reason BK left.

  2. That’s okay, Matt. You may have just dropped a round in the draft, maybe lost $15 or 20 million, possibly even your career… let’s hope not.
    But you HAVE earned the respect of Uncle Rico. So….pretty sweet.

  3. “….After Oklahoma State scored to cut its deficit to 28-14, Notre Dame took over at its own 25-yard line with 37 seconds left in the first half and all three timeouts. But the Irish elected to run out the clock, not wanting to risk a potential turnover, Freeman said.

    “I wouldn’t change that,” he said. “We all can learn from it and look at every situation.”
    Well, he had to say sometihng. And that was….something.

  4. BTW: A ton of future NFL players and millionaires opted to play bowl games this season. They put their bodies on the line to represent. So are they dumb for doing so? No! They’re just not pussies like the ones who think walking out on your mates is OK!

    Why not just opt out the second your team gets eliminated from the POs? Lose 2 of your first three games, opt out. Who cares? It’s all about me and the green, right?!

    1. The Notredame reporters on the different web sites know what their talking about when it comes to Notredame football. They are in tune with the program and see the spring and fall practices. All of them predicted 2 or 3 losses based on 2 major factors which proved to be true. Notredame was weak on the offensive line losing 4 starters and weak in the secondary minus Kyle Hamilton . Both those statements proved true against Cinncinnati and Oklahoma State. Oline I believe its coaching, secondary I feel its recruiting. Freeman has to fix these areas this off season or more losses are on there way. Different personnel, coaching both must be addressed.

  5. I like what MF said and how he said it at his presser. Didn’t throw anyone under the bus, like BK. I really like how he said the “honeymoon is over”! Mike Tomlin has been on a perpetual honeymoon his whole career! Sounds like a HC who knows how things really are.

  6. tOSU kept moving the ball up the field right to the very end of the half….is that permitted?
    Seems like poor sportsamnship, trying to embarrass the opponent right before the break.

    1. Quite an entertaining game!
      Utes are fearless, fast, and damn good.
      And tOSU could have been even more overrated than ND this year.

  7. ND needs to not only recruit better but develop better. The front seven is generally speaking soft and weak, like the O line (which has better raw talent!). The skill players aren’t too skillful. The RBs get shoe-laced tackled every f’ing time! The WRs don’t look anything like what you see on the big boys, like tOSU trio from this season or Bama’s trio from last year. They’re slow, unathletic, don’t look dangerous. They need more and better athletes at WR. The DBs are clueless. Don’t have any instincts or coverage skills. They need a lot more raw talent in the D backfield. The STs at ND are shit and have been for a long time.

    This loss is demoralizing. What ever MO Freeman had just disappeared. If ND had been down by 21 and ended up coming back and falling just short would’ve felt better. Still no moral victory, but better than this collapse

  8. Had OK St. beat Baylor —- they did give them a helluva game! — they would have gotten legitimate playoff consderation. Caveat: had they made the playoff, they would also have been dismanteld, but still….!

    So ND lost to a pretty damn good team.
    What’s sad is they had it in their hands, squandered a big lead, and handed it to them.
    Without players or coaches ever showing any sign of even getting worked up or mad.

  9. This opting out garbage started just the last few seasons. Players before then knew an injury could happen and still showed up to represent. Jaylon Smith is a true ND man!

    Guys have been playing in bowl games forever and putting their careers on the line. This opting out is a symptom of the rot in college sports.

    ND could’ve used KW and KH big-time this game. It looks right now like tOSU could use some of their opt outs as well!

    1. You pay him back for the many months and the 10’s of millions of dollars he lost, and the intense anxiety he endiured not knowing if he’;d ever play again…because he played in a meaningless exhibition game.

      Or how about even just a “True Notre Dame Man” trophy?

      1. Then let’s just get rid of bowl games and only have pro-style POs! Is that what you’re advocating?! If so, then no more platitudes about the rot of college football from you!

        Most bowl games were always exhibitions to some extent, and yet they mattered. Real players, even ones with millions on the line, wanted to play in them and win for their school.

        Injuries were and are a part of the game. Next thing you know, players will opt out of the POs too since it’s all about the $ apparently!

        At that point, I might as well stick to just the NFL, since they of course care nothing about $ and only have player safety as their concern!

      2. Wow…you are as eccetric about this subject as everything else.
        Saint… bum… him….kill his dog…
        Step away from the ledge, man.

      3. Says “Mr. Thinnest-Skin-of-Them-All”!

        I’ve never seen some one cry so much about somethin then only to turn around and defend it. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!

        Like I said, pussies are as pussies talk. Opt out talk is for pussies. Little “david” supports opt outs. Even “david” can finish this syllogism! (Go to “Google” if you don’t know what a syllogism is “david”!)

        The truth is little man, you’re a little late to this party. You are totally derivative. I’ve been saying everything you’ve said, only more eloquently, since long before you darkened this site. Just ask anyone on here exactly what you have contributed that I haven’t been saying won this site for almost two decades.

        So why don’t you just give it “little man?!

    2. Step away from what ledge? Did you hear me ask for MF to be fired? Did I call him a St.? Did I threaten any canine in my posts?

      Your deflections might work with “Burgy,” “david,” you’re SOL with me, though.

      How many sanctimonious posts about the corruption of college football have you trolled us with?! We don’t even need our resident archivist, “Burgy,” to prove it’s quite a few. So, stop preaching out of both sides of your mouth and shut up for a change and don’t bore us with your pathetic “I’m-so-much-smarter-and-holier-than-y’all” schtick!

      Opt out talk is for pussies, “david.” If the shoe fits, wear it!

      1. Really, little “david,” that’s your best shot?!

        Stick to your nipple-flicking contests with “Burgy.” He’s more your speed!

  10. I wonder what the “Brians” thought of this game (Van Gorder and Kelly). I also wonder what the serious injuries to Pyne and Buchner were that kept them out of the game during Coan’s funk/stupor?
    BGC 77 82

  11. Seriously though how pathetic was that. I’m actually more mad about this loss than I’ve been in a while. Maybe it’s because of the Freeman hype but what a crap loss that was. A typical ND type of loss. Setting records again by being the only OSUs biggest comeback in school history and also being the first ND team to lose since 2004 with a 21 point lead. 79-0 before today leading by that much. Embarrassing AF! They didn’t put the entire 2nd half. And this is Freeman’s defense. Not good. Clarence Lewis may be the most clueless corner I’ve seen at ND. The tackling may have been just as bad or worse than Bama 12. Coan is the worst QB in the NCAA when the pass is not thrown on the dropback. Logan Happy Feet Diggs was costing us easy 1st downs. Their receivers caught the tough ones and we dropped easy ones. Tyree goes down on first contact every time. LBs don’t breakdown to make easy sacks instead try to make a sportscenter jacked up highlight. Safeties virtually non existent. A walk on is fielding punts. I could go on and on. F’n embarrassing.

    Freeman has a LOT of work to do. Get Estime ready to be the #1 RB with Tyree spelling him. Buchner isnt ready but he’s the guy so the rep split better be 90/10 with whoever the #2 is to make up for the lack of his development this year (which is on Kelly btw). The schedule is definitely harder next year, not this weak S we played this year. Im just rambling now. Just so pissed about that disaster…

    1. You weren’t prepared for a loss.
      I was…because I watched both ND and OSU play this year.
      Las Vegas was….because money doesn’t bullsit.

      But too many ND fans suffer from delusion. Not only refusing to see what is, but rejecting all other opinions as heresey. It is fascinatiing.

  12. Certainly not the way to end another season. The one dimensionality today was unbearable to watch. Slinging that ball 60+ times for 500+ yards is not going to win games when you run it for only 40+ yards. Freeman has his work cut out for him and hopefully, he learns from this game today. I’m not ready to throw in the towel as a fan but 8 months is a long time to wait for the Ohio St game. Hopefully, Buchner is going to be better than Mr. Coan and not be 1 dimensional. However, ND was not blown out in a major bowl game so that is somewhat different but screw that as a “moral” victory.

    1. The lead was a mirage. I couldn’t believe how asleep OSU was, and how long it took the coaching staff to make any adjustment to deal with a completely one-dimensional offense in the first half.
      Coan looked like one of those Dr. Pepper halftime scholarship contestants.

      And while points were easy to come by, ND decided to burn their last 1H possession and head to the locker room for refreshments. It turns out 3 more points might have been nice to have.

    2. I agree SFR. This was just as bad as being blown out. Mainly because that typically boils down to a team mentality when you bow a lead like that and lose. That’s Brian Kelly team mentalities. Was hoping with freeman it would be different but really, it had to be his first f’n game. Unbelievable

  13. For sme perspective, Cincy did, and Michigan would, beat ND too.
    I won’t go any further down the list….you get it.

  14. This is actually a good thing. Even though the second half was the typical ND ass whooping we’re accustomed to seeing in major bowl games, the final score indicates the smallest deficit of loss in such bowl games in 25+ years!

  15. You have to fire Marcus Freeman immediately following the game. He is clearly overwhelmed with these new responsibilities.

    1. Pathetic onside kick by the pathetic Dorer!

      Marcus Freeman makes history as ND HC in his first game!

      It’s clear how much the ND players love Freeman given how they played today!

      Next year once again!

      1. Yup, I guess since college football is just a business now, they’d be right.

        But then don’t tell me you’re an ND man, KW and KH!

        Correct me if I’m wrong, “david,” but aren’t you on here correctly decrying how college football has sold out?! Isn’t players opting out not an example of that?

        Regardless, KW and KH might have made a difference today. KW would’ve picked up a few tough yards here and there to extend drives, and KH might have made the QB think twice about some throws down the middle. That might have allowed for a sack or two more that might have also made a difference.

        For me, the play of the game was made early in the second half. That WR getting his hands under the ball for a first down instead of a 3-and-out changed the MO and kept it with the Cowboys. I just had a sinking feeling after that. Note that I called the collapse with ND still ahead by a TD!

      2. What would Williams foregoing his financial future and becoming a cripple…for precisely nothing…solve in college football?

        I’m all eyes.

      3. This opting out garbage started just the last few seasons. Players before then knew an injury could happen and still showed up to represent. Jaylon Smith is a true ND man!

        Guys have been playing in bowl games forever and putting their careers on the line. This opting out is a symptom of the rot in college sports.

        ND could’ve used KW and KH big-time this game. It looks right now like tOSU could use some of their opt outs as well!

  16. Did Tommy Rees make any halftime adjustments. Usually when you throw the ball 60 plus times you lose the game.

    1. TR is a joke!

      Jack Coan is mediocre!

      The D is overrated!

      That’s what ND football is now, a joke, mediocre, overrated!

  17. No miracles today, lads, just another gut-wrenching defeat!

    TR made no adjustments on O.

    Jack Coan was horrible in the second half.

    The Dorer miss ended up being huge!

    No end in sight for ND bowl misery!

  18. I’m amazed Coan used to play lacrosse considering how immobile he is. He must have been a goalie. Statue quarterbacks can’t cut it! Everyone knows this.

    So many missed tackles! Truly pathetic.

  19. Jack Coan needed to be Tom Brady playing this style O.

    Instead, he’s just a Jack Coan!

    Epic collapse on a NY6 stage.

    Marcus Freeman either learns from this is or he won’t last too long at ND and will be just the next TW.

    This is truly a gutless second half by all facets of the “team”!

    1. The DBs are worse than the LBs, which aren’t great.

      This ND team would lose by at least two scores to Bama or UGa.

      This is just a marginal top-10 team, that’s what they will end up, between 8-12, after this defeat.

      I just hope this isn’t a harbinger of the Freeman era!

    1. This O is a joke right now. Can’t throw deep. Can’t run at all.

      The D is done! Barring another miracle TO, they will not stop OSU again.

      This game is over with an OSU TD.

      Make no mistake, Freeman is about to do something even BK didn’t: blow a 3-TD lead!

      Only chance ND has is somehow keep them to three here. Then put together a late game-winning drive. Good luck!

  20. Marcus Freeman looking absolutely Mike Tomlin-like on the sidelines, with no clue about what to do to fix things.

    It’s so easy when things are smooth sailing. Real coach knows what to do when things aren’t. Gundy knew what to do. Tomlin, oh, I mean Freeman, is lost.

    But this is his first game as HC. I’ll cut him some slack for what will be an epic collapse that keeps the NY6 jinx alive and well. This will no doubt be used against ND on recruits.

  21. We’re about to witness one of the most soul-wrenching defeats in ND history to begin the Freeman era!

    This is gutless!

    ND RBs and WRs always getting tripped by the shoestrings. The D can’t cover.


  22. Please, please Bramblett leave right now!

    The D better step up. This has a feel of an epic collapse! An OSU TD here and the choke job starts for real.

    What ND needs is a TO or at least three-and-out. Then the O needs a drive with points and eats clock. Need ol’ MO back!

    1. If you missed the Tenn-Purdue game, you missed this year’s best bowl game.

      This game is pure exhibition…no animosity, no desire, no extra-curriculars.
      Ok State’s last game was a war vs. Baylor…this has been a comparative scrimmage!
      Pure vanilla garbage.

  23. This is shaping up to be a very bad start to the Freeman era: a blown 21-point lead!

    This is a whole new game starting right now. If the O goes three-and-out, ND is in big-time trouble.

    It’s clear ND needs DBs that can cover. One shut-down CB on this team would make a big difference! The front seven are OK, not great, but good. But the DBs are garbage!

    ND loses this game and it is soul-searching time right from the start of the Freeman era!

  24. It seems this has been a pattern with Notredame with Kelly or without Kelly letting teams go right down the field right before half and score. Cant put teams away. Doerre always missing a field goal when your up and can break open a game. Also Freeman has to bring in a great oline coach who can coach and recruit.Cant win against good teams with a 1 dimensional offense and zero running game. Just wish Jack Coan had last years offensive line. He is a very good quarterback imo.

    1. Never even trying to step on throats is a Kelly legacy.
      Well, along with tossing players under the bus, leaving QBs with years of therapy bills, sneaking around to discuss job offers (genuinely or as extortion), and “winning without ever achieving”.

      1. Amen to all of that David. Time will tell with Freeman. A lot of it’s in the recruiting . Just look at what Kirby Smart and Lane Kiffin said. Kiffin and I quote. In all my years of college coaching Nick Saban is the best recruiter I have ever see. Also Kirby Smart after beating Florida, Dan Mullen is an excellent coach but the greatest coach in the world is going to beat a team with superior recruiting.

  25. Another damned easy TD given up by this D!

    Freeman needs to look long and hard at what it is this D is doing in end-of-half situations.

    This is a good but not great D. Too many missed tackles. Poor DB play. Inconsistent pressure on QB. Few TOs.

    ND is a top-10 team, but that’s it. Couldn’t compete with this D and O against the “big boys” (and I don’t consider Cinci a big boy yet.)

    1. OSU is making ND look very good.
      Their receivers are drunk, the defense can’t stop a 3-pass playbook, and they won’t give their bellcow RB the ball except to run into the teeth up the middle.

      But hey….bring on ‘Bama!

  26. Dorer should not be trusted with anything over 40 yards!

    One error in game plan is forcing deep throws. With no running game need to take easy throws and “manipulate” ball down field. Incompletions are a killer when you’re only throwing. If your deep target isn’t open, then check down. Three or four yards are key. Needless to say, Coan is no Brady. Who is?! But he needs to channel his inner Brady.

  27. Too many missed block by the O line in the running game and too many missed tackles by the D on that last OSU TD drive!

    It was too much to wish for I guess for an easy afternoon!

      1. Seems like it, “david.”

        This O reminds me of what Belichick and Brady used to do to Dick Lebeau and the Stillers. Use the short passing game as your running game. Why smash your head against a brick wall?!

        I remember one MNF game that the Pats only ran two or three times and passed over fifty times against Blitzburgh!

        But Coan needs to be perfect. Has to be Brady-like!

    1. I guess it’s a testament to the complete lack of intensity in the game…the refs didn’t even get the chance to make their absolute favorite call.

  28. ItT is simply amazing how much football Coan has learned at ND since November.

    How lucky it was for him to have had the tutleage of the winningest ND coach ever, and true QB savant…to have turned his game around so much.

    (again…sarcasm, okay?)

  29. The ND O had a chance to pull away after an early TD and 4-and-out by the D. Instead they go 3-and-out and give the ball right back to OSU. Big missed opportunity!

    At least Bramblett got off a boomer and flipped the field.


    1. It would be nice to see Buchner play, and “pulling away” is the far better of the two scenarios for getting there…..

      1. You just knew it was too good to be true. The O fails and then the ND D gets gashed.

        Game now on!

  30. Ummm, I don’t get this… don’t HAVE to go 3 and out with a burned TO on your first possession?
    Did Brian Kelly know this?

  31. Oklahoma State has an inherent advantage every ND opponent has: “this is their bowl game1”
    When you factor in that this IS a bowl game, it makes the game at least twice as important tio them as it is to ND.

    This phenomenon alone might explain ND’s long running fultilty in bowls: opponents are so in awe of ND, they all play at never before (& never again!) levels of skill and effort in response.

    JUst the burden of being the single greatest franchise in the history of amateur sports, I suppose.

    Note to local thickos: this is called ‘sarcasm’.

  32. I was at the 94 Cotton Bowl with my brother Dave. It’s actually quite easy to pick us out in the crowd at halftime. The Aggie band is shown from behind marching into the end zone. If you look in the upper right hand of the screen, you’ll see a blo
    ck of brown booted Aggies with their girls. But there sre two Hoosier at the end of one of those rows.
    Look for a date brown beard next to Dave’s signature red beard and that’s us, at Mirer’s “winonefor the Alumni game! We won.

    1. I am in my living room right now. You can see me if you squint from the street.
      Look …I’m waving now!

      …WTF, dude?!

  33. Irish win this easily 31-17 if they get good pass protection from their running backs and O-line. If they fail in pass protection they will lose this game 24-13. RBs for ND are all capable of having a big game on the ground but they haven’t been asked to pass protect much this year.

      1. Yes, except for Alabama and Georgia. Those are 2 very good teams. I know tell me something I dont already know.

      2. Yes…..ND would make quick work of anyone else in the SEC.
        Gotta feel bad for those kids. They love playing football every bit as much as the lucky ones who get the chance to play in the snow.

    1. Notredame needs an elite oline coach and I’m not sure its Harry Heistand. His lines while putting a lot of lineman in the nfl never ran the ball well in the big games against really good defenses. Notredame lost this game today imo because of 3 reasons poor rin blocking poor secondary and not having Kyle Hamilton and Kyren Williams. Clarence Lewis was awful and was completely beaten time and time again. The Key now for Freeman is finish hiring your coaching staff, see who is returning and finish up recruiting. I also would have put Buchner in the game in the second half to help the running game.

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