2022 Notre Dame Football Transfer Portal & 5th Year Tracker

It’s that time of the year. It’s transfer portal season. Notre Dame was thrust right into this year with Drew Pyne, starting quarterback for 10 games this fall, entered the portal less than a week after the Irish closed out the 2022 regular season with a loss to USC. The Irish figure to be very active in the portal this season as Marcus Freeman and staff look to patch some holes from shoddy recruiting at the end of the Brian Kelly era – including quarterback where the Irish were already likely to add a transfer before news of Pyne’s departure.

There are also a number of NFL decisions the Irish staff is waiting to hear from a handful of players. Just like last year, we’ll have a running tracker of all players entering the portal from Notre Dame and players transferring in.

2022 Offseason Roster Movement

Jacob LaceyDTJRTransfer Out (Oklahoma)
Cam HartCBSRReturn (5th)
Michael VinsonLS5thReturn (6th)
Drew PyneQBJRTransfer Out (Arizona State)
Joe WilkinsWR5thTransfer Out (Miami OH)
Jayden BellamyCBFRTransfer Out (Syracuse)
Osita Ekwonu DESRTransfer Out (Charlotte)
Michael MayerTEJRLeave (NFL)
Isaiah FoskeyDESRLeave (NFL)
Cane BerrongTESOTransfer Out (TBD)
Spencer ShraderKSRTransfer In (South Florida)
Kaleb Smith WRSRTransfer In (Virginia Tech)
Braden LenzyWR5thRetire
Brandon JosephSJRLeave (NFL)
Sam HartmanQB6thTransfer In (Wake Forest)
Justin Ademilola DE5thLeave (NFL)
Thomas HarperS5thTransfer In (Wake Forest)
DJ BrownS5thReturn (6th)
Javontae Jean-BaptisteDE5thTransfer In (Ohio State)
  • DT Jacob Lacey announced he planned on transferring from Notre Dame during the season and has since committed to Oklahoma.
  • Cam Hart announced he would return to Notre Dame for a 5th year after it was previously thought he was heading to the NFL.
  • Drew Pyne entered the transfer portal on 12/2 after starting 10 games in 2022.
  • Michael Vinson, starting long snapper the past three years, announced he will return for a 6th year on 12/2.
  • Transfer portal officially opened on 12/5. The following Notre Dame players entered their names:
    • Freshman CB Jayden Bellamy. Suffered a concussion in camp that set him back and didn’t see the field in 2022.
    • Senior DE Osita Ekwonu. Did not play much at all in 2021 or 2022 after moving from LB to DE.
  • Notre Dame has been active in adding players from the transfer portal this off-season. The following players have been added:
  • Justin Ademilola announced he was heading to the NFL instead of using a final year of eligibility in 2023. It would have been his 6th year and was only available because of the free COVID year.

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  1. David, you remind me of the guy in the Inferno who is cursing and blaspheming endlessly while pinned to the floor of hell. What I recommend to you is the same as to all: Repent. Then make room in your soul for the Holy Spirit.
    As for Ron – pray on my brother; since it does no harm, prayer should be first done.

    BGC 77 82

  2. Frank, Drew Pyne entered the transfer portal after MF told him he’d be backup to some yet unnamed transferee. I wouldn’t sugar coat it.
    Or do you truly believe he took that meeting with MF so that he could give fair warning of his intent to transfer?

    1. Brian Kelly knew how to handle such situations much better.

      You sneak around, expressing your commitment in your QB to the media, denying anything is up, decieving everyone…….until you introduce the kid to his new replacement. Ideally a few days after he runs out of any other options.

      That guy was a real pro.

  3. Rhonda and Don-alt must have gone on that date, and really hit it off.
    Maybe eloped to Mar A Lago?
    “Honeymoon Package”, including the Still-Presidential suite, decorated by Melanoma in in ‘festive dystopian rage’, and 2 tickets to the Orange Troll ?

  4. Jayden Daniels injury looks a lot like Caleb Williams’….his limp keeps getting worse as the lead increases.
    K-State Duggan makes those two look like pussies.

  5. Why, Brian!? WHY?
    Why couldn’t you have stayed and won ND 2 or 3 national championships? We were getting soooo close!
    We miss your cheerful energy, your irrepressible joy, the wisdom you impart on all the young men in your charge….in both football and for life.

    Ha ha.
    Hurry up and enjoy your loot….before those “less forgiving” football fans down south run you out of Baton Rouge as the pathetic fraud/mistake you are.

    1. He’s playing with house money right now. He took what was, before he arrived, a mediocre team to the SEC championship game.

      My guess is that he’ll go back to the administration, tell them what he needs to bridge the gap, get it, and then he’ll close it.

      LSU can’t be disappointed with the hire. He has exceeded expectations in his first year.

      The blowout in the championship game is really similar to the types of losses he had at ND. Those big games against elite teams were where the talent gap was always exposed.

      He’s won everywhere he’s been, and I’m still disappointed ND didn’t give him what he needed to get us to that next level.

      I think we’ve downgraded at head coach with Freeman, but I also think Freeman is good enough to get us to the top if the University stops pretending it’s 30 years ago.

      He was able to

      1. Then go to Wal Mart, buy your fugly LSU gear, and keep eating shit, you blind, masochist fuck.

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