Hit & Hustle: Reaction to Notre Dame QB Drew Pyne Entering Transfer Portal

Greg and Christian from Irish Sports Daily talked through the news of the day – Drew Pyne entering the transfer portal – and what it means for Notre Dame in the short term (bowl game) and long term as Notre Dame looks to reshape its quarterback room.

  • The timing of Drew Pyne entering the portal now
  • What it means for Notre Dame in the bowl game at QB
  • What if Tyler Buchner lights it up in the bowl game?
  • What it means for Notre Dame dipping into the portal

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  1. Question for those that are either “in the” or think they are in the know. Is it possible that a good part of Pyne’s decision to leave is based upon Tommy Rees telling Pyne he might be leaving? There is a lot in the rumor mill about TR being on the move.

  2. Pyne was never going to be the guy next year. He is a barely average player and a frustratingly inaccurate passer. Dude cannot hit an open receiver in stride. Has no wheels to speak of. ND must find a quick and mobile QB with an arm. Look at the best QB’s in Power Five…they are fast, can run, can throw…Caleb Williams, Hendon Hooker, Bryce Young just to name a few. Stetson Bennet not as naturally gifted as those others but he’s a throwback, tough-leader type who gets it done with class. Pyne not even close to that caliber. Good luck to him at Boston Coll.

    1. Whether Pyne will ever accept in his mind that he actually pulled the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine? ….probably not.
      But yeah. It WAS definitely him.

  3. Out of curiosity, Keith, in the 150 year history of college football, could you please remind me of which year it was that there were 12 “elite” teams (or 10, or 8 for that matter) to fill those bracketts…like the 64 (or 68, or 72?) ELITE basketball teams. I’ve forgotten.

    BGC 77 82

    PS: Once again, BK puts a Special Teams unit on the field that has no idea what the RULES are. I guess he’ll never learn.

      1. No. Just an observation I’ve made before…several times . Remember the blocked punt our guy kept shadowing upfield, wondering if it was a live ball? He finally jumped on it, surrounded on all sides by opponent players. Of course he muffed it, and we
        gave back a perfectly good blocked punt.
        You see, BK, like lots of coaches and analysts, thinks that if you can kick a field goal, and punt, you have STs covered. How

  4. Williams is yet another of the low-character,. self-absorbed dooshbags thst have made the Heisman award into a farce.
    …Billfold Reggie, Auction Cam, Johnny Speedball, and soon Manicure Barbie.

    The original principles of awarding it have devolved into simply achieving highest score on the ESPN dick-sucking meter. Yay, ‘murca!

  5. “What if Buchner lights it up in the Bowl game”
    Well, Frank, it certainly will prove that there is a first time for everything, for whatever that’s worth. I like Buchner, and I hope he lights somebody up. But this year changed my outlook from 2021 unchanged: PYNE posts wins at a much much greater rate than Buchner, even though Buchner got EVERY call before PYNE going back to 2021, continuing to this 2022 Bowl.

  6. This season really is argument against an expanded playoff. I mean, there isn’t even a good enough team to be #4. We are a long way from being able to put 12 elite teams in the same tournament.

    Honestly, I love the playoff expansion. But there are going to be some snoozers

    1. The USC secondary looks so pitifully soft….but Utah is also tough as nails.
      If ND just had an average QB……. THAT is Fuckface Kelly’s ND legacy.

      …and his loss to A&M last week will sure get remembered by the statue committee at LSU.

      1. As banged up and hobbled Williams was in the 2nd half he still moved around better than Pyne at 100%.

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