Podcast: Breaking Down Notre Dame’s Loss to Louisville and Fighting to Find Optimism for USC Game

Greg and Frank talk about Notre Dame’s loss to Louisville and why the struggles of the offense have them both fighting to find reason for optimism for this weekend’s USC game.

  • What the heck happened on offense against Louisville?
  • Why both are shocked that Notre Dame is favored against USC
  • How Notre Dame can pull off the win this weekend even if both aren’t confident they will
  • The struggles of the offensive line and the odd plan to rotate guards
  • Marcus Freeman’s recent struggles with game management and a hot take from Greg on the 4th and 11

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  1. ND WINS


    FB is a great tradition which was a distraction / needed lighter moment in the family as we had deaths in the family.

    48-20 win
    Slight div

    1. Slight diversion from very big losses here in our hearts/ family

      Loved ones departed would’ve wanted us to watch this game and not miss it and reluctantly we did and we won and that’s all I can say( Caleb Williams nit getting Heismann is he?!! Go Irish… loved ones Peay for us)

  2. Arkansas is a really good 2-5 team…no sarcasm intended.
    If they can get to 6-6….and ND ends up with a couple more losses….the possibility of a bowl game match-up should be very frightening.

  3. In other news……College Gameday is this morning praising Sanders for “owning it”….again…after his Colorado Fuckaloes laid a monumental egg. At home, in front of another rock concert crowd.
    Hey, Primo Donna….don’t worry about the game start time and TV ratings…..try coaching for awhile, see if you can do that.

    1. Two revealing quotes from “Choke-o Cinco”:

      “From youth on, I don’t remember being up 29-0 and losing a football game,” Sanders said. “I really don’t. This is a little tough for me.”
      (Translation: I’M a winner. This “losing” thing is something I don’t do, know nothing about, and so cannot be pinned on me.)

      “Some of our players aren’t built for the moment where they have to make a play.”
      (Translation: As for my players…the ones I personally brought in as a euphorically touted select group of champions in the off-season….Get under this bus, losers!)

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