Week 3 Picks of Destiny

Week three’s picks are coming in just before deadline, but better late than never. Last week wasn’t what I was hoping for coming off of a very successful week one, but overall a 7-5 record is very acceptable. Onward…

Arkansas (+3.5) @ Alabama

Leading off with a bit of a risky pick. The Razorbacks had the off-season from hell, but so far its shown no effects on the field. It’s Nick Saban’s first real chance to prove himself in an SEC Battle, but the defensive mastermind is still working with a fairly new talent set. As long as you have Darren McFadden you have a chance to win, and I think Arkansas goes on the road and takes one from Alabama.

Prediction: Razorbacks 24 Alabama 20

Ohio State (-4) @ Washington

I’m still not buying this year’s Washington team. Boise State (although I picked them last week) came in with an inflated ranking based on last year’s performance, and Syracuse is just awful. Ohio State, however, has the type of defense that can shut down a Chauncey-led offense. A matchup between Tressel and Willingham is almost unfair. Ohio State goes on the road and takes care of a Washington team that needs to have a loss.

Prediction: Ohio State 31 Washington 14

Texas (-20) @ Central Florida

What is Texas doing on the road in September? Isn’t this the time that they usually play Rice and Texas State at home? Either way, the Horns broke out of their season starting slump in the second half last week. Texas is due a blowout performance, especially on offense. There’s just too much talent to not have a big one this week and they show up against O’leary squad of dreamers.

Prediction: Texas 42 Central Florida 10

Louisville (-7) @ Kentucky

This line baffled me a bit when it first came out. The game is on the road for Louisville, but truth be told it isn’t that much of a road trip. An offensive showdown, who knows how to outscore a team better than Louisville. I think there’s just too much talent for a solid and surprising Kentucky team in this one. A touchdown isn’t that much for Louisville to overcome. It could turn out to be a safe victory.

Prediction: Louisville 45 Kentucky 28

Georgia Tech (-7) v. Boston College

I really like Georgia Tech this year. Their quarterback seems to be a big step up over Reggie Ball and Tashard Choice is able to replace the offensive power lost when Calvin Johnson graduated. As I’ve stated in the first couple of weeks, I just don’t think Boston College is that good this year. The Ramblin’ Wreck Defense takes control of this game (sound familiar?) and GT goes on to a comfortable victory.

Prediction: GT 31 Boston College 21

Obligatory Notre Dame pick of the week:

No matter what they say, Michigan has two options: Focus on the Big 10 conference or pack it in, neither of which have an impact this week. The Malletor makes his starting debut this week, throwing lightning bolts and dishing out thunder like the god Wolverines fans think he is…. Except that he is a freshman starter, and we know how that turns out. Michigan struggles to get the offense going (again) and the Irish squeek out enough points to take this one.

Prediction: Irish 21 Michigan 17

Last Week- 2-4

Overall- 7-5

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  1. This is funny. Notre Dame couldn’t punch its way out of a wet paper bag.

    I’ve watched every game since 1995. EVERY game. And I have never seen a more pathetic team than this. No heart, no technique, and no strategy. Heck, we can’t even snap the ball to the QB!!!!

    This is the first time since I became a fan (1989 when I was 8 years old) that I am considering not watching them the rest of the season. It is quiet disheartening to watch your offense rank last in college football, your defense not making tackles, and your coach blowing calls.

    Mark my words, this is the year Navy finally beats ND.

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