My Weekly Top 25 Poll

For the third year in a row I’ll be participating in the weekly Fan Poll (will be updated tomorrow at 1PM CT).  Every week I will publish my weekly ballot here on the blog.  The first week is always tough to judge, but here’s my ballot for this week.

Weekly Top 25 Ballot – 9/2/08

Team Comments
1. Southern Cal
USC looked flat out dominant in dismantling Virginia – they looked scary good.
2. Georgia
Hard to tell how good Georgia is yet against a powerhouse like Georgia Southern.
3. Ohio State
OSU won’t be here much longer, they were going to get blown out by USC even with a healthy Chris Wells
4. LSU
LSU took care of business and looks like they have a nice power running game.
5. Oklahoma
Really Oklahoma? You had to give up 2 points?
6. Florida
Florida looked pretty average for a quarter before blowing out Hawaii. Still not sold on their running game.
7. Missouri
Impressive win over Illinois? I’m not so sure. They still don’t have a defense.
8. Auburn
Hard to tell much playing against Louisiana-Monroe.
9. Texas
It wasn’t wise for Florida Atlantic to talk smack on Texas.
10. West Virginia
Pat White looks like a better passer, if he can do that consistent, WVU could be very tough.
11. Alabama
Crimson Tide
Wow. Did not see them destroying Clemson like they did. Very impressed. That said, watch out for the let down this weekend against Tulane.
12. Kansas
Don’t think they’ll be here too long.
13. Texas Tech
Red Raiders
They can score points, can they stop people this year though?
14. Wisconsin
Struggled a little bit with Akron. Wisconsin won’t return from Fresno undefeated in two weeks.
15. Arizona State
Sun Devils
Looks like this weekend’s game against Stanford won’t be a gimme.
16. South Florida
In a weak Big East, the Bulls could be BCS bound this year.
17. Utah
Utah could have made a statement against Michigan. Instead they went into a shell and held on for dear life as they almost handed it over in the end.
18. Fresno State
Nice win for Fresno against Rutgers. Their sophomore RB Matthews looks very good. Their trip to UCLA looks a lot tougher now than it did yesterday.
19. BYU
The other top mid-majors started their seasons off with tougher games so I have BYU behind them for this week.
20. Oregon
Stop me if you heard this before, Oregon dominated a Willingham coached team after the game was close at half time.
21. Cal
Very nice win over Michigan State. Cal flashed a pretty good ground game.
22. South Carolina
Considering I picked NC State to beat South Carolina in the weekly picks on the podcast, it’s safe to say I’m a little impressed.
23. UCLA
Great win by UCLA over Tennessee. Craft looked terrible in the first half but rebounded nicely. Truly great coaching job by Slick Rick and staff.
24. Penn State
Nittany Lions
Coastal Carolina? Color me impressed. Way to run it up too Joe Pa. Stay classy Happy Valley.
25. Kentucky
Surprised at how good Kentucky’s defense looked in completely shutting down Louisville.

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  1. Always good to have Frank V. in the poll. He is our Notre Dame resident voter!!

    Thanks Frank…and I like the write-up you have done explaining why you voted the way you did. Very nice touch!!


  2. USC looked really good, however, it will be difficult for the Sanchez to get through the season with a leg brace. He will not be very mobile. Hmm….Blizing defenses?

    What do you think?

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