Navy Post Game Show

Jeff and Frank talk about the Navy game Saturday direclty following Notre Dame’s 44-46 loss in triple over time. This was the first post game show we put together so it was a little informal, but at the same time some very good points were brought up. Topics discussed included:

  • Why the hell did Weis go for it on 4th down in the last minute
  • Is Evan Sharpley the starter moving forward?
  • Why didn’t we see more of Armando Allen?
  • Play calling throughout the game
  • A whole lot more.

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One Comment

  1. Let’a look at this year in a nutshell. No one ever would think we would be using a 3rd or 4th string QB in this season. Also CW in the past had been directing his players rather than teaching them.This is beginning to change but it has taken a while to happen. From here on out I hope CW becomes a teacher and all the Asst. also. CW will need to look at the big picture and let the Asst. do the job. If he isn’t happy with the Asst. than get the right ones. We are calling CW to task for calling this type game,but remember he is calling those plays that fit the team. Let’s see what he does next year before throwing CW under the bus.

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