UHND Podcast: Breaking Down What’s Been Happening at Wide Receiver at Notre Dame

Okay, we’re going to try this again. Since it seems like pretty much everyone has a podcast these days, we thought, why not add another into the mix? In our defense, we used to podcast at UHND way before it was cool. Back in 2008 we had guests like Rocket Ismail, Reggie Brooks, Michael Stonebreaker, and Lee Becton. Fast forward 13 years and we’re back at it. We’re going to try to do this at least weekly as long as life allows us to, and depending on how many of you all listen to us, we’ll invest more over time and do things like live video where we take questions and all that fun stuff. One step at a time though.

In our first episode, Greg and I discussed what the expectations should be for 2021 briefly, but spent most of the time talking about the wide receiver position. It’s no secret that the wide receiver position has been a bit of a mess lately, so we talked about how it’s gotten to this point, what to look for this year, and talk about the light at the end of the tunnel for the group and their position coach Del Van Alexander.

Greg also spent a bit of time talking me off of the ledge following a fairly traumatic week of basketball for my beloved Philadelphia 76ers. Let us know what you think! Programming note: we’re working to get this thing in Spotify and iTunes and all those fun places too.

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