Podcast: Breaking Down Notre Dame’s Offense with Jamie Uyeyama and We Have a Killer New Intro

Well, folks, we can officially call ourselves the Single High Podcast. Yes, that is All-American Kyle Hamilton who introducing our podcast. That is partly why there was a long gap in between pods this week – we had to give Greg some time to regain his composure to be able to talk without screaming. This week we were also lucky enough to be joined by Irish Sports Daily’s Jamie Uyeyama who shared a ton of great insights with us.

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Here’s a rundown of today’s show.

  • How can Notre Dame be more explosive in 2021
  • Why didn’t Notre Dame run more play-action passes in 2020?
  • What kind of receiver profile makes sense for the Notre Dame offense moving forward
  • Was Chip Kelly ahead of his time using bigger wide receivers in the slot?
  • Assuming Notre Dame lands CJ Williams and Tobias Merriweather, what should Notre Dame do a fourth wide receiver?
  • Offensive vs. Defensive recruiting and why recruiting on offense is better than most fans are giving it credit for
  • Why 5-star talent matters in big games
  • How the Ohio State’s and Alabama’s are just recruiting at an entirely different level at wide receiver than anyone else

As you all can see with our new intro, we are invested in making this podcast a thing here so expect to see a lot of improvements in future episodes like some better music, better auditing editing from me, and even more guests.

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