Podcast: Notre Dame 2021 Season Props, Predictions, and a Whole Lot More with Special Guest Ashton Pollard

The Single High Notre Dame football podcast is back in action this week with our 6th episode. We’re really doing this folks. So far we’re keeping up with doing at least one new pod a week and this week’s is pretty action-packed. We were joined by Ashton Pollard, a journalism student at Northwestern who has also previously written for Sons of Saturday. The three of us ran through a lot of predictions and over/unders for the 2021 Notre Dame football season.

  • Our earliest memories of Notre Dame football
  • The one Notre Dame loss that actually led me to buying a dog because I was that upset
  • Who will lead Notre Dame in receptions, receiving yards, tackles, sacks, and more?
  • Which game has the biggest trap potential?
  • Who on the 2021 roster will surprise the most?
  • Will Kevin Austin play a full season?
  • Who will score more touchdowns this year – Audric Estime or Kyle Hamilton?
  • Who makes the playoffs this year and who are the Heisman finalists?

All of the props and scenarios were provided to us by our friends at One Foot Down who ran through the same list on their podcast already so that we can all look back at how wrong we were at the end of the season.

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  1. This year we will find out if Notre Dame can “reload” like the other top 5 teams do every year. I just cannot make a prediction for this year because there are way too many unknowns…a new defensive coordinator, a new QB, and a new offensive line…that’s a long row to hoe, and it starts with what should be a tough road game at Florida State. An opening game win over Notre Dame is, after all, exactly what that program needs…and if our offense is not smooth, watch out. P.S: I was listening to some commentators speculating about moving Clemson and another top ACC team into the SEC.
    I hope it doesn’t happen before we go to a larger number of playoff teams. Frankly, I just don’t want to hear the cries for three, or even four SEC teams making the playoffs, much less the whining and pouting when the SEC only gets one or two of the four spots. Three teams from the SEC plus Notre Dame or Ohio State or Oklahoma is what you would be looking at for a playoff…and that is just plain WRONG.

    BGC ’77 ’82

    1. Selecting ND as a predictable roadkill sacrificial lamb to any of the worthy playoff teams is “plain wrong”. And yet…..

  2. I would like to see Notredames future schedules if they remain an independent to be like this years schedule. A good schedule without the elite powerhouses on it
    To me opening up at Ohio State is not smart scheduling. Lose that game and even if Notredame magically runs the table you will not likely get in the playoffs. The pattern of every playoff is 2 to 3 of the teams undefeated along with 1 or 2 1 loss teams. Notredame imo will not get in over a 1 loss conference champion or a 1 loss sec, big ten, big 12 Acc team that doesn’t win its coference I would like to see Notredame drop these neutral site games and replace them with an easy opponent home game the first game of every season. Right now I’m okay with the 5 acc games. USC and Navy every year is fine. I personally would like to see Notredame drop Stanford and play Purdue every year. In state rival and Notredame has a much longer history with Purdue than Stanford. Also along with the 5 Acc games and USC, Navy and Stanford/Purdue I would like too see Notredame in the other 4 games play teams they have never played before or haven’t played in a long time. For example , Oklahoma State,Kansas State,Wesr Virginia,Tennessee , Mississippi Mississippi State, Oregon Auburn etc

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