Podcast: No Reason to Panic About Notre Dame, Kyle Has His Neo Moment, Wisconsin Should Miss Coan, and More

Sunday night's opener left a lot of concerns remaining for Notre Dame to address, but it's not quite time to mash that panic button for Notre Dame fans

Well, that was quite the opener for Notre Dame football this weekend.  The Irish at times looked like a team ready to make another playoff run and at times a team that could lose multiple regular-season games.  

  • The up and down debut of Marcus Freeman 
  • The inexplicable use of the 3-man defensive front in the 4th quarter
  • Jack Coan’s debut and wondering why Wisconsin fans don’t seem upset
  • The expected struggles of the offensive line and why it’s not time to worry
  • Kyle Hamilton’s otherworldly 2nd interception of the game
  • The return of “Good Doerer”
  • The ACC has an odd way of showing Notre Dame they want them to join the conference – i.e. ACC officials are the worst

And no, we did not discuss Brian Kelly’s post-game interview that some people had fake outrage over because it is not even worth discussing.  

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