Podcast: Notre Dame Football Recruiting Heating Up and Heading Into the Off-Season

Greg and I finally got back behind the microphones to record the latest episode of Single High. We spent a large portion of the pod talking about Notre Dame football recruiting heating up after the commitment of Devan Houstan and some likely upcoming commitments in the next month or two.

  • Comparing the DL class of 2023 to recent strong classes from 2011, 2016, and 2019.
  • Wide receiver recruiting starting to come into picture
  • Why we aren’t concerned about the offense post-spring football
  • Notre Dame’s somewhat disappointing 2022 NFL Draft results and looking ahead to the 2023 NFL Draft
  • Impact freshmen for 2022
  • Top 3 pot luck dishes
  • Top picks from the Marcus Freeman Under Armour spring collection

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