S2E32: Looking for Answers in the Aftermath of Notre Dame’s Loss to Stanford

Notre Dame’s inexplicable loss on Saturday to Stanford had Frank in an existential crisis over the weekend, but thankfully Philadelphia sports’ recent run of dominance along with Greg’s more rational breakdown of what ales the Irish have gotten him through it. The lads talk about what went wrong, not just on Saturday, but so far this season as the Irish sit at a disappointing 3-3 on the year. 

  • Marcus Freeman’s role in the loss 
  • Notre Dame struggling at home more than on the road
  • Why quarterback play has been the key to everything this year – and why it might not change much the rest of the year
  • Resetting expectations for the third time this season
  • Notre Dame’s lack of creativity on defense leading to a lack of disruption 
  • Missed opportunities 

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One Comment

  1. Here’s the breakdown – they were beaten on their home field by a team that ‘improved’ their own record to 2-4. The reason was obvious to everyone except, it seems, to them – Stanford wanted it more than they did.

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