Notre Dame Football: Coaches vs Players and Final Stanford Thoughts

Greg and Jamie over at ISD recorded a great show today talking about whether or not the cause for Notre Dame’s meltdown against Stanford over the weekend – and the uneven play this season – is more on the coaches or the players.

  • Is it the coaches or the players?
  • Is Freeman right about execution being the issue?
  • How does this get better?

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  1. Execution is a function of scheme, personnel, coaching, game planning , adjustments, officiating and luck.
    Rees’s scheme essentially is Kelly’s paradigm which is inflexible but good enough to be beat lesser and equally skilled teams. Rees appears to incorrectly match personnel to his scheme,. Also the offense payers were recruited by him. His game planning appears to be the same for each opponent allowing opposing teams to successfully plan their defense. Along with Freeman there appears to be minimal game time and situational adjustments. What made Holtz successful was his ability to adjust to the flow of a game usually resulting in a win. As for officiating, it appears there is a tendency to be biased against ND. This is a given and should be factored in a game plan. Luck is unbiased and if goes in one’s favor, it should be exploited

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