S2E37: Notre Dame Blowing Out Boston College is Fun. Can the Irish Keep the Good Vibes Going Against Southern Cal?

Notre Dame beat down Boston College this weekend, and all was right in the world. The Irish are back to beating the Eagles on the regular and the games are rarely close anymore. Frank and Greg talked about how fun that was and how much fun Greg had taking the game in in the pressbox. 

  • The play of Benjamin Morrison
  • Quarterback play – again (note: this was recorded BEFORE the commitment of Kenny Minchey)
  • A lot about what a potential commitment of Minchey would have meant – it all still applies
  • One sad thing about an otherwise great game
  • The emergence of Deion Colzie
  • Notre Dame’s chances against USC 

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  1. Poor Rhonald.
    Kelly tricked her into chasing a stick, and drove off to Baton Rouge, leaving her in the woods.

    And every time the door creaks, she perks up expecting him to come through it.
    Becaseuhe’s a really stupid bitch.

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