S3E1: Notre Dame’s Offense With Sam Hartman Is Gonna Be Really, Really Fun

Greg and Frank hoped on the podcast machine this week to talk about the biggest news of the Notre Dame off-season – the addition of Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman. 

  • How does the ceiling of the 2023 team change with Hartman?
  • Just how good can the offense be in 2023 with Hartman running the show?
  • Who benefits the most from the addition of Hartman on the roster
  • The incredible job of salvaging a quarterback room that looked bleak just a few months ago
  • Concerns on the defensive side of the ball
  • Where might Notre Dame keep looking to supplement its roster via the portal?

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  1. To win at the level of play ND wants to, CFP level, your QB has to elite, or damn near. He has to be a difference maker, a playmaker, who helps all the skill guys perform at a higher level. Not saying Buchner can’t get there, but i can say he’d benefit from a year under Hartman.

  2. Shhhhh……there are more than a few dimwitted folks here who are so enamored with watching shitty, 3rd rate QB play that they’re in official mourning over the loss of Pyne, and campaigning hard to “save” Buchner.
    It’s like they’re on crazy pills….or perhaps savvy fans of the opposition?

    After all the things the administration itself has done over the years to relegate ND football to such a low rung on the ladder, you couldn’t imagine that some ND fans themselves would be the ones wanting to block it from trying to climb back up.

    1. I’ll take the bait, david
      We may disagree on Buchner’s importance, but he might be.
      We ND fans celebrate the next #10 at QB, Sam Hartman, a huge upgrade.
      ND should “save” Buchner in case Hartman goes down; most elite teams have 2 QBs you can count on. ND can win with Buchner. The chaos will diminish and that athleticism is obvious with or without Rees.
      Welcome Sam Hartman.

      1. ‘Welcome’?! Wow, how big of you. A greeting for tourists, restaurant diners and refugees.

        How about:
        Thank you SO much!! For bringing your talents to South Bend; for deciding that ND is still a marquis place to realize the highest football aspirations; and for significantly raising the hopes of ND fans for 2023.

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