“Notre Dame is Probably Recruiting Me the Hardest” – Malcolm Smith

Allen Wallace has a free update up on Malcolm Smith

“My only three are Cal, Notre Dame and USC. They all want me for outside linebacker. Coaches from Cal and USC will be at my house sometime this week, I think,” Smith said. “But I don’t know when. Notre Dame coaches will be at my school on Tuesday. Notre Dame’s probably recruiting me the hardest. I talk with them on the phone the most.

“I’ll announce sometime next week where I’m going. I don’t know how it will come out. I don’t have any plans. My parents don’t have any preference either.”

Another very interesting quote from Smith…

“I basically talked with all the coaches, probably Steve Sarkisian (quarterbacks) the most. He’s cool, but nothing really stands out about him.

I find that quote very interesting and very encouraging for Notre Dame here. The Irish had a lot of ground to make up at one point and the fact that Smith said that nothing stood out about the coach from USC he talks to most should be seen as a positive for the Irish.

Corwin Brown has been known to make an impression on people so here’s hoping he can come in and possible push Smith to Notre Dame since it appears he is still very much on the fence.

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  1. If we could steal Smith from USC or Cal, it would be huge! We need a ton of help at OLB, and this guy’s brother is Steve Smith, the WR who just got done at USC. If ND can sign him, it would significantly increase the talent in this year’s class on the defensive side of the ball.

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