USC Targeting Notre Dame Commit Mike Ragone?

Last week Florida poached Justin Trattou from Notre Dame’s commitment list.  This week it looks like USC may be trying to visit Mike Ragone according to LA Daily Neews writer Scott Wolf:

USC coach Pete Carroll is scheduled to visit with Marvin Austin, the No. 1-ranked defensive tackle in the country, today. But we also hear Carroll might visit tight end Mike Ragone, who committed to Notre Dame almost nine months ago.

The Trojans do not have a tight end commitment this year and according to their prospect list on, they only have  Eric Brooks (#57 tight end), Trey Henderson (#64 tight end), and Mikhail Marinovich (Not Ranked) left on the board.

Last week’s defection by Trattou certainly surprised me, but I could at least understand it because of his concerns over how he would be used in the 3-4.  Ragone switching, however, would completely shock me because of how well tight ends have  performed in Charlie Weis’s offense.  That success has led to Notre Dame landing the #2 ranked tight end last year in Konrad Reuland and the #2 ranked tight end this year in Ragone.

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  1. Andy:

    Weis better actually beat a ranked team in the next two years or else he’s gone. And then you won’t have to worry about losing a Ragone quality player because you won’t get them. You don’t get them on defense, at least.

  2. Another reason kids should be able to “early commit.” Coaches being able to poach from one another is not good for the game. It just breeds more poaching and an eye for an eye attitude.

    As far as Carroll is concerned, he should watch out. If he lives by the sword of poaching, he may die from it, too, because the specter of sanctions against his program as a result of Bushgate may get even more play by opposing coaches on his own recruits during this last 8 days of recruiting.

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