Jimmy Clausen Parade Co-Player of the Year, Kamara Parada All American

Jimmy Clausen and Duval Kamara were both honored as Parade All Americans on Sunday with Clausen taking home the Player of the Year honors along with Joe McKnight.

The 6-foot-3, 208-pound Clausen entered his senior season with high expectations. In his two previous years as starting quarterback, he had never lost a game. And his two brothers also had played in college (Casey for Tennessee, Rick for LSU and Tennessee). “Having two brothers play quarterback really helped me a lot with my game and handling all of the preseason hype,” Jimmy says.

The results testify to that. In the 15-0 season he just ended, Clausen completed 194 of 281 passes for 3,428 yards and 49 touchdowns with only six interceptions. In his career, he completed 630 of 937 passes for 10,764 yards and a state record 146 TDs with only 18 interceptions. He also rushed for seven scores. Clausen will follow in his brothers’ footsteps this fall, when he plays for Notre Dame. (LINK)

Clausen was also named the Army All American Player of the Year and the USA Today Offensive Player of the Year.

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