Darius Walker Picks Rosenhaus as His Agent

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported last week that Darius Walker has picked Drew Rosenhaus as his agent…

The father of former Notre Dame tailback Darius Walker said Tuesday his son has hired controversial agent Drew Rosenhaus to represent him in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Walker, a former Buford star, announced two weeks ago he was bypassing his senior year of college to turn pro.

I can’t stand Drew Rosenhaus.  Maybe it’s because my Eagles were just coming off a Super Bowl appearance when Terrell Owens changed agents by signing with Rosenhaus.  Shortly after the switch is when we heard the words “new contract” come out of Owens’s mouth.  During the spectacle that was the Eagles 2005 season, I had the “pleasure” of seeing Rosenhaus’s weaselly face far more than I would have liked.

I’m sure Rosenhaus will get a great deal for Walker, but that still won’t change by opinion of Rosenhaus one bit.

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