Jon Budmayr Commits to Wisconsin

Most recruiting experts expected the quarterback in this year’s Notre Dame recruiting class to be Jon Budmayr. Well, on Tuesday, the Illinois native committed to Wisconsin according to becoming the second Irish hopeful in the last week to commit elsewhere. Offensive tackle Eric Shrive committed to Penn State at the end of last week.

Badger Nation reports:

Marian Central prep quarterback Jon Budmayr, widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in Illinois and the 55th best quarterback in the nation according to Scout Media, gave his verbal commitment to Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon to play for Wisconsin starting in fall 2009.

Budmayr picked Wisconsin over offers from Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern and Notre Dame.

“Jon’s real excited for this opportunity, as are we,” his father, Rick, said over the phone. “Jon wanted to commit before his senior year and the Badgers were there from day one.”

Tough loss for us since Budmayr seemed like a great fit for the current quarterback situation at Notre Dame. He will need some time to develop at the college level and would have had that luxury at Notre Dame. Nice pickup for the Badgers and tough loss for the Irish.

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  1. Honestly, this kid was sold to us as a “winner”. I firmly believe that to win the starting job at Notre Dame you have to be more than a winner at the High School level. All of our guys were winners at the High school level. If he had come to Notre Dame he would of been buried on the depth chart and some more talented “winner” would have been recruited in the next class after him and all he would have to look forward to is the ND degree or transferring to another school. I think he made a great decision for himself and his future as he has a much better chance of becoming the starting quarterback for the Badgers than the Irish. He was an insurance policy for us, another quarterback in the program. I don’t think he would of ever started however. I wish him the best. He seems like a great kid. At ND these days we are set on quarterback for the next 5 years (Clausen 3, Crist 2). His decision was wise and we have nothing to complain about. We need to improve our defensive team speed and girth on the line and we need more stud offensive lineman like Trevor Robinson to block for our stud RB’s and our future dynamic passing attack. If Charlie and staff can keep up the great recruiting he will win over 80% of the rest of the games we have him running the program, win national championships like Rockne did and cement his career by being another Irish Coach inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame. Good Times are ahead! I see an undefeated season going into USC this year! GO IRISH!!!

  2. oh well… but thats the 2nd person who was a “guarantee” for ND and ended up going somewhere else if this continues we won’t be reeling in the #1 ranked recruiting class again

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