Chris Bonds Decided, Announcing Monday

According to Palmeto Sports, defensive line recruit Chris Bonds has made his decision and will announce where he plans on attending college on Monday.

He also made a decision about his college football future. But, after originally planning to announce his decision Thursday afternoon, Bonds decided to wait until Monday according to his coach Jay Frye. No one has said which school is the wiinner, but indications earlier Thursday were that Alabama will be the choice.

I definitely don’t like hearing that Alabama is likely the choice, but there have been some conflicting reports and I think it’s safe to say that we at least have a shot here.  Bonds has had injury issues, but he is an elite talent when healthy and could end up being a very key recruit in this class if Weis and Corwin are able to close on him.

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  1. Well, with a loss to UCS next saturday I will be interested in who plays the Irish in the Sun Bowl. Can Floyd really make that much of difference? It was horrible and cold watching that game. Im so angry.

  2. I could live with ND being an Ivy league team or even a division III team if it played inspiring football for the constraints of either the Ivy’s or D-III. I’d rather see that than a joke of a team and a circus act by NBC. The fans and alums of Our Lady’s University deserve better.

  3. I think that Weis is the answer. But, I thought Davie was the answer and the alumni thought that 9-3 seasons were unacceptable. Well, here we are years later and we’re waiting for a decent season.

    I think that some of the right kids are coming to ND. But, the program needs to do a better job of managing Weis. No big-shot wants to feel like he’s micromanaged. But, let’s face it: the school has gone from getting excellent players to compete against an excellent schedule to getting decent players to compete against an easy schedule. And, we’re still not winning.

    So, if I were in charge, I would be all over Charlie. I would have a one-on-one everyday. I would want to know what he’s doing to get through each individual opponent.

    Also, please explain to me what our offensive strategy is. I cannot figure it out. Look at the good schools: Alabama runs the ball well and can find open receivers when necessary. TT throws the ball down your throat. Penn State runs between the tackles really well. We don’t do anything well.

    So, if I were in charge, I would demand that Weis develop an offensive strategy and stick to it. Every player we recruit who plays offense has to bring something to that strategy. Weis doesn’t think like this.

    For those who think we need to can him, here is what I say: there is no one out there, right now, who will come to South Bend and do as well or better in the near term. Charlie does have good kids coming in and if we let him go, we’ll see those kids go elsewhere.

    If we want to pay someone $400,000 to do the job, I suppose I can live with that. Will the rest of ND Nation? No way. The team has improved over last year. I say give him one more year.

  4. David i agree. Do you have a solution though? cuz i dont. the one thing i do know, is that the next hire MUST be the right one. we CANNOT make another poor decision in this area. I dont think the right guy is out there @ this moment though. We might have deal with Chuck for another season til the “right guy” surfaces.

  5. Poor coaching job. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks weis is the answer.

    When weis first came to notre dame, i thought he was the one that would make us competitive again. However i am one that can admit i was wrong. And i did it after last season.

    Charlie didnt even take the Cuse serious. That was evident on the opening kickoff when he let aldridge go back to take the kick.

  6. At this point i can’t even say he’s a good X’s & O’s guy! and not for nuthin but my confidence in tenuta is down as well. I mean, why do we CONSTANTLY blitz w/no results?!?! sh*t, obviously we’r not getting there, at some point you gotta give up & try something else. Syracuse had given up TEN sacks the last 2 games, & this was OUR result w/that O-line?!?! PATHETIC.
    other than Tate & aianello i’m upset w/just about everyone else! the players, coaches, hell I’m even mad @ charlie’s son!!

  7. Syracuse we definitely more into the game than we were. We got out “emotioned” on Senior Day. How the hell does that happen?

    That one hurt. (And not just the team, my throat is killing me right now) All I can say is that I’m not watching the USC game.

    How big does that uncalled facemask on the fumble recovery seem now? We should have got the ball on the 3 and just pounded it in instead of getting it at the 6 and having to settle for a field goal. Maust pretty much screwed us over too.

    Biggest thing of all though: I am finally believing that Jimmy Clausen just cannot get it done. What kind of moron takes a 17 yard sack?

  8. Yeah,
    After this game, I think you might start hearing that sucking sound. Actually two sucking sounds. The first sucking sound came from this team, both the players and the coaches. The second will be from recruits giving up on the potential of this program.
    Maybe we give John Tenuta his first head coaching job. Weis isn’t going to do it. I am now in the camp that believes Charlie Weis does not have what it takes to bring Notre Dame to an elite level. He is a good X’s and O’s guy, but not a leader.

  9. frankieV: I know you do you’r “quarter notes” for the games. -let me save you the trouble on this one….

    1st quarter: WE

    2nd quarter: SUCK

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