Newberg Predicts Te’o to Notre Dame

The Rivals experts made some predictions about where they think the remaining top 100 prospects will end up come next week’s Signing Day and Notre Dame fans will be pleased to see that Jamie Newberg is predicting superstar linebacker Manti Te’o will end up at Notre Dame.

Mike Farrell, Jeremy Crabtree, and Barton Simmons meanwhile have all predicted Te’o lands at USC.  T’eo still has yet to visit USC and that visit looms very large for Notre Dame chances of landing what would be their biggest linebacker recruit since Bob Davie landed 5-star Carlos Pierre Antoine over a decade ago.

Let’s hope Newberg is smarter than his fellow Rivals experts.

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  1. Can Toma compete at ND or was he a throw-in for Manti? Being a three star and a small youngster makes me wonder? Thanks for your excellent coverage. Walt

  2. I think we have a good shot at Te’o. I do not think he fits at USC. It’s a monoculture. Over 70% of the student body comes from that area. Kind of a superficial facade to them. He is a serious type and I think his parents are concerned about his education and surroundings.
    That leaves UCLA and us. With Neuheisel’s history, not sure any of them want that baggage.

  3. farrell, lemming, newberg and the rest of the so called “recruiting experts” are just a bunch of guys who like to talk and have people think they walk on water, when in reality they can’t hold a real job and have no clue what they are spouting off about

  4. those same guys had t’eo going to BYU just a week ago. personally i think our best shot at landing a big recruit this year is Byron Moore. Hope im wrong, but this year just does not seem to be going our way. The god news is that 09 has the making to be a special year both on the field and recruiting.

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