Notre Dame Offers St. Thomas Aquinas RB

Notre Dame has offered another running back for the class of 2010 recently according to the Sporting News – Saint Thomas Aquinas back Giovanni Bernard.

“Right now I’m just trying to work hard on my 40 time,” Bernard told SN Today. “Everybody wants that blazing track speed. So I just want mine to stand out more … Once you get to where everybody is as fast and strong as you, like in college, it’s all just a mindgame after that. So I’m just trying to get that mind game down.”

Bernard (5’9″, 195, 4.5) also has offers from Miami, Boston College, Auburn, Maryland, West Virginia, Oregon State, and Rutgers and his teammates with fellow Notre Dame recruits Brandon Linder (OL) and Cody Riggs (CB).  Saint Thomas Aquinas has also sent Sam Young, Daniel Wenger, Jordan Cowart, and Ben Turk to Notre Dame over the last few years.

New running backs coach Tony Alford and tight end coach Bernie Parmalee are recruiting Bernard.  Both coaches have strong ties in the state.  Alford has had good success in the state of Florida in the past and with Notre Dame’s success at Aquinas over the last few years, Notre Dame should be in pretty good shape here.

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  1. Interestingly enough, has Michigan at #13 with a 3.41 point average, #4 UCLA @ 3.30 and #24 ND @ 3.56.

    So who is a REAL top 5 team based on point average?

  2. didnt michigan have a top 15 class by most estimations. @ nepachris ND is recruiting both o line and d line very hard those are their top priorities in the class. But JC is right, rumor is Sentreal Henderson wants to go to ND but doesnt want to commit to a school that might have a coaching change. from what im hearing Chance Carter a DE from IL will likely commit by the blue gold game

  3. Continuous coaching changes effect recruiting outcomes. Until there is stability in the coaching staff, there will be instability in recruiting, ie; Michigan anyone?

  4. @jason, i know the offers are out there for the d line and o line. all i was saying is that they better be putting the most work in on those areas. we don’t need rb/ath when there are defensive backfield recruits out there already with some skills and the desire to play their position rather than converting another running back because the way we are going, we might not have the time to convert these rb/ath because there will be a need for the db’s before they are ready to play this position.

  5. most of the running backs the offered are considered more athletes that can also play in the secondary like Dietrich Riley out of CA. if it makes u guys feel any better ND has officially offered 8 OT with Lombard already commited, and 13 DE with Chris Martin onboard.

  6. @nepachris
    Finally Spot on, thank you.

    Same can be said for receivers, i dont know why we stockpile them without offensive lineman who can block for the running game to develop.

  7. just curious but dont we have enough running backs for the next 5 years? they better be putting more work in on the o line and d line. and we are going to need a new defensive backfield and a great qb recruit.

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