No Commitments from B/G Weekend Yet

As of Sunday night, there hasn’t been any news about any commitments from this weekend despite a long list of visitors for the Blue/Gold game.  Most of the subscription websites have plenty of interviews with prospects up and it seems as though everyone had a good time and Notre Dame put on a good show for all the recruits who made it in.

Hopefully the weekend has put Notre Dame in position to land a number of them even if the commitments don’t come in the next few days.

If Notre Dame were to land even half of the visitors who came in this weekend, we’d end up with an amazing class so let’s hope the Irish coaching staff put themselves in a position to do just that.

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  1. Kyle, I agree but I doubt they would see the field for the irish either, being that they would be accademically ineligable due to thier obvious stupidity!

  2. Speaking of safeties, I’m still amazed that 5 (?) guys will commit to USC when they’re already loaded at saftey, and have a guy like Taylor Mays coming back. It hurts that they took two from us, and it doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully we’ll grab a couple this time around.

  3. Henderson teamed up with Christian Lombard(already commited to ND)would make a foundation for one heck of an offensive line.

  4. henderson likes notre dame alot. he also likes weis alot, but he doesnt want to commit to a school if the coach getsfired. if we win i say hes oursto lose. a good seaon and we will have a top 5 class

  5. I was hoping he (Henderson) would’ve made it for the Spring game, so he could hang out with Floyd and maybe get a good feeling of the campus.

  6. I just read where Slippery Pete is after our guy, Seantrel Henderson, from Cretin-Derham Hall in Minnisota. God I hate that guy.I guess recruiting is getting tougher in California.
    Maybe Micheal Floyd can call his boy and convince him to come here. At 6’7″ 300lbs he would be a heck of line man for us.

  7. i read that mccay is gettin looked at as a linebacker. i also read that prater and cooper wanna go to school together but illinois is high on their lists as well (cooper bein commited doesnt help). i just want some good recruiting news. you always want your best athletes on defense.

  8. yeah all the sites are saying how great an impression we made but so far no commits. But i always like our chances when we get kids on campus. i read that corey cooper and spencer boyd left the most impressed. we need safeties, and those two look the part

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