Kyle Brindza Commits to Notre Dame

Notre Dame picked up a surprise commitment over the weekend in the form of kicker/punter Kyle Brindza. The commitment came as a surprise because not much had been reported about him and because it came at a position most felt the Irish wouldn’t recruit this season with two sophomore incumbent starters handling the kicking duties for the Irish.

Brindza adds a strong leg to the Irish roster.  In the videos below, his leg strength is on full display on kickoffs, punts, and field goals.  Before committing to Notre Dame, Brindza had an offer from Michigan and was receiving some interest from Ohio State; but he told the South Bend Tribune that he grew up a Notre Dame fan.

“My whole life I’ve always been a Notre Dame fan,” said Brindza, who said that Michigan also was trying to get him into school so he could play this fall. “For sure, I’ll be Fighting Irish.

It is certainly interesting to say the least that Brian Kelly decided to recruit a kicker this year with both Ben Turk and Nick Tausch only entering their sophomore seasons.  Turk handled the punting duties for Notre Dame for most of the season in 2009 and Tausch did the same with place kicking.  Both showed promised as freshmen in 2009, but did struggled with consistency at times.  Turk especially struggled early on in the season, but did come on strong down the stretch.

The really interesting aspect of Brindza’s recruitment though is that he might be able to join Notre Dame for the 2010 season.  Brindza is an excellent student in the classroom and could potentially graduate a full year early and enroll for the fall semester if the Notre Dame admissions department passes him.  That would allow for him to compete with Turk and Tausch for the punting and place kicking duties.  At a bare minimum, it would seem obvious that he would get a look as the kick-off specialist as well.

The addition of a kicker speaks volumes about Kelly’s commitment to special teams.  Notre Dame is going to be up against the 85 scholarship maximum with this recruiting class and scholarships will be limited this year.   Adding a kicker despite the scholarship limitations this year goes to show that Kelly is indeed committed to improving the Irish special teams.

Brindza’s scholarship could end up counting towards the class of 2010 or 2011 depending on when he enrolls, but in actuality it doesn’t matter which class it counts against since neither will be over the 25 scholarship/class limit.  It will, however count towards the overall limit of 85

Kyle Brindza Scouting Video



Notre Dame now has three commitments this year with Brindza joining offensive lineman Jordan Prestwood and defensive lineman Brad Carrico.

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  1. Well his team was the state runner up. Kyle was one the biggest reason they went there. Kicked three field goals against CC to win the game 9-7 in districts. This kid is the real deal. Can easily kick 50-55 yds

  2. I know Kyle, and I’ve seen him kick plenty of times. He started on the varsity team as a freshman and his entire family are fans of ND, thank God. He’s got a real impressive leg, and ‘weloveourirish,’ what you heard is true… He never was supposed to walk. He’s got some great talent, and I’ve been watching him kick well through the back of the endzone in HS ball for the last 2 years at least. He started on the soccer team too, I believe. With some good coaching in South Bend, he could be an All American, and should definitely be taking Tausch’s job.

  3. Kid can kick. But can he kick under pressure at ND? Good for competition with the other kickers. Could be a weapon for us.

  4. Kid can kick. But can he kick under pressure at ND? God for competition with the other kickers. Could be a weapon for us.

  5. i would have to agree, that the kicking game has lacked for quite some time.. and as well, i also agree that his kicks seemed a little low and a line drive. but i feel that the kicking coach would adjust that and address that to him on day one.. but one thing is for certain, he does have a leg, and much better then what the irish have had.. it goes without saying, that michigan was trying for this kid, and talks of ohio state.. so, he must have something to have rivals looking at him.. just glad he’s an irish fan! that sealed the deal.. going to be very interested and excited to see what kelly has done to the irish! from what i have been seeing on the news, he expects perfection.. and thats a sight for sore eyes if you ask me..

  6. I hear this kid was never supposed to walk and defied the doctors odds. He’s a walking miracle! Literally!

  7. The kid definitely has an impressive leg. I was a kicker in high school and my dream was to kick in College (for Notre Dame), but it never worked out for me.

    Not to be Mr. Negative, because the kid has a very impressive leg. However, he needs to get more air under the ball on his kickoffs. Just about every one of them was too low of a line drive. In college ball, they will be running those out of the endzone even if they start from 5 yards deep. WAY too low. I’m sure after he comes to South Bend and adjusts some things, he will be putting it right around the goal-line or a yard or two in the endzone on a consistent basis WITH proper hangtime.

    I love the signing…. looks very promising. I think as Irish fans, we can all agree that kicking has been suspect the last decade.

    1. Not sure it’s been “suspect”. I’m leaning more on piss poor. How many kick offs were fielded around the 10 yard line…? Some of them at the 15.

  8. Looks like he is taken an extra second or two on those punts. On the next level he needs to be quicker or he will get rush heavily and his yardage will be cut down.

    The advantage to him is that it looks like he can get the ball to the endzone on kickoffs. That gives the Irish an advantage in field position.

  9. I agree Brandon, but he better get it into the endzone, a few of those low liners that didn’t would’ve out-kicked the coveraged and created some problems. Also, it looks like he’s got a nice breeze at his back.

  10. This kid has a great leg on him. I could care less personally if he can kick field goals. If he can get the ball into the back of the endzone on kickoffs every time then he’s worth it.

  11. He’ll be worth a scholarship if he can get the ball into the endzone on kickoffs. What do we have, like 2 touchbacks in the last 5 years, and one was a crazy bouncer that got past the returner?

    1. Hard for me to imagine that a kid in High School is hitting 60 yard field goals…lol

      I would like to see some game tape of him kicking too. Some of those balls may have been able to have been blocked by a tall DL on the college level.

      Impressive none the less though..

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