Report: Aaron Lynch Deciding Tonight?

The wild ride that is the recruitment of Aaron Lynch could be coming to a close tonight according to several reports that the star defensive end will now meet with coaches from both Florida State and Notre Dame tonight and then make a final decision.

Just yesterday Lynch opened his recruiting back up and said he planned to visit Notre Dame next weekend.  A little over 24 hours later, his plans have changed again with a decision possibly coming tonight according to reports from Irish Sports Daily and Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune.

Based on the way Lynch’s recruitment has unfolded, nothing should come as a surprise right now and it’s anyone’s guess how this plays out.  The only thing we know for sure right now is that Lynch plans on deciding tonight.

Earlier today Lynch teamed up with Notre Dame commitment Stephon Tuitt to help the East squad dominate the line of scrimmage in the Army All American Bowl in San Antonio.

Notre Dame fans now must hope that Lynch enjoyed playing opposite Tuitt more than he enjoyed playing in the 4-3 defense.  One of the biggest concerns for Lynch in regards to Notre Dame has been playing in a 3-4 defense versus playing in Florida State’s 4-3.

In other Notre Dame recruiting news, Ishaq Williams decided to delay his decision and did not commit anywhere on Saturday.  He had previously planned on making his commitment during the game.  Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Penn State are the reported finalists for Williams.

Earlier today I posted an article about the number of available scholarships left this year.  Lynch’s decision tonight will impact how those scholarships are used.

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  1. My sources tell me that the FSU coaches that were present told them that AL basically asked questions about the assurance that Jimbo Fisher and DE Coach D.J. Eliot were still committed to being at FSU for his tenure at the school. Those coaches informed AL about JF’s new contract extension and although there were no promises made concerning DC Mark Stoops, they did say they felt confident that Eliot would continue to build his resume in Tallahassee.

  2. with lynch on the line, teo at linebacker and harrison smith at safety Notre Dame could have one of the best defenses next year.

  3. I dont know why you guys are dreaming. Lynch will be a Nole. The last 48 hours ND coaches have been spreading lies trying to get Lynch to change his mind from FSU to ND. Lynch has never changed his mind. This is a non story. The only reason why it is a story is because ND fans and coaches are on crack

    1. Whatever makes you feel secure, but don’t play the moral high ground. Let’s ask FSU’s coaching staff about lying to recruits.

      1. Do have any basis for this statement at all? Florida State’s staff repeatedly laments the negative recruiting other schools do and says they will never enguage in the practice. FSU recruits have repeatedly stated in interviews they were attracted to the FSU staff being real with them.

        Your only shot here is the mom being such a huge ND fan. Given the shady wah in which your staff conducteditself I’d not get my hopes up on this one.

      2. Tye,

        Don’t be a sore loser. The kid was a Notre Dame commit and you stole him from us. Now we’re stealing him back.

        Crying about it won’t change anything. If he wanted to go to Florida State we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

        The fact that he’s opened it up at all is all the evidence you need.

      3. One more thing: pretending that he’s not going to decommit doesn’t mean that he won’t decommit.

      4. FSU staff being real with them, really! Wasn’t Aaron told that they were only taking two defensive ends this recruting class? Then why is FSU recruiting two other defensive ends..

        Word is Greg Hudson bit off more than he could chew last night with somethings he said..

    2. I275Nole: Thank you for your calm, respectful, well thought out take on the situation. You clearly have put a lot of thought into this situation, and I hope Scout and Rivals are sending agents to your door so that you might grace them with your wisdom. Why you feel the need to bless us with your wit and savvy, I can only imagine, but I thank the good Lord above that I can tell my grandchildren of the day that the one and only I275Nole told us that everyone he disagreed with was under the influence of cocaine cut with baking soda. The only thing that could possibly make you look foolish would be if Lynch changed his mind and decommitted, which all of us not under the influence of said cocaine cut with baking soda knows will never happen and….

      Oh. Huh. Well, best of luck to you. Say, you wouldn’t happen to know who’s going to win the Kentucky Derby this year do you? My bookie claims to have a hot tip, but between you and me, I think he’s on crack.

  4. He and Tuitt absolutely dominated this game. And along with Ray Drew and Jernigan the East d line was unstoppable. If he and Tuitt book-end ND’s d-line it would be absolutely amazing. Please Lynch pick ND.

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