FSU Out of It for Aaron Lynch, Others In?

The recruitment of Aaron Lynch took another turn on Monday with news of Florida State being completely out of the running.  According to the News Press of South Florida, two news schools may have entered the fray.

Aaron Lynch has reportedly dropped Florida State from consideration and is still planning on visiting Notre Dame this weekend. (Photo - Icon SMI)

The big news of the day in the recruitment of Lynch was that Florida State is no longer being considered by the star defensive end after he had been committed to the Seminoles until late Saturday night.

While Lynch has dropped Florida State, he has picked up Florida and Miami.

In a text message Monday, Lynch said the reason for his switch was that he didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable with his decision to join the Seminoles. He also said that he is no longer considering Florida State and that he is also considering Florida and Miami.

Even with Florida and Miami reportedly entering the mix, Notre Dame is still sitting in great position here.  Laura McKeeman from the Florida Scout/Fox Sports site tweeted that it looked like Lynch was headed to Notre Dame.

Now, if we’ve learned anything in the last week is that things could change here very quickly so Brian Kelly and staff still have work to do here.  Lynch will be in South Bend this weekend for his official visit and it will be critical for Kelly and company to put to bed any concerns Lynch may have with Notre Dame.

Notre Dame’s 3-4 is said to be one of those concerns.  After the Army All American Bowl, Lynch said he felt he was a better fit for a 4-3 defense like the one used by Florida State.  Luckily for the Irish, Florida will be using 3-4 defenses in the fall under new head coach Will Muschamp.  Unfortunately, even though Miami head coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are both disciplines of Al Groh and his 3-4 defense, the Hurricanes will be running a 4-3 defense with some 3-4 looks at times.

A week ago at this time, we didn’t even know that Lynch was still considering Notre Dame so obviously a lot can change in a week, but right now it looks like Notre Dame has a good chance of getting Lynch enrolled for the start of the spring semester next Monday.

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  1. Can someone ask Lynch, if he wasn’t comfortable with FSU then why was he doing the tomahawk chop and, along with other FSU commits, talking up FSU to uncommitted recruits at the Army AA game? This just doesn’t pass the smell test. He’s a great player and I hope he ends up at FSU, but we’ll have a top 2-3 class with or without him.

    1. Apparently that wasn’t Lynch but a body-double doing the tomahawk and talking FSU to other recruits. When the real Lynch found out…he decided to decommit. 🙂

  2. ynch is so far out there it is difficult not to get angry. The excuse that he is just 17 gets old when he keeps dancing around in his own little world with a constantly changing story. I have difficulty with Kelly defining this guy as an RKG, right kind of guy. I would certainly view him as a wild card, perhaps worse.

  3. NoleFan,

    Perhaps you should look at the recent and current recruits ND has at DE/OLB. If I. Williams signs, there will be plenty of competition at ND at the DE/OLB spots in the base 34. So it sounds to me like Lynch isn’t afraid of a little friendly competition at all. Perhaps he just wants to attend a real university with legit academic standards and not one known as “Free Shoes University” (FSU). I wonder how many true ND fans were trolling FSU fan forums when Lynch decommitted from ND. Probably not that many.

  4. Lynch is a big pick up if irish can land him. Maybe kelly can recruit with the best of them. A little worried about the class of 2012(juniors) offers going out. It does not seem like we have offered a lot of guys so far. I don’t really know the reason why, anyone have any ideas?

  5. Interesting,

    For a guy considered so good that he would decommit from a team for recruiting too many Defensive Ends. Apparently he couldn’t stand the competition, so Notre Dame is probably the best school for him.

  6. If it makes you feel any worse, Golden and D’Onofrio have repeated, ad nauseum, that they are going to run a base 4-3 defense and will only get into odd fronts against the gimmick offenses.

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