Aaron Lynch Commits to Notre Dame

The roller coaster recruiting saga of Aaron Lynch has come to and end.  According to several media outlets, Lynch, one of the nation’s elite defensive ends, has committed to Notre Dame and will enroll in classes on Tuesday.

aaron lynch commits
Aaron Lynch committed to Notre Damem on Saturday and will enroll in classes on Tuesday. (Photo - Icon SMI)

The recruitment of Aaron Lynch will go down as one of the crazier recruiting stories in some time for Notre Dame.  After originally committing to Notre Dame over the summer, Lynch rethought his commitment in the fall and opened his recruiting back up.

By November, Lynch decided on Florida State and gave no indication, at least publicly, that he had any doubts.

Fast forward a couple months to the Army All American Bowl.  Lynch showed up to the annual high school all star game sporting a Notre Dame t-shirt setting off speculation.  Despite his choice in attire, Lynch told several reporters during the week that he was still committed to Florida State.

Last Friday, however, reports began to surface that Lynch was opening up his recruiting.  After some conflicting reports over the weekend, we learned on Sunday that Lynch had actually decommitted from Florida State an would be visiting Notre Dame this weekend.

After a quiet week of news on this front, Lynch indeed made it to Notre Dame this weekend where he recommitted to the Irish where he’ll team up with Stephon Tuitt to give the Irish the most talented pair of defensive ends in a single recruiting class since the days of Lou Holtz. More importantly, Lynch and Tuitt compliment each other very well in Notre Dame’s defensive scheme with Tuitt being the bigger end and Lynch the faster, pass rushing end.

With Lynch and Ishaq Williams enrolling in classes on Tuesday, both will be able to participate in off-season workouts and spring practice which should give them a great chance to crack the two-deep by the fall.

Brian Kelly and his staff, Tony Alford especially, really showed their recruiting prowess in their recruitment of Lynch.  Their work and determination here allowed the Irish to reel in one of the best defensive ends in the country.  Combine this with the stories of Bob Diaco making a 4:30 AM visit to Ishaq Williams on Friday to secure his commitment and it’s hard not to be impressed with what this staff has be able to do.

Lynch’s commitment caps off one heck of a week for Kelly, the Irish, and Notre Dame fans all over.  The week got off to a great start with Michael Floyd deciding to come back for his senior season; got better with the new of Williams committing on Friday, and finished up with Lynch’s recommittment to the Irish on Saturday.

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  1. Grandma Lynch,

    I am so excited about Aaron Lynch. Every year I have one high school player that I really want to come to Notre Dame and this is him. I am very excited about his potential as a football player. I hope he works very hard and has a Great experience at Notre Dame University. Go ND!

    God Bless,


  2. Although there is no real way of me knowing whether or not the person posting as Kathy Lynch is actally Aaron’s grandmother (and I do think it actually is) it just goes to show that family members and recruits do read what people post. It also is great to hear that the coaches at ND have character and that people can trust that they are not going to sell them a lie just to get a kid on campus. That is why we hired Kelly, and that is also why he kept Alford on the staff. Go ND! Win a NC!!!

  3. I can’t wait for signing day to get here. I won’t feel comfortable about all of our recruits until they are either enrolled early or signed their LOC to play for the Irish. It would be great to get one more big name like Huggins. Also BK please give Ruffer a scholarship. He has definitely earned one.

  4. Well looks like Carlisle chooses to stay on the west coast which was fine too bad he picked USC. But as I said earlier I will be cheering for him still … he seems like a good kid. Maybe he can straighten Kiffen up! Haha. This opens up the door for this extremely talented NJ kid Huggins to come on to SB. Get on it Diaco sounds like another all nighter! Haha. We really need another RB in this class.

  5. I can tell you first hand being that I am the Grandmother of Aaron Lynch all the coaches with N.D. were so wonderful and honest and caring that is what won out for my grandson —TRUST— is a quality that my family believes in and that is what gave Aaron his answer as to where to go
    he knew he could TRUST
    everyone that would be with him as coaches at N.D. I am a proud grandmother and I believed that Aaron knew from the begining where his heart was.
    I can’t praise all the coaching staff enough they are “men of quality”
    Sincerely, Grandmother Lynch

    1. Ms. Lynch I do have to, with a heavy heart, apologize on behalf of ND nation for the immature postings on your grandson’s Facebook page when he decommited from the Irish. Nobody can understand the pressure these kids are placed under not only during this time but during their entire career. I think he will enjoy his time in south bend not to mention receiving a quality education and increasing his probability of being one of the few to be able to make a living in this sport.
      have a lovely day

  6. BK is a COLLEGE head football coach, he knows talent and knows how to use it in college football. He also knows character so I don’t think we have to worry about prima-donnas or egos. What a haul in recruiting a defense, great job to all!!! Not talking championships yet but the foundation is there. To all the players and recruits in 2011, keep your heads in the game and buy into what BK is telling you and you WILL be remembered as the class that brought the Irish back to the top!! GO IRISH!!!!

  7. AWESOME!!!!! If Coach Kelly can make winners out of 3 and 2 star players imagine what he can do with the 4 and 5 stars.If they aren’t divas that is. If they come in and buy in we got a good thing going. If they come in and start bitching about not getting on the field… Well they better get to work and prove why they are IRISH…Prove the haters wrong BK and bring us a winner!! Player development is so important.. Coach Kelly surrounds himself with good people and that trickles down to the team. Our D is stout.. Now get us some running lanes to help Cierre and the boys out.Im from Ohio and wish we had the Suckeyes on schedule this year…We could beat them all their guys will be getting tattooed!!!

  8. i wish they would have turned the kid down. what is going to do the first time something doesn’t go his way at notre dame?

    1. Why you cry? Stop your whoin, and be thankful.it’s a tough spot for these kids in there lives.your the guy who never had problems making descions..at the age of 18 or 19..?

  9. Brian Kelly is the real deal. I love how this team didn’t fold down the stretch, and now we are bringing in TOP TALENT to complement Kelly’s vision. It’s good to be an Irish fan.

  10. These last two commits kill two birds with one stone, not only does ND get two elite DE’s, but that allows the moving of Carrico and/or Springmann to OL.

  11. YES!! Finally, we have a defense that will be worth watching at South Bend. I can’t wait to see Kelly/Diaco develop these guys into champions! Nix, Lynch, Williams, Tuitt, Shembo with the “Man”ti…what a front!!

  12. I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, the talent of this class, or the fact that Brian Kelly and his staff are able to attract this kinda talent.

    Great times around the corner? fingers crossed, this really could be the start of a new chapter in ND footballing history 🙂

  13. This is awesome if we can land Carlisle tomorrow this could roll out a great class. Id love to see Carlisle on this team (although I will be cheering him on no matter where he lands even, I really hate to curse but, USC. he seems like an awesome all around kid, plus Cam Mcdaniel needs some competition Cam is probably the most UNDER RATED in this over all recruiting class. Have you seen this guy, he is ridiculous? He is atleast a top 250 maybe 100. He may be the next (yet faster), dare I say Toby Gerhart.

    1. Bc I live in east Texas and keep up with the high school footbal in the whole state. Cam is a beast. He is the sleeper of this class. For him to play in 5A in the metroplex area and be so dominate is just proof that this kid is the real deal. I wish we could recruit Texas more as well as Louisianna. TONS of talent.

      1. You know what they say about Texas high school football.3 star recruits in Texas picked up and put in any other state on any other team would look like atleast a solid 4 star haha. He is extremely explosive. I’m excited to see him next year, I think he will get some time when he learns the O.

  14. Glad he’s aboard. I hope he takes a straighter route to the QB than he did to the dotted line.

  15. HOLY CRAP!!! This is big. Now if Tuitt cancels his trip to Georgia Tech or if they don’t compare to the Irish and he stays on board than we are moving in the right direction. I’m not going to start saying CHAMPIONSHIPS like some do but I will say we are getting the right pieces to get there. GO IRISH!!!

  16. wow! 2011 is gonna be awesome. i think 2012 we will be in the bcs national championship game. this is so scary that this reminds me so much of lou holtz era. we had a program changer when we beat utah just like holtz did in 86 with usc game. than 2 years later national champs just like we will be

  17. Pretty impressed with B. Kelly, if this becomes and elite defense there’s a chance we can start competing with SEC teams and if you can compete with the SEC you can win National Championship

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