Update: Ishaq Williams Commits to Notre Dame

ishaq williams visit
Ishaq Williams was going to visit PSU this weekend, but has committed to Notre Dame instead. (Photo - Icon SMI)

UPDATE: Williams will not be visiting Penn State as previously reported and has committed to Notre Dame. Per the NY Post’s Zach Brazille’s Twitter feed, “Williams had set up an official visit to Penn State, but woke up Friday morning and decided he didn’t need to make the trip.”

Absolutely huge pick up for Notre Dame. More later.

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  1. Diaco is drooling over the possibilities rite now. Let’s not forget prince shembo is becoming a stud lb also. Lynch, tuitt, teo, ishaq, shembo, the future is looking up. The best thing about this is the usc recruit wittek complaining about this d making him look bad in the army game. Man I am loving it.

  2. Awesome news with Lynch!

    Diaco is going to have fun with this incoming defensive group

    Look out, here come the Irish

  3. Kelly proved the one area I was scared he have trouble, recruiting. Looks like he is getting speed on the edge can’t wait till spring ball and the Blue Gold game.

  4. Lynch just committed! One of the names that hasn’t been mentioned much is Ben Councell OLB from North Carolina who committed back in June (I think). He is a beast as well. On defense – Lynch, Tuitt,Rabasa, Carrico, Josh Atkinson, Councell, Williams, Farley, Grace, Hardy, Okotcha. What a an incredible future defense is in store. Savon would be icing on the cake, but we have a great freshman redshirt in Cam Roberson and McDaniel from Texas looks like a great back as well. With Flyod back for another season to set the performance bar for the new receivers (Daniels and George Atkinson) we are on the road back to greatness. Now, let’s all hope they sign in a few weeks and that we can hold our coaching staff from poachers as well.

  5. I still am a big Lynch Fan… he is the one I want. If Lynch Commits then I will Love the IShaq pick up…. I want Lynch….

  6. GREAT!!!! However , i will await until after signing day to see just how many have ‘late’ decisions. I am worried about all three of these young kids. Tutt, Williams and Lynch. Hope I feel GREAT on Fed 3 AM.

  7. Williams is a huge addition. I see our weekend ending with Carlisle and Lynch committing. It is an amazing class he has assembled. Kelly is building something real special. The more I read on Michael Floyd the more I love this kid. He will go down as one of the all timers. It amazes me that he was projected as a 3rd rounder. This kid is a star in the making with a great work ethic.

  8. The article over on NBC Sports Inside the Irish says Diaco was at Williams house at 4:30 this morning and that Ishaq’s Dad said Diaco’s excitement and statement that ND would be playing for a National Championship soon made Ishaq want to be part of it. Ishaq’s a great great get. Diaco is somebody we have to hold on to.

    I haven’t felt this good in an offseason in a long time. For once it’s easy being green. Go IRISH!

  9. My hope is now that Ishaq has made his choice to ND, this will pull Tuitt back in and wake Lynch up to the big picture. I think alot of this waivering and indecision had to do with wondering what the “other guy” was going to do.

    One concern I have is Lynch will be turned off by the 2 feet of snow in South Bend from his visit this weekend.

  10. COME HERE SAVON AND AARON…this commitment and floyds return must persuade those two to come. Savon set his announcement date to Jan 28, and announced that hours after floyd decided to return….LETS GO

  11. I hope this coaching staff can actually DO SOMETHING with the talent we now have. That will be the difference maker, getting these recruits to realize their potential. As we all know the CW era saw us get a ton of talent and i believe our seniors now should have been a part of the best recruiting classes in the country at their time of signing and we dont have a whole lot to show for it. I have faith in BK and time will tell. Go IRISH!!

    1. Well said, I’m tired of reading about recruiting rankings. Let’s see the W’s.

      Recruit rankings from 3 years ago:
      Auburn #20
      Oregon #19
      Stanford #50
      TCU not even listed but they were the 6th best in the Mountain West!
      Wisconsin #41

      Meanwhile ND was #2

      Coach em up BK!

  12. Any word on Troy Niklas? I know he was down to ND, Stanford and USC. I am hoping with Jim Harbaugh leaving Stanford, and USC on probation, that this puts ND over the top. Only problem I see is that he is from California. This kid plays TE, OL and DL. He is being recruited for all 3 positions.

  13. Huge pickup! Huge! Huge! I am impressed

    We will find out this weekend if

    Aaron Lynch – Saturday
    and Amir Carlisle – Sunday

      1. If you were born in ’82, then the classes to compare this to are the ’89/’90 classes – Burris, BYoung, Covington, Flanigan, Ratigan, Gibson, Bercich, Dubose, etc.

        And that’s 21 years ago.

      2. I remember Young and Demetrious Dubose. It’s nice to be able to compare that kind of talent.

  14. Zach Brazille‚Äôs???He’s made a few jump the gun moves in his time. The Post still backs him but no other news outlets have confirmed anything…With that, Shaq…The ND nation will love you no matter what…Bring your game to SB…You can’t imagine what in store for you there!!!

  15. Holy crap!!!! This is huge! I know they had suspected this on Rivals.com a while back, but regardless, this is huge, especially after all the committing/decommitting turmoil amongst the kids this year!

    Welcome Ishaq! You’re going to have four years of a top quality education, AND top quality football experience. We are ND!!!

  16. Stability of the coaching situation…That’s gotta favor the Irish. Jo Pa is gone soon enough, the assistant coaches keep interviewing for head coaching jobs. Come On Ishaq, come and be apart of something special.

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