Notre Dame Loses Greenberry on Signing Day

Notre Dame fans have become accustomed to not receiving a lot of good news on Signing Days over the years save for a few surprises here and there, but on National Signing Day Irish fans were hit with one of the most shocking and disappointing pieces of news they’ve ever received on Signing Day when long time commitment and star wide receiver Deontay Greenberry shockingly shunned Notre Dame for Houston.

Greenberry, the cousin of early enrollee Tee Shepard and the jewel of this year’s wide receiver class for the Irish, stunned the recruiting world on Wednesday when he picked of all places Houston to pursue his collegiate career.  Greenberry had made visits to some high profile universities over the last few months, but most felt his commitment was secure and certainly no one considered Houston a serious player for his services.

Notre Dame still signed three potential wide receivers on Wednesday in Chris Brown, Justin Ferguson, and Keivarae Russell are all likely to start their careers at wide receiver, but none of them bring the instant impact ability that Greenberry brought to the table for the Irish making his last minute switch even more shocking.  Many projected the high profile recruit to challenge for a starting position from day one.

This ranks right up there with the Lorenzo Booker and CJ Leak signing day dramas.  In all honesty, this one may even top the Booker and Leak situations because in neither of those cases was the recruit committed to Notre Dame.  In the case of Grennberry, he had been committed to Notre Dame for months and months and the Irish were able to withstand recruiting charges from the likes of USC and UCLA for his services.

In the lone bit of potential good news for Notre Dame, another wide receiver recruit could land in Notre Dame’s lap after Ohio State dropped Davonte Neal as they filled up on scholarships.  Should Notre Dame be Neal’s final destination, the Irish will have done about as well as they could have hoped for in replacing a recruit who decided to change his commitment on Signing Day but right now a signed letter of intent from Neal is far from certain for the Irish with Neal likely to take a few more official visits before deciding.

Other than the Greenberry news, there were no other shockers for the Irish as Notre Dame was unable to swing Brian Poole from Florida or secure a commitment from any of the other remaining prospects they held out slim hope for such as Nelson Agholor who ended up at rival USC.

In all, Notre Dame signed just 16 recruits in this years class and ended up missing out at several key positions after it looked like the Irish would run out of scholarships earlier this month.

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  1. Too bad. It happens all the time and now that ND are at or near the top you would think it wouldn’t happen but it does. Let’s hope they have enough backups.
    Their freshman class becomes more important. They better be good. Some will have to probably move into the starting lineup. Go Irish!

    1. Ty is a stud!! I’ve seen him play a couple of times. He got out scored by Westercamp in the championship, but still put up ridiculous numbers.

  2. Hey JC,
    I want to let you know that you had a great observation a while back about ND. After losing 8 and being so young, I figured ND was just in a transitional year. Brey is a very good coach and I would never say differntly, but now maybe I will have to use the term great coach. He has turned the corner with this squad and it looks like they will be bringing momentum into March. Now I am very interested in seeing that matchup between the Cuse and ND, the loss of Melo apparently had nothing to do with the win. As you said, just inspiration. Go ND. Final Four ND.

  3. JTRAIN,

    Yes, I’m thinking the same way. There are wholes in the story. Then again, none of us really knows what happened. All we can do is hope and pray that the young man is truly committed.

    What we need to do is move on. He’s at ND. Let’s hope he’s worth the hassle and the wait.

    Go Irish!

    1. I read that too. Seems he picked ND last week and before that it was between ND and Arkansas. Apparently the AZ beat writers wanted to keep local interest up by making it seem DN was interested in the home state school. Same article said the supposed family drama that kept DN from the early presser was not about the school he picked. Instead, it was supposedly about which of the family would accompany him to the presser. That type of thing is a pretty common rift among divorced families.

      The fact that DN went around to each class and apologized shows a lot of character. I’m damn pleased to have him in the blue and gold.

  4. the more i read about this the more i am starting to think this whole last minute dad wanting nd pleading with his son to change his mind was fabricated by an arizona beat writer to salvage credibility in his sources. The sources that told him neal was going to zona. Just to make sure that the next time he cites his”sources” people will read. Every article stating that luke neal swayed his son cites the same writer and his “source”…just sayin

  5. Patrick,

    When you can’t make an argument, go for the personal attack. Good job!

    I think you make some valid points about letting things play out. Perhaps this kid is genuinely interested in ND and everyone just got their cables crossed. Let’s hope so.

    BTW: I’ve done my fair share of reading about this kid and his family the last few days. I proffered more facts in one blog post than you have so far. So I’d say that I know more about this case than you do, which probably accounts for you having to resort to personal insults.

    Stay classy, Patrick!

  6. I too have doubts SFR. Hopefully though, this kid will get on campus and immediately start catching some TDs from Golson and he will relaize that ND is the place to be.

  7. Thanks, JTRAIN,

    I don’t recall the last time I’ve been this ambivalent about a top recruit. I just don’t have a good feeling about this one. I can see this kid getting cold feet at the last minute and sitting out a year before playing for Rich Rod at AZ. Hope I’m wrong but something about this case sticks in my craw.

    1. I can see where you’re coming from sfr…but i refer to my post earlier that i really do think he made an emotional choice last week. But him or his dad thought it over and nd became the better choice…just my opinion

    2. He faxed in his letter of intent already – so it’s not a “verbal.”

      You guys need to just relax and be happy. If he would have went to AZ, you guys would be calling for Kelly’s head and asking why he lost to a top recruit to a lowly program like U of A.

      Instead, he signs with ND and “the sky is falling.” Enjoy the fact a playmaker signed with ND. Enjoy the fact, if he stays on offense, he helps make up for the loss of Greenberry.

      1. Patrick,

        Who said anything about a “verbal”? Don’t put words into our mouths. No one is saying the sky is falling

        What has been said, rightly so, is that this kid has left some of us here uneasy. Plus, the stories I’m reading about him elsewhere are not at all settling. For instance, it seems that his father was largely absent from the young man’s life and was a “dead-beat dad.” In which case, if true, it is hardly inspiring confidence if Neal is headed to ND because of his dad and not because he wants to really play for ND.

        If he in fact thought things out and decided that ND was the best all-around choice, which it clearly is, then that’s another story. But if this kid is being forced to come to ND because his erstwhile dad wants him to and he doesn’t, that’s not good. Why? One, Neal may end up transferring. Or, two, he may never live up to his potential because he’s not happy at ND. (BTW: I’ve read that Deion Walker was also pressured by his mom to come to ND. How did that work out with another 5-star WR?) Time will tell.

        For now, let’s be cautiously optimistic.

        Also, Neal doesn’t at all make up for the loss of DG. He’s not the same type of WR. He’s more of a slot receiver like Toma, not an outside guy like Floyd. IF anything, he makes up for the loss of Darby at CB.

        But, then again, there’s really no such things as making up for losing another player. How much better would we all feel if we’d kept Decker, DG, and Darby?!

      2. People insinuated nothing was set in some with his commitment. Actually, it was when he faxed his LOI in.

        I’ll put whatever words I want into anyone’s mouth, as a good number of the posters on here need to put their big girl panties on and get off te Monday morning QB chair.

        Bottom line is, you know less about this kid than a man on the moon. You also know less about his role at ND in the next 3-4 years than a psychic.

        Breathe. Let the kid play football. The sun will rise tomorrow.

  8. On the one hand, I’m happy we got a gifted prospect. On the other, I hope Neal doesn’t become the next Shaq Evans.

    If he wanted to go to AZ, then that’s what he should’ve done. I hope somewhere inside this kid realizes what a privilege it is to go to, play for, and eventually graduate from Our Lady’s university.

    Go Irish!

    1. SFR,

      You would think that with the amount of time he took, he should have a clear understanding of what’s expected of a ND student Athlete.

      As you and I both know, ND student athletes are held to a higher standard than most others on and off the field.

      I’m pretty sure there will be some “friction” in the locker room. (At least early on)

      The expectations by the program, the Alums, and fan base can have an effect on young players as well.

      Now throw in the love/hate relationship that the media has with ND and the young man certainly has a lot to deal with.

      Of course, it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with exceptional play on his part.

      Let’s hope he uses it as motivation, and works his butt off to prove himself!

      1. Watch out, Shaz, you might be accused by some here of not having “your big girl panties” on. Whatever that supposed clever turn of phrase means! After all, the sign of a keen intellect is how well you resort to name-calling. The approach of the play-ground bully I guess is alive and well in the minds of some people.

        Shaz, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. There’s a lot asked of ND athletes and football players in particular. Neal has certainly not gotten off to an auspicious start. But like you say, that’s nothing a game-winning 100 yd. return for a TD against Michigan, USC, or Oklahoma won’t fix!

        Let’s just hope that everyone puts this behind them the sooner the better.

        Go Irish!

      2. Big girl panties on ???

        Now there’s a thought that takes me back!

        The last time that happened I was 18,and those big girl panties belonged to Back Alley Sally.

        There was way too much Tequilla involved, I woke up the next moring with them on my head, and ended up with a hang-over that lasted a week.

        I had almost forgot about that.

        As Bob Hope used to say “Thanks for the Memory’s”

  9. I don’t understand why he didn’t call the school this morning to tell the administrators that he was no longer holding his press conference. You don’t just pull a “no show.” Common courtesy. He knew damn right well that he wasn’t making his decision. He should have cancelled the shindig.

  10. My two cents here…apparently this decision was made last week and he was going to announce it today. I am thinking that he chose az because of his cousin’s passing and thought he should stay close to home. Now that the initial shock of the loss has passed maybe he started to second guess the emotional decision he made. He is a teenager afterall. They tend to do that. He may still end up at az but hey, he isn’t deciding what he is having for breakfast here. This is easily the biggest decision he has made in his young life. Yes the press conference was probably a little over the top but how many in the local media were pulling and tugging at him to make this such a big production?? No media would never do such a thing…would they? Either way i still wish him the best wherever he goes and good luck.

  11. I agree with you Rob. I don’t see him as a WR in our offense if he decides to commit to ND, but who knows. I just hope if he does decide to head to South Bend that he really wants to be there…. and it isn’t his father pressuring him. If he doesn’t want to be at ND then he is doing himself a disservice and immediately comes a transfer threat throughout his collegiate career.

  12. Geoff,

    At this point, who cares. I’m not sure this kid is a ND type of character recruit.

    He would certainly help at CB. Would makeup for losing Darby. (How nice would it have been to have both, assuming they were RBKG?) I see him as a CB and return ace. We have too many WRs with his skill set and measurables. What we needed at WR was DG and he jilted us!

  13. Wow, Neal stands up his elementary school and does not show up to make his announcement. Is this good for the Irish? I would think so but I hope this clown makes his decision soon. He has been the center of attention in the recruiting world now for way too long.

    1. I work as in admin for an elementary school. If one of my former students asked me to hold a press conference, I would certainly say yes. But if he/she pulled the shit that Neal pulled today, I would ban him/her for life. How selfish and what little disregard this guy has for the time the students and teachers sacrificed for him today. At least show up,apologize for not being ready and explain to the kids why making the right choices are important in life.

      PLEASE stay out of South Bend Mr. Neal!

      1. Just read an article stating the reason he didnt show up was a family emergency……….hope everything is ok. After the loss the family just experienced would be terrible if something else tragic happens

      2. I hope everything is OK with his family as well. Still, I don’t know what possibly could have happened that didn’t allow him 90 seconds to call the school and cancel. I’m not trying to sound cold here… my heart goes out to the kid and his family if they experienced a tragedy this morning. However, you still need to be responsible for your actions. People can say he is a kid, but lets face it. This is an 18 year old who should be able to pick up a phone and cancel a commitment. That is the right thing to do and the right way to handle yourself.

  14. So….
    I read in the D Free Press that Michigan got 5 verbals on the weekend. That brings their total to 8 for 2012.
    Last year they ran up 24 right out of the gate and kept 23 of them by signing day while we held our breath.
    Why is it that cold climate Michigan (the most overrated school in the US of A) and Hokey Pokey who has never been in the limelight for anything, out-recruit the touted Mr. Kelly??
    Does anybody have an opinion?

    1. I would say the jury is still out on whether he “out-recruited” us yet. None of his players have really stepped on the field yet. Recruiting is about numbers as well and during the Rich Rod era they lost a ton of kids to transfers so there numbers were down. They had more scholly’s then we do to offer.

    2. Sharkey,

      Not sure if you have heard the term “Grey Shirt” in college recruiting.

      It’s very popular with the slimeball coaches of D-1 schools like Les Miles and Nick Saban.

      Those guys are alowed to “Over Recruit”, or, sign as many as they wish on National Signing Day, then decide on who they actually want to give an available scholarship to at a later date.

      The 17 or 18 year old who was offered a scholarship before signiing day, only to have it taken away and given to someone else, can ether ask for their release and try for a scholarship with a different school, or they can stay with their backstabber coach and “Grey Shirt”.

      If they Grey Shirt they can workout with the team but must pay their own way.(see Elliot Porter)and sit out a year.

      Many of your bigger douche bag coaches(like Miles and Saban) will take this approch just to keep recruites away from competing schools.

      A Notre Dame education and a scholarship for such, is highly regarded and highly valued.

      None are given out on a whim.
      When ND gives it’s word (scholarship offer) it stands behind it.

      It’s called Integrity…

      Something else that is highly regarded and highly valued at The University of Notre Dame.

    3. I’ll agree… While the numbers of commits don’t really matter due to NSD being a whole year away. I will say that Hoke did a fantastic job at keeping his “verbals” solid throughout last year. Will he be able to keep them all again this year? We all know these kids can flip seemingly without notice.

      That being said. I would really like to see Kelly start getting some verbals. If for no other reason than to give me something to read till the blue & gold game. Lol

  15. I hope a special teams goal this year will be achieving more than 4 total yards in the season ON PUNT RETURNS. How about a runback for a TD. I wait with some increased anticipation how the coaching changes affect both sides of the ball this year.

    To the Irish Brotherhood of Bloggers

  16. if, as a head coach, you knew that your team was only going to muster a +4 yards for the season in punt returns, why don’t you just rush all 11 on defense and try to block it, or at least force a shank for that matter.

    To see Goodman fair catch at his own 10 yard line time after time was complete “surender”.

    What kind of message does that send to your team?
    “We are playing not to lose” Really?

    Hell, you could have at least put Eifert back there. He has good hands and at 235 lbs. it would have at least posed a challange for the 185 lb gunner streaking down the sidline trying to cover or make the tackle!

  17. Delta,

    Good one!

    If BK had the kind of O that could score from anywhere on the field and do so consistently, then who cares if you don’t return punts. Call for a fair catch every time if you can put up 50+ points per game on O.

    Of course, ND doesn’t have that kind of O. BK should know that by now. As someone here said above, we need to play for field position and not returning punts has killed us.

  18. does kelly recruit?

    2014 LB Impressed By ND Visit .
    Thursday, 16 February 2012 17:00 Christian McCollum .
    Greer Martini and his father, Dr. Doug Martini, had high expectations for the 2014 linebacker’s unofficial visit to Notre Dame on Thursday.

    Those expectations were met.

    “It went great,” Dr. Martini said. “It’s a real serious place. They’re very serious about athletics and very serious about academics. We were very impressed.

    “I think it’s a great program. It’s what I had hoped for.”

    Martini, who attends the same Woodberry Forest School in Woodberry Forest Va., as 2012 Notre Dame safety signee C.J. Prosise, was struck by Notre Dame’s commitment to excellence.

    “They told me you don’t come to Notre Dame to just be alright, you come to Notre Dame to be excellent,” he said. “I want to be excellent.”

    Martini had the chance to meet with his area recruiter, Scott Booker, Irish recruiting coordinator Tony Alford and linebackers coach Bob Diaco.

    “Everything went well,” Martini said of his visit. “I really liked how the coaches were all upfront with me and told me exactly what they wanted.

    “I just really like all of the coaches there and the messages they tried to bring about. You’re a real student-athlete at Notre Dame and there are no exceptions for athletes with academics.”

    Martini already liked Booker from his previous dealings with the Irish assistant, but this was his first time meeting with Diaco.

    “I like Coach Diaco a lot,” he said. “He sat down with us and told us exactly what he wants in an inside linebacker. He wants a big, 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 inside linebacker who can come down and fill the hole. He was really upfront with us and I really liked it.”

    Already 6-3 and 215 pounds, Martini, who earned All-Prep, All-Central Virginia and All-State honors playing as a sophomore, would seem to be a great fit.

    Martini was also impressed with Notre Dame’s campus.

    “I was mesmerized by the campus,” he said. “It’s a beautiful campus. The Golden Dome and everything was just amazing.”

    Before returning home, Martini and his father will stop in Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit to Michigan on Friday. “I’m really looking forward to that,” said Martini.

    Martini already has plans to return to South Bend this summer for an Irish one-day camp.

    “I’m definitely going to do it,” he said. “Coach Booker just has to send us the date.”

  19. Looking for some interesting reading about the game of football?

    Check out Pulaski High School head football coach Kevin “No Punt” Kelley.

    1. Saw a documentary about him and his team. They never punt and go for it every 4th down. They only onside kick and don’t even try to return punts. He has won I believe 2 state championships. It really is amazing to watch.

  20. I was at the mens basketball game last night and we whipped Rutgers pretty good. Mike Brey has turned around this team after losing Abro for the year. We are in 2nd place in the Big East. We should win our remaining games due to having a favorable schedule. It’s amazing how good of a coach Brey is. Sad part about last night was the ND fans. There were several empty seats, very few students. This is a great team with little support. I am just voicing my issues with the ND fan base… Mostly old, cranky, and unsupportive.

    1. Amen Bleed,

      Mike Brey is working miracles with this young team. AP Ranked #23 now and 7 wins in a row; impressive.

      By the way, In the above heated basketball debate. I mentioned in one of my posts that you and Chris have been posting on this site longer than me and most.

      If I affended you and Chris by refering to you guys as long time posters here, my apologies to both of you.

  21. Davonte Neal is set to announce on Tuesday, February 21st from his Elementary school. His choices are down to ND, Arizona, Arkansas, and UNC. Neal’s father has said ND is the dark horse out of his choices. I dont really understand what that means but at least we still have a chance. Neal could play CB or WR. I hope he is Irish soon.

  22. After looking at the schedule and everything esle that is going on, coaching changes, QB etc, I wouldnt be surprised if we went 7-5 or 8-4 this year.

  23. Recently I watched Kelly’s press conference on the coaching staff. I got the impression by his comments that his staff was not on the same page last year, especially on offense. He talked a lot about a “Shared Vision” between the staff. He talked of the close relationship between Diaco, Elliott, and Cooks on defense. He also gave the impression that Alford is not going anywhere and he thinks he is going to be a huge asset as the recruiting coordinator.

    I’ve said this in other posts, but I think these staff changes are going to be more significant than we think. With Kelly and Martin running the offense, we will see a faster tempo offense. Kelly even came out and said that the reason we are not seeing the tempo that they played at Cincy was a lack of depth, especially at WR. He seems to be very comfortable with the depth he has now and I got the impression we are going to start to see the high-octane offense that Kelly is known for.

    All of this makes me think that maybe Molnar might have been more comfortable with Rees and Kelly just covered for him. I don’t know if it was true, but a friend close to the program said that Kelly wanted Martin as a coordinator all along, but ND didn’t want to pay him as a coordinator because he did not have D1 experience. Also, all I’ve been reading about Martin is that he wants a mobile QB to run his type of offense. It is clear that Kelly trusts Martin and Kelly said he is the type of coach that will “push back”, which Kelly likes.

    I also like what I’m hearing about this Elliott guy. He has a ton of experience and Diaco, Cooks, and Alford have all played under him. He spoke of coming to ND as an opposing coach and how intense the visiting team gets to play at ND. He said all he has been talking about since he’s been here with the players is how they are going to have to raise their intensity level as well.

    I’m really interested in seeing how this plays out in the spring.

    1. @ scav . . . good stuff- positive but not pollyannish . . . I agree w/ what you said.

      I hope your comments/ predictions are realized. Not to brow beat Tommy Rees, but that piece just doesn’t seem to fit BK’s offense. Be patient, Irish faithful- a tough schedule next year, a new QB, and new CBs will result in some losses. Let’s evaluate based less on record than on steady improvement.

  24. Appears coach alford will be staying on board even if he is offered by GB. the players seem to like him and kelly obviously sees something in light of giving him recruiting coordinator

  25. This is the only site that is run for free and allows us to talk about Irish football. God knows most of our families are sick of hearing it.

    1. Haha very true jack

      I live in ohio so you can guess who i am surrounded by….

      I have been visiting this site for years. only recently have i joined in the comments

    2. I live in PA so you know what I have to deal with, knuckle head Penn State fans. They are just as bad as the two states you mentioned, but very quiet lately about their clean program.


    If you click-on “about us” on the upper right top of this page under the Standford helment. You will learn Kyle and Frank run this site on a part-time basis as a labor of love. I would rethink being critical on second to second coverage for a part-time site. Kyle and Frank have given us outstanding coverage for a part-time endeavor. Food for thought only.

    1. Yep, very valid point there, JC. I’m glad for this site. I’m not on here as much as I am gone during the week, but, always get on it when I get home.

      To the Irish Brotherhood of Bloggers, LONG LIVE NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL.

      God loves you all, now,


    2. Exactly

      I visit this site because i consider it a kind of headquarters. Not looking for up to the minute updates. A google search of notre dame football will provide you with anything “breaking news”…

      God, Country, Notre Dame

    3. My bad guys. I never bothered to read how this site was run. Yes they do give us fans a platform to talk or vent. Thanks to them for that.

      GO IRISH!!!!

  27. JC

    We obviously don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. We are both very steadfast in our point of view as well. One thing we do agree on though is our love and pasion for this football program. For me that is enough to extend an apology for perhaps getting too personal with you and offer a commitment to try to stick to the topic at hand and not make it about you personally

  28. This site is many different things to many different people.(As it should be)

    For many, it is a water cooler, a place to gather to share thoughts and idea’s, successes and failures, a place to contimplate the past, present, and future. A place to correspond with old friends, and make new ones.
    Or even spar with adversaries.

    For some, like trolls from other teams, it is a place to gloat, incite anger, and stir up trouble.

    Others look here to get nothing more than the pulse of the fsn base.

    And some use it a personal forum to tell jokes or stories, vent frustrations, or launch their own agenda’s or attempt to impose their own ideologies.

    Whatever it is to you, there is one thing that is common with all, and that is that it is a public venue.

    And being a public venue, there are certian attributes, constraints, and reprisals, adherent to it.

    Choose wisely.

  29. The curious thing about all this is that JC knows his stuff! When he sits down to blog about ND football and that alone you can tell he’s a true diehard and quite knowledgeable.

    I agree with JC that too often many here don’t want to hear critical comments. To be critical is not to betray ND. On the contrary, it’s because JC and others here love ND football that they’re critical and want only the best and are tired of the mediocrity.

    Having said that, and I, too, have to apologize for past indiscretions on this account, we need to try to tone down the personal invectives. None of this is personal. Like JDH says, at the end of the day, it’s just a game we’re giving our OPINIONS about.

    A little bit of sarcasm and ribald humor is OK once in a while, but ad hominem attacks should be eliminated for the sake of civility. But then again, none of us here have the right to limit another person’s freedom of expression. So we’ll have to leave it at that and trust on our Christian character and good graces.

    1. I agree SFR. And I have also told JC that he does INDEED provide alot of intelligent, relavant commentary. But it’s the virtual finger pointing and attacks that are pathetic and not needed. Joking around and using some sarcasm etc. is one thing.

      JC has the right to express himself how he wants. And the rest of us have the right to call him on it if we think he’s being a prick.

      JC, we are all flawed. I think everyone would just appreciate you toning down the attacks. And then we’ll move on.

    2. Steelfan and JDH,

      I have been known to spar with JC on a number of occasions, but at the end of the day we are all die hard Irish fans. So we disagree with the way the program is run and we argue on this site. I look at it this way, if we were sitting in a bar and having this arguement it could get heated, but don’t let a USuCk fan enter the conversation or they may be problems. I enjoy different perspectives and points of view and I may not agree with you I know that if you are on this site you are a die hard fan. Now if you are AngryEagle, different story.

    3. Well spoken, well, I mean, well written SFR. I think legitimate acknowledgement and criqtue does keep balance on a blog like this. Go Irishhhhhhhhhhh.

  30. Attention posters…

    If you don’t agree 100% with the BK Fan Boy’s Club here, you get the acrimonious debate society preaching blue skys all the way regardless of your opinion or factual information! Why your not allowed to disagree! Just step in line to the blind drum beat of the BK club.

    By the way, Chris getting hammered for being negative factually and not a regular? Well sorry to break it to ya, I’ve been on here since 2005 and Chris was here before me. Ask BleedND82 he’s probably been here longer. So most of you newbies claiming our site? Ya sure, it is designed for all to participate. Don’t like an opposing position then go to fantasyland and get all the yes, yes, rah rah recruits you can find. In the meantime live with it!


    1. I’m sure Chris, BleedND82, or anyone else for that matter can speak for themselves.

      And would probably prefer it that way.

      1. Well, both those guys are WORTH an apology if they feel I have stepped on there toes by refering to them.

      2. JC,
        Can you tell how others on this site are really tiring of your “Attack at all costs” modus operandi? When anyone even approaches disagreement with your kneejerk and petulant reaction is to attack personally. As I’ve said before, it speaks volumes.

        Perhaps perspective might help. You could tell yourself how, at the end of the day, this is just sports we’re talking about. And getting personal is just pathetic.

        Unless your initials stand for a certain Lord and Saviour, you are quite FALLIBLE.

        Keep telling yourself that and maybe you might start learning from others.

      3. No problem guys I’ll be happy to tone it down as long as everyone on here tones it down! Peace be with you.

  31. Attention posters…

    If you don’t agree with our friend jc, you must be a caveman. All hail the all knowing lord of negativity. Fire the whole football program. All of them. Two seasons and they haven’t won a championship? Totally unacceptable! You’re right jc…does that make you feel better honey?

  32. Devonte Neal ahs cut Oklahoma and Ohio State from his list of schools. He will pick from ND, Arizona, NC, and Arkansas. This would be huge seeing as though we could use some more speed at WR. GO ND!

    1. B-dub,

      Thanks for the update on Neal.

      Not sure why he didn’t decide on signing day like most everyone else.

      I know he is a good recruit, but I wouldn’t consider him one of those “Super” recruits who is just looking for media attenion.

      If you know the reason feel free to share.

      Rest assured, I will not stab you in the back or try to throw you under the bus over it.

      1. Shaz

        I read that he wanted a quiet period where no schools were to contact him. He just wanted him and his family to make the decision without all the chaos

      2. I believe that was the reason, wanted to make the right choice with the right fit. We could defenitly use the speed, he is projected either receiver or cornerback.

      3. Sounds like very smart, level headed people, or as Brian Kelly would say “The right kind of Guy”

        I would venture a guess that they put a great deal of value on education.

        In that respect you can’t do much better than ND.

        Lets hope that holds true.

        Any word on when he will make his decision?

  33. Well, well, well, for the record, ND’s B-Ball team recently beat #15 Marq at home & #19 UConn on their floor for the 1st time in Brey’s tenure. But, “I would’nt read anything into it!” Thats 4 ranked teams to date! But, the polls are bogus. Yeah, half way through the season ND is third in the Big East! But, the Big East is bogus too! Right? WOW, these young guys might make it to the big dance! But, “I would’nt read anything into it.”

    Bj your right, the football team needs the soul of Mike Brey. But, again, “I would’nt read anything into it!”


      1. Hey JC, I hope you are right that they have turned the season around and have a late run into the championship. I am with you on that for sure. But only three of the teams that they have beaten are ranked. SU, LOU, and MARQ. Hopefully they get in, they have an pretty easy schedule from here out. And I hope you can prove me wrong that they will beat all the teams I previously listed. I still think that is a long shot. But Go ND.

      2. Why would beating all the teams you previously listed matter to anyone but yourself? B-dub’s law?

        The only long shot is that they might make it into the NCAA tournament vs hoping to get into NIT as projected by Mike Brey.

        This is a young team that wasn’t expected to be in any tournament. So why not add all the NBA teams to beat on your lofty litmus list?

        It would be nice if you would have the same lofty litmus list for the football team! However, defending mediocre football all the time dogmatically is your forte.

        It’s pretty obvious, you did’nt like my previous comments about “BK should buy Brey lunch” and learn how to beat elite teams. I suggest you get over it.

      3. Here we go again, a simple statement to say that I hope ND gets into the tourney has JC freakin out again.
        Listen JC take a chill dude, your anger for any comment made is not necessary. You get an increased heart rate over me saying that I hope ND can win in the tourney is silly.
        And obviously your statement was a lead in to solicit a comment. And again my optomistic nature shines through and upsets your overly negative projected image. It is laughable.
        You can tell a mans heart by the words that he chooses, I will always choose the higher my friend. GO ND!

      4. Go bird dog some else if you don’t like my responses, you will get a response but just not what your looking for.

        Interesting, you did’nt address your last 3 sentence lead in? Yeah, imagine that?Nice crafty selection of words to crywolf.

        No worries, no anger, I won’t be offended if you super glue your lips to someone elses posts permanently in the future. Hopefully in the next 5 seconds! Or do I need to get out crayons and draw pictures for you?


  34. Not being a fan of the two teams in the Super Bowl, I did enjoy watching Justin Tuck.

    He Helped force a saftey on the first defensive play, had a sack, and played pretty well agianst the run.

    Not too bad for a “Under the Radar” high school recruit who red shirted his freshmen year because he was considered too under sized to start at his natural linebacker spot.

    If ND hadn’t had a dire need for a pass rushing Defensive end, and converted him from linebacker, not sure he would be where he is today.

    1. Tuck was a monster. Actually the defensive front was quite impressive yesterday but I enjoyed seeing Tuck work it.

      Shows you, in part, that all the stars and such don’t translate into anything without a lot of hard work, coaching, discipline and luck.

      One more note: these recruiting “experts” are selling a business proposition: rating high school kids based on potential. In many cases it works. In many cases it fails. Greenberry may be the next Manningham; he may be the next . . . University of Houston benchwarmer. It’s too early to tell.

  35. I tried to look it up and bing it as well and they have some “candlelight dinner” on april 21–third sat. of april –whtether that will go hand in hand with the blue gold game –idk?? tried to help those who inquired but could not—-did the best i could—go irish

  36. umm that’s Universities—my three year old twins were pulling at me -LOL got to go sorry for the bad spelling—LOL –7 kids will do a lot to you !

  37. Blue and Gold Game and all Universitities who have this type of thing have it the last weekend of April depending on when Easter is. ( This year Resurrection Sunday is April 8th) Check out the official site for sure –my guess is April 28th-last Saturday of April. It could be interesting this year.

  38. OK Storespook,

    I know your reading this artful concoction of an off-season discussion. Please, inspire me with your thoughtful comments and good humor on eliminating our number one problem for 2012…..TURNOVERS. Due I see a new super glue on the horizon? Where did that ball go??

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The special teams/punt return team playbook calls for superglue to be applied in a very liberal manner to the hands and forward looking infrared goggles to see clearly to make a return of more than 3 yards. Yeah, I’ve been reading the posts, JC. Could have been a better recruiting class on paper maybe.Let’s be honest, could have been A LOT WORSE too. let’s look at that first game on the schedule and not have a season starting game like last year’s USF game. I’m not going to make a W-L prediction. I have a feeling either this team will achieve over its “head,” or complete a season that will be described by many ND fans as “a 2012 disaster.”

      Gooooooo Irissshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      1. Amen Storespook,

        Too early to predict W-L, definately on the bubble per say. Talent is not the problem, turnovers are.

        This team automatically wins more games if it can learn to play error free.

        As always and forever……………..GooooooooooooIrish!

  39. It’s a good recruiting class. We have a great QB and a very strong defensive set. I know that another WR would have been nice to replace the departing Floyd, but my gosh we have one of the best recruiting classes in the country. The numbers — 17 — are small but the stars are big. Really. We did well. Kelly and his group should be proud. Kiel is a great QB. Russell is a great RB. There are some excellent defensive players led by Shel Day and Jarron Jones. Really, this is a great c lass.

    Having said that, 8-5 is not a great season. We need ten wins next season to start to feel good about the state of the program. I think it can happen. But it starts with these kids that are going to join in the spring and it continues with the kids that are going to be around in the summer.

    As for Darby and Greenberry leaving, I will say this: one is going to be a number at FSU who will struggle for playing time (and he didn’t really want ND in the first place), the other will probably be fine at Houston, a regular but not an All-American.

    We’re just a couple of good plays from a ten-win season this year and this was a lousy year in which we had no quarterback. We’ll be better next year.

    1. teo,

      I’ll take a proven Robbie Toma over Darby or Greenberry.

      Toma has great hands, knows where his first down marker is, isn’t afraid to take a hit, and plays with a ton of heart.

      Never understood why it took Kelly so long to get the kid on the field.

      He isn’t flashy, he just makes plays!

  40. I won’t bore you with the numbers, especially for those who bashed my post on this issue. I will double down on my prediction, Urban and CW will win big this year. For the record!

    As for BK, I agree with C-Dog’s return to glory the old ND way assessment. Unfortunately, more than likely it will never happen, mediocre is the new 20 year proven standard for all to view and counting.

    Interestingly enough, I was also was bashed for saying we needed Kiel badly on the 1st post covering him. My my my, how the tune has changed.

    As always and forever………………………GooooooooooooooooooooooIrish!

      1. As you will note if you read the article.

        2 five star QB transfers, 1 five star WR transfer and 1 JC WR transfer 6′-4″ 4.4 speed. Along with JC defensive transfers and others.

        Not bad for nobody Kansas. CW can recruit also with anyone in the Big 12. Of course, proof will be on the field this year as with ND.

        Ya ya ya Mr. Nostra-Name Caller.

      2. Please don’t give me stories of recruits. If that really meant something than CW never would have lost at ND based on his recruits he brought in. I’m just asking for you to quantify your prediction of CW winning big this year.

        You claim in your post to be a great prognosticator so I just want to know what you think. I could argue going 6-6 at Kansas is winning big. I just want it on the record.

      3. JC,

        I don’t think pulling in Jake Heaps is that great of a deal. He got benched at BYU and was not going to play again. As for pulling in JC transfers you can’t do that at ND. Finally, he has the same coaching staff he had at ND except he picked Dave Campo as his D-coordinator. That guy just got fired in Dallas because the secondary sucked and he was the coach. Finally, he may have a good record at Kansas because I am sure he will have a couple of sub division opponents to make him look good. CW’s team will get stomped by Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State. Other than that who does Kansas play. Wait I just looked at their schedule. Out of conference games: South Dakota State Jack Rabbits, no there is a stellar program, Rice what a power house and Northern Illinios. If they aren’t 3-0 before big 12 play they suck. Now all they have to do is win 3 games in conference and they are bowl eligible. JC compare schedules and ask if Kansas would get three wins under ND schedule. The only team I have them beating in conference is maybe Iowa State or Baylor.

      4. OK Irish & Jack,

        You left out Analysis/Paralysis on Urban Legend at OSU? Come on guys, picking on Kansas only?? So lets hear it on Urban?

        Yeah, terrible year for Urban! I feel sorry for him already with a top 5 class. How did that happen??

        Hahahahahahahahaha. You guys are a mess.

      5. JC,

        My analysis with Urban. He plays in a weak conference in the Big Ten with no coaches that aren’t that good. He left the SEC because he was falling a step behind LSU and Alabama and wouldn’t been able to win every year. Now lets look at OSU out of conference schedule, Miam of Ohio, UCF, Cal and UAB. Now that is a tough out of conference schedule. Now lets look at conference schedule MSU, Nebraska, PSU, Wisconsin and Michigan. So if you look at the 4 cup cakes he plays they only need to win two conference games to be bowl eligible. That schedule is a lot easier than the one at Florida. I am sure if things don’t go his way he will fake a heart attack like he did at Florida and go back to ESPN. JC say all you want but he wasn’t shit without Tim Tebow and until he beats and SEC team at Ohio State to win a NC, in my eyes he wimped out and left when he realized he didn’t have the talent.

      6. Jack,

        It will be interesting to see who wins a National Title first between Kelly or Meyer??

        Who do you predict?

        By the way Jack, as a former QB you state the QB position is the leadership position! So to complain continuously about Tebow and Urban? The fact is every team that is successful has a QB leader that gets it done. Let’s be honest, you have a hard on for Urban shunning ND which is OK in my book.

      7. JC,

        I am not complaining about Tebow. I have respect for him as a leader and he is the reason they won that NC not Urban. Urban recruited him because Urban can see talent. I will admit I don’t like Urban, but it isn’t totally for shunning ND, although it is a part of my hatred for him. I think he is over rated. I think Urban saw the writing on the wall when Sabon took over at Alabama. He knew he wouldn’t beat Sabon. I also thought he did a horrible job with Brantley. A good coach would have been able to adjust his offense to the talents of his player. As for who wins the NC first, I would say Urban, and not because I think Kelly is a bad ooach. ND’s administration needs to get a clue. There is no reason why they shouldn’t have signed that corner from Minnesota. He needed a Spanish credit. At OSU they are happy their recruits don’t have a criminal record. Urban would have a problem with the administration and realizes that he couldn’t win with the restrictions. I also think that any coach would have a problem with ND’s administration. ND needs to realize that the football program is what sets them apart from other small Catholic Insitutions and they need to give kids a chance that are borderline. I don’t even think Rudy could get in today.

      8. JC
        What are you talking about? Are you really going out on a limb saying that Urban will win big at OSU? OSU would have been a top 10 team this year if Tressel gate didn’t happen. This is not some rebuilding job that he is walking into. OSU has been winning 10+ games a year for the last decade.

        If Urban doesn’t win 10 games this year it would be a huge underachievement!

        Not sure what you are asking for. You are the self proclaimed Jimmy the Greek. Not sure what your hang up is about CW and Urban? Did you state that because you don’t like BK. I haven’t read all of your previous posts to know where you stand with him. But who cares how Kansas and OSU do next year?

      9. Yes sir Jack,

        I agree with you!

        Especially on Urban, the ND dream job was smoke and mirrors to get a raise only. The OSU job pretty much fits Urban as you have described.


        Stop hyperventilating, it’s too fun to yank your chain. No worries, it is boring listening to pete and repete for 20 years on the same recruiting buzz comments from all. So I through in a left handed wrench once in a while for FUN! Darn, now it won’t work on you anymore?

        Yes, I am not fond of BK with his character. As a football coach, school’s still out for me. I am not a RahRah boy, but I love my team and that is not going to change ever.

        So there is always a ying and yang in life!

        Go Irish!

  41. Hey the world needs ditch diggers as well. Greenberry to Houston, so what it is what it is. Certainly not the eduacation or athletic program at ND. His lose for sure. I guess he is not too smart. The opportunity to recieve passes from Gunner may have gotten him to the NFL. Houston, yeah not so sure and then again,the worls need ditch diggers too. Kelly has done a pretty good job recruiting and it will get better with more wins. If he cannot develope the talent he has and no more wins, than party over. but give him a little time.

    Losing recruits to screaming on the sideline – then they do not need to be at ND anyway. As far as the way Greenberry cyber communicated to ND about decommitting, equals no class, no integrity and no respect. Yeah Houston will be a good fit for him. Smell you later Greenberry, we will be just fine without you!

  42. Before we start getting down on ND’s recruiting class and where they are ranked, let’s not forget the great recruiting classes that Weis brought in. His Top 10 classes went 16-21 while he was here and those years included Jimmy Clausen.

    Kelly has gone 16-10 with TOMMY REES!!!! I know there was all the hype leading into the year, but it was premature. Weis left talent, but he also left a lot of areas where getting quality players was not a priority. Over the last 2 years, Kelly has focused on recruiting depth. I know we lost a couple of highly-rated players, but we do not know how well they would have been (I think we all remember Dion Walker).

    I think losing Greenbury is not nearly as important as the addition of Gunner Keil, who did the exact same thing Greenbury did. We had a great receiver the past 2 years and it got us an 8-5 record both years. We need depth at the QB position more than some hot shot receiver. If Golsen or Keil are anywhere close to being to run Kelly’s offense effectively, then we will see the receivers start coming.

    The important thing now is not how this team was ranked, but rather how they are developed. I like what I saw from Kelly and the development of the Freshman last year and I really think this team is getting athletes ND hasn’t seen in some time.

    Let’s quit focusing on the guys we never really had and cheer on the guys that made a commitment and stuck to it. Kelly and the coaching staff will get them ready to play this tough schedule.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head here. While Charlie brought in some highly-ranked classes, he never seemed to have a grasp of the big picture, like what to do when the other guys have the ball or getting the right people in the right position or that games actually last 60 minutes. Kelly seems much more focussed on the nuances of the game, like conditioning and player development (Harrison Smith/Jonas Grey?).

      Kelly’s recruiting seems more driven by need rather than stars. How long has it been since we had somebody who could drive a kickoff through the endzone? Or actually be a threat to return a kickoff every time he touches the ball? And recruiting the best long-snapper in the country even though it brings down the “ranking”. (There are no 5-star long-snappers). Keil may not be the QB in 2012 but I’m betting it won’t be long. Rather than bring in guys of lesser or unknown quality, he knows he can bring back the 5th-year guys and save those scholarships.
      So now, it’s wait for the spring game and see what we’ve got.

  43. i hope gunner hears les miles speach and it makes him want to win that much more. It would make me go to the gym the moment i heard it, just to prove him wrong. Gunner will lead us

  44. “There was a gentleman from Indiana that thought about coming to the Bayou state,”. “He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program”.

    -Les Miles
    Head Coach, LSU.

    A class act if ever there was one.

    1. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. If Brian Kelly was vilified for cursing at his own players, this asshole should be penalized for making comments about a 17 year old kid. What a punk move!

    2. I’m betting that Gunner and his family are feeling vindicated today knowing that they made the right choice in choosing ND.

      Then there is the little matter of “fate”

      You should never underestimate Fate.

      Like, you never know where or when this player and this coach might cross paths agian.

      Wonder if Miles has ever had crow in his Gumbo?

      I sure would like to find out someday.

      1. Exactly so lets stop the bashing of Greenberry. Who cares, so the kid had a change of heart and wants to go to Houston. Who cares? It’s unlikely he winds up a superstar anyhow. These recruiting services don’t know anything. It is the only profession that gets a grade before anything actually happens.

        Here is the harsh reality, the SEC gets all the players these days because all the talent is down south due to demographics. Other schools, ie Oklahoma, Ohio St., Oregon, Notre Dame have to be real wise with their picks and then develop the heck out of the talent. Nobody talks about Boise St. and their recruits yet every year they win at least 10 games. (i get the competition angle, but we’ve all seen them play and beat BCS schools every year).

    3. Les Miles? Class Act?/
      Good coach and a good ole boy and just right for LSU–butg a class act??? and what THE HELL does this have to do with Notre Dame Football????

  45. chris and joe…

    Calling SFR a kool-aid drinker is laughable. The guy is probably the most level headed of us all here. But i wouldn’t expect a couple trolls like yourselves to know anything about that. As for wanting to talk about who is going to stomp ND keep it coming. We’ll let the games get played and we’ll talk afterward.

    As for saying this was the worst recruiting year ever…not even close. Not to mention the young men that kept their commitment to ND don’t deserve that sort of talk. All fine recruits and i for one am excited to see them develop and help turn this ship around. Greenberry and darby hurt but didn’t kill this class. Day, Shepard, Jones, Okwara, Ferguson, Brown,Prosise, Barratti they give me reason to be optimistic. Good players…who knows maybe someday great. Lets try to be a little more positive and show these guys the respect they deserve

    1. JTRAIN,

      Thanks for the encouragement, bro! However, sadly, I’ve been known to lapse once or twice into the kind of silliness that sometimes happens here. I’ve always tried to make amends, however.

      Also, I earn a lot from the regulars here. I just don’t appreciate occasional interlopers coming in and trying to hijack “our” site with uncritical negativity (NOTE: Being uncritically negative is as useless as being uncritically positive!) What we all need is more critical but positive feedback.

      Just my opinion.

  46. Gentleman,

    No one on this board knows what their record will be next year. Everyone is kissing Michigan’s ass this year and they could have easily had a couple of plays go the wrong way and ended up 6-6. College football is unpredictable, period. Steelfan said in an earlier post on another article that we should all reserve our judgement. This comment is for all of the haters and kool aid drinkers, if Kelly isn’t the right coach we will all find out or if he is we will all find out. Just cause FSU killed in recruiting doesn’t mean they will be NC next year. The last time I checked Georgia had a top ten class, yet Boiset State beat the crap out of them. Boise has never had a class ranked higher than 25. I am not getting my hopes up or down, we will see if he can correct the problems and go from there.

    1. Exactly, Boise never has a highly ranked class yet there can be no dispute that they’re been a better and more successful team than ND for a while now. I’ve been an ND fan since the 1980’s — no “bandwagon” here but I’m also a realist and have watched ND stink up the joint for too long. Many of you guys have amnesia when it comes to what happened the previous year and start talking BCS this and 10-2 that when every single time ND has played a top tier opponent they look like a disorganized DIII squad. Oh, and that 13-1 Houston team would have kicked ND’s a$$ last year as well.

      1. Look, Joe, I hear you. I know that you and I want the same thing. Namely, ND kicking you know what again on a regular basis. I, too, have grown tired of ND looking at times like a “DIII squad,” to use your clever turn of phrase.

        However, we need to realize that things are what they are. BK needs to finish out his contract. You may not want to hear that, but unless you know about one of the truly elite college coaches wanting the ND job now, then, it is what it is, Joe.

        It’s true we can’t live in the past or on moral victories. I’ve said that over and over here. But before we bury ND football, and only for the sake of perspective and to play devil’s advocate, let’s recall ND was a combined 2 yards away (!) from taking the early lead on USF and tying USC in the third. 2 combined yards! We were 3 yards away from tying Stanford. And we were 8 seconds away from beating Michigan. ND “could’ve” (hate that phrase!) easily been 10-2, 11-1, or even 12-0, even with TR at QB and BK’s “brain farts”. Let’s also not forget, Joe, that ND was up on FSU 14-0 in spite of TR and then BK and Diaco played not to lose, which is of course what happened!

        That’s cutting things real close between 8-5 and 11-2, 12-1, or even 13-0.

      2. I agree SFR and am not even calling for BK’s ouster since he’s the best we’re going to get right now and I think continuity is best for the program. I’m also not burying ND but there’s a difference between dead and buried and competing for a BCS or NC — ND seems locked in that mediocre middle ground and can’t seem to find the answers. As for ND being “10-2, 11-1 or even 12-0” if the ball (or rather, the fumbled ball) bounced another way, I’ll stick with Bill Parcells on this one — “You are what your record says you are.”

      3. Steel Fan–you are right in your memory. We were second and yards from a lot but we still cannot play a full game andIve said that for the longest time now. A friend from Mich St. said we would lsoe to Michigan with just less than 20 seconds left–and she has been right every time—we have been consistent on that —the “brain farts” as you say–have to stop —so we CAN be 11;1 12-0 and be in record what we supposedly are on paper. AND THAT is a fair and accurate statement of the truth.

    2. Jack;
      In case you didn’t notice EVERYBODY was kissing Michigans ass this year with the “resurrection of Michigan football” and Denard robinson pointing his finger to the sky with knee bent as if he were some type of prophet. Did you ever notice Robinson was out most of the time when they were behind? Did you notice that Michigan had two to three big plays at most in their playbook repeated? You are right they are just a few plays from being 6-6 and Hoke is the next President ( that wouldn’t be bad he sure could do a better job at that than obama but that’s another story–anybody could do better than obama) BTW, ESPN must have some Mich. connection–Sparty has their ass kissed a lot in both fb and the hardwood. Interesting , isn’t it?? Just saying the truth. Hail to the victors? not so much

  47. Chris and Joe,

    If you guys were real regulars on this board you’d both know that I’m one of the most critical ND supporters here. I don’t drink anybody’s Kool-Aid, including that of negative haters. I wasn’t making any kind of prediction. I was just stating what I thought could be realistic (yes, in spite of last year!). My 12-0 observation was clearly facetious. I never said ND was going to crush anyone, although I hope they crush Miami! Perhaps both of you prefer to see ND crushed than being the one that does the crushing. If so, go jump on Bama’s or OSU’s bandwagon. ND isn’t for front-runners!

    Also, keep your political opinions to yourself. No one cares what you think about politics!

    1. Yeah, definitely an off-mark comment about you SFR. I would say your comment is quite accurate and aptly stated regarding your input on this board about both optimal praise and critique of the Irish..

  48. You guys are starting already huh? 10-2 / 12-0….perhaps you should re-watch some of the games from last year. Until they show they can compete with the big boys on a regular basis – leave it alone. in the meantime your predictions sound a lot like Obamas fantasy of hope and change.

    1. ITA — these guys are already dipping into the Kool Aid; imagine if they hasn’t lost Darby and Greenberry, National Champs, right? They’ll be lucky to go 8-4, 7-5 more likely. And yeah, they’re really going to “crush Oklahoma” at Oklahoma. Oklahoma will stomp the s%#@ out of ND — heck their cheerleading squad is probably better than ND…

      1. Their cheerleaders are better only because they are corn feed, graze in the finest pastures, and juiced up on roids!

    2. @ Chris . . . Instead of your tripe about “hopeless and strange”. Keep your politics and your trolling negativity off this board. Beats your fantasy about being relevant and informed!

    3. Obamas change is not a fantasy-its real and its REALLY UnAMERICAN!!!! You may be right -projecting records already is just that projection—two words to counter act ALL projection
      TULSA and NAVY——-

  49. joey d,

    I hope you’re wrong. I hope ND goes 12-0. But 10-2, while optimistic, is doable. I think 9-3 is more realistic. I agree, though, ND should crush Miami. In fact, for me, Miami is the litmus test for the season and for BK’s tenure at ND.

    1. Steel Fan:

      In addition to thei litmus test as you say–we should be able to compete with Oklahoma. I just hope we make it a goal to play an ENTIRE GAME and not poop out. Speaking of poop, maybe BK should take an enema regularly –it may improve his disposition. Thats not being sarcastic but just the truth. The guys at 18 today are babies and need coddled—( God only knows what society will be like later because of the lack of maturity—thats another story) TRUE TEST?? BEAT SC—-AND MIAMI—-hmmm

  50. this says it all, where is kelly? “…(Irish assistants) Tony Alford and Kerry Cooks are still recruiting him hard.”

  51. Sorry Charlie – not seeing any rating listing the Irish as having a top ten recruiting year. ESPN doesnt count. They will be likely finish at .500 this year with the schedule and different QB – hopefully.

  52. the road to nowhere, screw ups on recruiting, penalties, this guy is just not inspired and lets these mistakes gfo onb and on, get mike brey to coach the football team, they see it in his soul!!!

  53. Ronald Darby was quoted in today’s Washington Post. He said, “I felt as though I wasn’t a priority to them. Communication slowed down. They could have still checked on me.” Now, I think recruiting has become too much of kissing the rears of 15-18 year olds, and the NCAA needs to grow a pair and make it more reasonable. That being said, you play the game by the rules in place. If ND lost Darby for the want of a few phone calls, shame on Kelly.

    1. I for one am very pleased with this class. A focus that Kelly is still employing is getting big agile players in the trenches, he knows that is where championships are won. Look at Alabama, LSU, Stanford who pushed us around, Wisconsin, etc. They win at the line of scrimmage and wear down the opposition.
      Kelly also added a bunch of players to the secondary and the WR core. I like this group lead by top QB in the nation Kiel, who will be the future after Golson is done.

      1. I don’t totally disagree. It’s a good class. However, there’s only 2 OL’s and 2 DL’s, so not much help in the trenches. Darby would have added a speed factor that is rare in recruiting and more rare for ND. My point is not that it’s a bad class, but rather, that last year’s effort in recruiting does not seem present this year. How hard is it to pick up a phone?

      2. Yeah, I hear you. It can always be better unless your sitting at number one. Although 2 DL, OL a year is pretty good, you would be sitting at 10 DL, OL with redshirt for depth. But you are right losing Darby and Greenberry hurts. Could have used them.

    2. You are right about last year not being equil to this year.

      I would say a lot of that has to do with the fact that two of our assistant coaches and top recruiters were cherry picked away in January by Urban Meyer and added to his new staff at Ohio State.

      I’m sure someone from ND picked up the phone and called these kids, but to try to build a relationship with a newly added assistant ND coach with less than 30 days
      before NSD is going to be difficult for anyone.

    3. “I felt as though I wasn’t a priority to them. Communication slowed down. They could have still checked on me.” Soooo….communication didn’t stop necessarily, just slowed down, while they directed their attention to other recruits to build the team that he would be a part of. I sense a little “too much me” in that statement.

      1. It’s absolutely “too much me”. However, that’s the game as of today. Unless you want ND to unilaterally disarm, better get use to coddling 15-18 year olds or accept mediocrity on the football field. It’s that simple. Frankly, I would prefer tighter restrictions on communicatoins with recruits. But the NCAA has as many balls as a steer, so don’t expect much there. Finally, maybe we should all take a look in the mirror. We (not just ND, but college FB fans in general) gravel over these kids. We act as if losing one will ruin our lives because our team may lose. No wonder many of them have “me” complexes. Maybe if everyone would ignore recruiting and just look to see who signs, these kids won’t think of themselves being before others.

  54. Like Kelly said, it’s hard to miss something you never had. It wasn’t that long ago we were raving about a new recruit named Deion Walker……….
    I think a real QB will show that we have plenty of quality receivers on board right now but we’ll certainly need more next year.

    1. I agree. I’m comfortable with the athletes we have at receiver. That being said, they are going to have to pick up their game. All of them. MF was able to steal have the field…

  55. Frank

    What about a top 10 recruiting class after an 8-5 season don’t you like? Its strategic and filled with some key defensive positions (Which we all know is the back bone of a BCS team). You sound like Fox reporting on O’Bama.

  56. First of all Greenbury was a five star on one recruiting site not all of them. He is a good player and I wish him luck, but it’s not like they lost a Floyd type player. He has the possibility of being an All American. I think he liked the fact that Houston was in love with him and treated him like a king. He will come to the realization when Tee is playing prime time all next year and he is playing on ESPN 2 at 10 at night or Thursday night college football.

  57. Well a top ten class isn’t bad at all. We all have to remember these are young kids, I believe there has to be a certain type of kid that is willing to work hard for his education. This is Notre Dame I think some people tend to forget the standards,if we were like OSU,or Florida,and some of the non top tier educational schools, Im sure we would have all the top recruits we could handle. It comes down to two things when I read these blogs, when are we gonna get a national championship and who is to blame. I love Notre Dame I would of gave my soul to the Devil to play there. I wasn’t good enough. I know they will never lower the standards. But it is what it is, a degree from ND is solid Gold, thats what these kids need preached. I dont care what about who is a 5 star or a 3 star, you know what the difference is the competition the kid plays in high school or how well he does in a camp. I believe Kelly is getting the RKG’S. We will be back I SEE THE CHANGES ALL READY… And for those of you that don’t like the yelling and screaming on the sideline, oh well to me that’s coaching that what I got when I played. I love it, it shows the passion of the game. Kelly demands perfection from his players, I believe as his players learn you won’t see him yell…lol plus it does’nt help the pressure he has to deal with… Go Irish

  58. Greenberry never informed the Irish coaching staff that he was signing with Houston, in fact telling them the exact opposite last night. That’s just wrong. You’d think he’d have more respect for the staff that put so much time and effort into recruiting him.

    Shame on his handlers and high school coach for allowing that, as well. You want to decommit? Fine. Be a man, pick up the phone, and give the coaching staff a reason for not coming.

    The fact that the coaches found out via a mass-text from his high school coach (the text also went to members of the media) is completely classless.

    1. If this was Greenberry’s mind set leading up to signing day, chances are, even if he did sign with us, he would probably be looking to transfer after his first year anyway.

      These players should always come to ND for the education first.

      In 4 or 5 years one cousin will show off his degree from the University of ND, the other will dig his out from under that box of old shoes.

    2. I agree that it was classless, but it’s probably more a result of his generation’s dependence on technology than his own personal failings. Our world is relying less and less on face – face communications and actually speaking intelligently to eachother. Instead, we have untold millions of techno-tards who think punching on keys and hitting “send” is the same thing.

      Granted, the “adults” in his situation should have guided him appropriately.

  59. Worst recruiting class since 2005, and by far the biggest failure Brian Kelly has brought to us so far at ND. What a shame.

    1. what do you expect from brian kelly. he is SO overrated! someone name one big game he has won ever!! hopefully he is fired after this year….who is running the football recruiting? ty willingham?

      1. Because of the lack of depth, mostly. We ended NSD with some of the exact same questions we had going into recruiting.

        There is talent in this class. But not nearly enough.

    2. That’s for sure. Any momentum Kelly ever had has just flown out the window. Getting completely manhandled by Stanford, embarrassing loss to FSU in the bowl game, then losing four 4-star recruits (including one from South Bend) in the last couple of months of recruiting. It’s not good, and Kelly’s disappointment is apparent. The only saving grace was getting Gunner, who only committed because of family pressure to stay close to home.

  60. The numbers arent there,(almost like self imposed sanctions) but the other recruits brought in are great. Would have loved to finish out on the winning end for some of the top recruits. Greenberry was a shock, just shows recruiting isnt over until they sign. Kelly is going after top talent, just not getting it all the time. Winning will be the only thing that will help ND bring in the best talent ever year. I know they got a great one in shumate, great hard nosed player. Saw him play a couple times, and he was outstanding.
    Go Irish
    Next years class better be good, we need it now

    1. I Amy be wrong but I feel like I read we only had 18 spots for recruits. I would have to source it but I’m pretty sure.

  61. I wonder if Tee is pissed off about Greenbury. I’ve read that Tee is a Irish fan and I believe he’s really happy here with or with out Greenbury but the idea was for both to be playing together. I live in TX and Houston is great but it’s not Notre Dame. I seriously don’t know what this kid sees in Houston.

  62. Outrecruited by Hoke!!
    Michigan had 24 commits from day 1,, and signed them all.
    Go figure.
    But if you were a kid would you opt for the screaming fanatic on the sidelines?
    How many recruits do you think those little tirates cost?
    And then Houston of all places.
    I can understand Urb and Ohio, but there is
    something awfully wrong here.

  63. Out -recruited by Urb and Brady Hoke.Failure to close the deal on key recruits.No way to build a program-another 8-5 does not cut it.

    1. Afraid to tell you we will probably be looking at 8-5 again. We’ll have a new, young QB leading us against one tough schedule next year.

  64. I’m glad to see more 5 star recruits going to mid-majors but just not at the expense of NDs most needed position.

  65. Thanks, Frank. The total number of bodies weren’t there this year, but we did ink some outstanding young men in some much needed areas. One of the people that hasn’t received much praise is C.J. Prosise. I watched him retuning punts today on the various services covering NSD and this guy has no fear, knows how to elude that first defender while making the catch and has a huge burst of speed and knack for finding a hole to scream through. I believe Davante Neal is a sharp kid and once he has a chance to see what is left out there, he will be our 17th. Glad to see Amir Carlisle on board – I was surprised when he chose USC. Prestwood was another guy I couldn’t understand (2011) and he came to his senses and will be huge here over the next four years. We also have a “20-year old freshman” in Chris Badger showing up this summer to help in the secondary.

    1. Agreed with your thoughts on CJ. This kid plays the game furiously and has elite speed from zero to 20 yards. He actually compares really well to Darby in the first 20 yards. He also catches the ball like a receiver. Being 6’2″ & 210 is a great as well. I think he will become the hidden jewel of this class. Can’t wait for him to develop!!!’

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