Gunner Kiel to Enroll at Notre Dame?

gunner kiel nd
Gunner Kiel, the nation's #1 rated quarterback, appears to be set to enroll at Notre Dame on Tuesday. (Photo - John Albright / Icon SMI)

After a few weeks without much positive news on the recruiting front for Notre Dame, the Irish may have pulled off the coup of the recruiting year.  According to multiple reports,’s #1 rated quarterback, Gunner Kiel, is set to enroll at Notre Dame tomorrow after being committed to LSU since December.

Kiel originally committed to Indiana over the summer, but opened up his recruiting in the fall and was thought to be leaning towards Notre Dame as recently as November before selecting the Tigers in December.

All was quiet on the Kiel front until Monday when Twitter and the recruiting blogosphere blew up with reports that Kiel did not report to LSU with the other early enrollees.  Since then, multiple recruiting gurus have reported that Kiel is now set to enroll at Notre Dame tomorrow for the start of the winter semester.

There hasn’t been any definitive confirmation yet, but right now it looks like Notre Dame is set to land the nation’s #1 rated high school quarterback for the second time in five years.

Should Kiel find himself in a Notre Dame classroom tomorrow, the quarterback race for this spring just got a whole lot more interesting.  Notre Dame fans already were excited about the idea of Everett Golson under center for the Irish, but with Kiel, a five star quarterback with good mobility, on the roster as well, there would be another serious contender for the starting quarterback position for 2013.

Here are some highlights of Kiel from his senior season that show why it will be easy for Notre Dame fans to be a little more excited about the quarterback position for the Irish – a position that has raised more questions than it’s answered during the first two seasons under Brian Kelly.


Monday’s developments could be the start of another roller coaster January in recruiting for Notre Dame.  Last year at this time we saw Notre Dame bring back Aaron Lynch and Stephon Tuitt after they had decommitted from Notre Dame and land Ishaq Williams thanks to a now legendary recruiting effort by Bob Diaco.

Rumors also began circulating on Monday that the Irish could end up landing both Arik and Armond Armstead as early as tomorrow as well.  Should Notre Dame lock up both Armsteads and Kiel by tomorrow, the Irish will have received some major recruiting momentum at a time when things looked like they were slowing down for the year.

On a side note, with the looks of busy few weeks leading up to Signing Day, we’ll be making an effort to keep things a bit more updated after a slow few weeks of updates to start the year.

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  1. Someone on another board was dissing South bend and saying the weather was what kept Greeberry (a southern california kid) away. I hear that a lot. Too cold and kids wanna paly in good weather. Obviously the people saying that have never had two-a-days in August in South Texas. Have fun running those sprints in 100+ degrees and 98% humidity Deontay.

    According to his coach, he came back from Houston saying it just felt right and he committed to ND only cause Tee did. Interpretation: Can’t hack the academics and doesn’t want to get overshadowed by his cousin. he will have a great career at Houston and have a chance to be the pride of the Cougars. Tee has the chance to be a national legend.

    Go Irish.

  2. My prediction was neither Darby nor Greenbury would contribute much next season at the major college level. Most freshmen don’t make major impacts. I’ll stabd behind that no problem. With good coaching and the right attitude they can make an impact.
    And fair and balance – I’d rather Tee over Darby. Committment & attitude trumps raw speed at the college defensive level. I’ll stand behind that too.

  3. I think we have a solid, not great group of receivers. If they move Atkinson 111 to receiver he could be a home run hitter provided we develop a descent QB. He’s a threat everytime he touches the ball.

  4. Right on, jack! Could’ve used all 3 of them. No doubt.

    Recall, though, that UH is I believe moving to the Big East and will have more national exposure. Plus everyone plays on TV nowadays.

    You know who it would be nice to have back now: Shaq Evans. Good job, fat man, driving the kid out of S. Bend!

  5. joey,

    For once, let’s hold someone accountable for their predictions. You’ve stated outright that neither Darby nor Greenbury will amount to much at the next level. Stick to it! If you’re right, you get bragging rights. If not, then man up to your failed prediction and don’t hide behind the lapse of time.

    I don’t think you’d be saying this about either player if they had signed with ND. Where were the Darby and Greenbury suck comments 2 weeks ago? Why didn’t either joey deadpan these players. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Imagine what it sounds like to ND haters!

    1. I don’t understand how you jilt ND for a Conference USA team that will be on TV once or twice. I wish him luck and he is a good player. Darby is also a good player with great speed. He will play well. Both were needed in this class and the lineman they lost to Ohio State.

  6. I like this recruiting class. Top QB. Top CB. Top tier D-Linemen Solid RBs.
    Although highly skilled … neither Darby or greenbury are skilled enough to make major contributions at this level next season.

  7. jack,

    Agreed. Look at the case of Deion Walker. He was supposed to be as good — if not better — than M. Floyd. Not quite! So, yes, recruiting rankings are an imperfect science. But there are also a lot of 4 and 5 star players that play up to their rankings and help their teams win titles. We need to land our fair share of 5 stars in addition to the “right” 3 stars.

    My problem, jack, is that it seems we’re getting jilted quite a bit over the last decade or so. How can we forget that Reggie Bush was supposed to be Irish? Or that the WR Little was also supposed to be an ND man? Plus there have been many notable de-commitments on the D side as well over the last ten years. There is a pattern here. ND needs to break the pattern by simply winning and winning big.

    BTW: FSU should thank Bob Diaco for calling off the dogs in the second half and Tommy Reese for being Tommy Reese. It seems that thanks in part to their bowl victory over ND they just landed perhaps the best recruiting class.

    And, yes, jack. After 2 decades of futility, mediocrity, and dashed hopes, all ND fans should just stop predicting our return to glory and just hope it gets here in our lifetimes. I wonder how many Cubs’ fans have been born, grew up, got old, and died in the last 100 plus years saying the same things I hear people here saying.

    1. Steelfan,

      The two you just mentioned are not good examples of jilting ND at the alter. Bush go SC on probation and Little sat his senior year. That is not the type of player your want at ND. The talent is there to compete and play in a BCS game. It is time for excecution on the field. I will say it again, if this team has a leader on offense next year ND will be a surprise. If they have another year like last year BK will be gone. Also, the administration needs to stop dicking around with requirements. Really a Spanidh course your have got to be kidding me.

      1. jack,

        Did these kids have problems before that? I don’t think so since ND wouldn’t have recruited them so hard if they had. And, yes, both were expected to sign with ND. So their problems at USC and UNC wouldn’t have happened at ND. To bring up those issues is Monday-morning quarterbacking.

  8. Come on, let’s not sound like jilted teenagers. We wouldn’t be saying this about Darby if ha had signed with us!

  9. jack,

    I truly hope you’re right. I really am!

    But at some point we have to have our optimism rewarded. If not, then it just sounds delusional to keep on saying the future is bright or we’re about to turn things around. We’ve been saying that for two decades, jack! Enough already with rose-colored fortune telling. This just makes us sound unconnected to reality to the ND haters out there.

    Why not try this. We shut up about the future, stop saying next year will be our year, look at things for what they are (and have been for a long time now), and wait to see what actually happens in the future. I, too, jack, believe that ND football is close. But we’ve had that feeling in the past also. Let’s just let things play out and when (hopefully not if) ND football once again returns to the top, then let’s do our bragging and smack talking.

    Until then, I honestly think it behooves us to just stay quiet.

    1. Have a look at the Detroit Lions….

      For 30 years they draft #1 picks at the offensive skill positions.

      THEY SUCKED!!!

      2 years ago they start building a defense up front. BAM..

      I love this class…. Sheldon Day, Jarron Jones, Tee Shepard, C.J. Prosise,

      1. I watched the UA game Darby played in…he was garbage…have fun at FSU and I hope GAIII and Bennett beat you at the NCAA Track Championships

    2. Steelfan,

      Not trying to look at it with Rose colored glasses. People put so much into these star ratings and half these kids are busts. The best tell tale is to look at the Rivals class rankings after their college careers. The saftey from Texas reminds me of Zibby a high school QB. Also, the two best corners ND has had in the past seven years one was a soccer player (Walton) and the other Duff was not highly ranked. I am not happy with a sixteen person haul. It is disappointing, but he did address needs at the back of the defense and running back. The decommits happen and ND just had it this year. I do agree however that we need to shut up and let it go until ND is winning and in a BCS game. Until then I would just like to say that we let it play out whether positive or negative.

  10. Gentleman,

    I have been thinking since the last post. The last time recruiting sucked was when both Littles decommitted. The next year ND picked up Manti Teo. Now as a review this class I see one thing that I do like. Later in the season BK went to nickel and dime packages because of the new spread and having players in space. He recruited 4 safties this year all around the size and speed of Slaughter. That is a good thing. This will allow the Irish defense to play these spread speed teams and match up better. I would like to see a little more bump and run coverage to shut down the short routes. Losing Greentray was a shot, but when the Irish lost little the next year they picked up Floyd. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Also, take a recruit like David Bruton, he was a 3 star recruit, but turned into a starter and was drafted. Lets keep our heads up, it has been a rough year but I have a feeling that things will ge sorted out and the future will be bright for the Irish.

    1. Thank YOU Jack… yes. yes. yes! I don’t eve care that we lost Greenbury.

      Give me a mountain of depth on the defensive side of the ball. Bama doesn’t win because of an explosive offensive game. They win because they have incredible depth in their front seven on D.

      C.J. Prosise…. I can’t wait to watch this kid develop!

      1. Alabama had the #1 WR recruit the year MF came out in Julio Jones. (BTW: Jones was a top ten NFL draft pick!) Plus, I think the Tide has done pretty well recruiting RBs. How quickly we forget or just cherry pick facts.

        I do agree that the D should be real good in the near future. If it isn’t, BK and his staff, esp. Diaco, won’t be around to see them graduate.

        Develop these studs, BK! Do what “Fat” Charlie Weis couldn’t.

      2. Certainly Bama has had quality offensive athletes. They produce 1st round draft picks in the basement of their dorms.

        Saban has taken Bama back to their glory days on the backs of his defense over the last (5 years?). Any team facing Bama the last few years has been terrified of that Defense. It takes an all world college athlete to have huge success against them.

        Perhaps this gets back to my love of defensive football. I’m not sure I’ve seen a real defensive effort since 1996.

        We’ve brought in all kinds of offensive tallent to hang our return to glory hats on. Only to end up wiping tears from our faces every fall for 20 years.

        We have talent on the offensive side of the ball. Our O-Line is solid with youngin’s

      3. waiting. We have two (one transfer) rb’s who will be very good to add to Wood. We’re a bit thin at receiver… but I don’t believe it’s as bad as some say. Ferguson can play football. We have another young receiver (didn’t play last year (name slips me)) to add to the line up.

        Our offense will click when we get a clear leader and athlete at q.b.

        All in all…. I’m loving the defensive recruiting effort over the last two years.

  11. Last year was put to bed with a bowl win and multiple recruiting coups. This year, off to hibernation with empty dreams. I know other team fans may think we are nuts for not being happy with the number one qb in the country, two top rbs, a top cb, etc. But when ND loses out on it’s top receiver recruit for a midlevel Houston program…something isn’t right with the world. Not disparaging the Cougars. They have had an amazing run in the last couple years. but the coach and record setting qb are gone. They are now in CUSA and moving to a ravaged Big East. The kid’s cousin early enrolled at ND and they said they wanted to play together. No mention by anyone of academic or character issues causing ND to sway. It just doesnt make any sense. I mean, did BK call him up last nite and tell him he likes to piss in the gatorade?

    I guess it’s a sign of the times. Horrible depressing times. it aint easy being green.

    1. I agree that loosing Greenbury stung. I thought for sure he was a lock. We needed another playmaker at receiver, especially after loosing MF. that being said we have stud redshirt coming back this fall. I’m not sure I’m willing to hang this class up as a failure because we didn’t land this kid.

      Personally, as I’ve said many times before. I believe that Kelly is building a program with the right blueprint. Have a very close look at the the defensive line recruits. Day & Jones WILL be playmakers that will give Tuit, Lynch, Nix the rest the need throughout the game. This front seven WILL be one of the primier defensive front seven’s in the country. Next year? I just don’t expect freshman to produce like Lynch did this year.

      The defensive backfiield is solid. Sure I would have loved to see a top shelf corner to sit opposite Tee Shepard but that doesn’t look like its in the cards. That being said…. we have some STUD saftey’s in this years class.

      I’m calling it right now…. C.J. Prosise will become one of the best safety’s in the country. He’s just a little 3 star right now. I’ll bet the farm this kid become one of the leaders of this D.

      Back to the blueprint….. Kelly is building depth on the D. Big, strong, fast, explosive depth. Give me a top 25 D next year and a top 15 in 2013.

      Personally…. I absolutely love this class. I’ll be happy when I stop seeing true freshman starting on this ND squad. Freshman starting tells me either he’s an absolute freak… or we are miserably thin at a position.

      One side note…. If Poole decides to go Irish (long shot) this will be one of the great classes of Irish Football in 20 years. I could only hope for a class as strong as this next year. Some of these 3 star guys who signed today should NOT be overlooked.

      That’s my opinion… lol

      Go Irish & GOD bless!

  12. The one upside to this mediocre end of the recruiting cycle (assuming we don’t get Darby or Neal, two good assumptions!) is that we should have more available scholarships next recruiting season. Of course, that won’t mean much unless ND proves that it can be a winner once more. Right now, that’s a big “if” for most of these 17 and 18 year olds who don’t care or don’t know much about the legacy of ND football. You can’t live in the past forever, friends!

  13. EspnU keeps talking about Darby then talk Clemson. Maybe they know something we don’t. He is expected to announce any time now.

  14. The problem that I have is Greenberry waited until today to tell everyone that he’s going to Houston. The kid has been committed to ND since May. So all of a sudden, he wakes up this morning and says, “Hey, Houston it is!” I don’t think so. He had to of known prior to this morning. Why didn’t he switch his commitment to Houston yesterday, or last week. Atleast Armstead and Darby were upfront with coach Kelly. These jamokes that wait until today need to grow up.

      1. Who cares! I hope he enjoys playing at Tulane and the other big time Conf. USA venues. We definitely got the better of the two cousins in this deal.

        BTW…if you knew that Tommy Rees was the QB, would you sign at ND??

        Darby about to announce he’s going to FSU!

        Call Cwyner back and ask him if he still wants to play next year, there are all kinds of open scholarships at ND.

    1. After Kiel enrolled you would figure that our WR commits would be pretty secure.

      I mean, having the top rated passer already enrolled in class has to be pretty pleasing to a WR still trying to decide right?

      All I can tell you about high school kids is that the little head usually tells the big head what to do.

  15. Assuming we dont get Darby or Neal…we should have plenty of room for 5th years…who does that most likley mean comes back?

  16. This is the worst signing day ever!! I blame Brian Kelly, he didn’t do what it takes to keep your top commits, or to score on top commits. You can’t have coaches leaving as you’re waiting on kids decision. It shows recruits, that we are unorganized. I wouldn’t sign with us and I am a big Notre Dame fan.

    1. The worst ever? We lost Greenbury to Houston…. that equates to worst ever. This is a strong class. We have added some great depth to our defensive front seven. Brought in 5 db’s. A top rateed Q.B. a stud RB transfer from USC. I understand a few flipped to other programs… That’s college football recruiting. As this class sits… I’d say it’s strong.

  17. This is the worst National Signing Day in the past couple of years. Only one corner and the best Wide Receiver is gone. Plus Angelor just committed to USC. Not good.

      1. Not quite that simple, but, yes, in the long run on-field mediocrity will translate into recruiting mediocrity and the vicious cycle will spiral downward.

        Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this. WIN! Win and ND will get its fair share of top recruits. That’s what BK and his staff are getting paid BIG BUCKS to produce.

        BK: Put a winning team together, darn it!

  18. Nelson Agholor is a Trojan. Damn that sucks. Looks like we are waiting on Darby and that’s it. This class is good but not sure if we got we needed in the cb position.

    1. Neal is still out there…but getting him away from DickRod at Arizona (his home state school) and distUrban at tOSU (where he has family) is going to be hard. I think i read he wasn’t gonna do anything until after some visit on the 10th.

  19. How can we lose a kid to Houston? Especially a California kid at that. Had he picked a PAC school ok but Houston? Wow.

  20. So upset right now with this coaching staff and recruiting. This class will not help Notre Dame one bit. Watch and see another 8-5 season if not worse. Good job BK hello unemployment line next year.

  21. I was 13 in ’88 and loved every second of it as only a child who thinks it will go on forever can. I vividly remember ’93 and the ecstasy of beating Charlie Ward and the Free Shoe U Criminals. Then, only to have that turn to a deep hollow feeling the next week. Little did I know that the horrible feelings of that day would be the most prevalent feelings I would have over the next 13 years. The hopes for Davies, dashed. TW’s great start, nothing. CW’s BCS bowls raised the hope only to dash it on the rocks. I hope Kelly’s building something real. Heaven knows we have survived on faith, hope and memories long enough.


  22. National Signing Day.

    I always regard NSD as a rebirth. The dawn of a new day if you will.

    And with that, I can’t help but wonder: Will these talented young men who pledge their allegiants to the Blue and Gold be the chosen ones who lead
    our Mothers school back to the honored place of ultimate achievement?

    Why not them?

    Great things are done by all kinds of people, all over the world every day. Great things are exspected and accomplished by the good people and students of the University of Notre Dame every year.
    Is there really any better venue, suited for gridiron greatness, than at the University of Notre Dame?

    I never liked the reasoning that “we are a year away”, or, “watch out for us in 2013 or 2014”.

    After following ND football for more than four decades, I remember for most all those years when they used to say
    that “ND doesn’t rebuild, they just reload.”
    Every year, was “OUR” year!

    I also remember taking those annual Football successes for granted.
    Success on the football field back then was as certian as the changing of the seasons.
    ND football was, well… ND football. It was the gold standard. Something enviously looked on by other programs who all too often
    tried to duplicate our traditions and philosophies.

    And isn’t that the greatest compliment there is?
    (At ND, that should never go out of style.)

    Let’s remember, there is no law that says that The Fighting Irish can’t muster up that old magic once again… NOW… THIS YEAR!
    And if they do, I for one am not going to take it for granted. I’m going to enjoy and cherish every minute of it because it is
    something very special.

    And “special” has eluded us for far too long.

    1. I’ve seen my NY Yankees win championships, New York Giants and even my high school win a championship in football. I was 8 yrs old in 88′ and don’t remember NDs last championship. I was alive but we could win at least one before I die I would be happy and die happy.

      GO IRISH!!!!

      1. I am with you Shaz, why not this year. We have the talent, Kelly has his kids, so that excuse can not be used. Golson who was sensational in HS I beleive will take the reigns and create magic. If we can find a down hill RB to go along side Wood we have a championship caliber running game especially if Hiestrand is as published. We have a question mark at corner, but Shepard should fit nice and again if Elliot is as published we may be able to turn that into a strength. Add in either Poole or Darby which I do believe we have lost both and we are stacked with young talent. We have a daunting schedule, but for me if we are ready to make a BCS run then that just makes it better. GO ND!

      2. ETI,

        I have a healthy appreciation for those ND fans like yourself, who weren’t privledged to be around to witness and experience the Fighting Irish teams of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

        While I have many fond memories (4 National Championships, 66′,73′,77’& 88′) and experiences to draw from, the modern day day ND fan like yourself remains loyal on little more than “Faith”.

        Sometimes that makes it difficult for me to fathom the level of frustration that currently grips our younger fan base.

        “If we could win at least one
        more before I die, I would be happy and die happy”

        I have heard that said before by some others. In fact, I seem to hear something along those lines a few more times each year.

        I think there is a message to be heeded in that statement… I hope ND is listening!

  23. 48 hours…. I’m really happy with this class….. But I would love another corner. Come on Kelly! Let’s flip Poole.

  24. Jack

    There was a video interview with darby posted dec 29 and he said that he 100% committed. His words not mine. He told iris illustrated that some of the visits he went on were in support of teammates. But you are exactly right he isn’t comin here that much seems clear. Brian poole would be an amazing coup if kelly could pull it off

  25. The darby situation just seems weird to me…the kid commited very early and maintained that he was 100% on board. Now in a matter of weeks he has all but eliminated us from consideration. All because we don’t have an elite track program?!…wait a minute kid are trying to be a football player or a track star. The lack of an elite track program hasn’t stopped the atkinson boys or bennett jackson from joining the track team. GA3 did pretty well in his first meet btw. Not trying to bas darby but i am questioning his intentions of ever being here…just saying

    1. Jtrain,

      He never said he was 100% Irish and was wavering all along. There was rumors that before the Maryland game he was thinking of going to MD. I don’t think he will get flipped. Hopefully BK can work some magic and get Poole.

  26. Standifer reportedly just needs to finish an online espanol class. he only has one foreign language credit and needs another to qualify for ND. Supposedly this isn’t gonna be a problem and the fact tha he has already enrolled in the class and his statements that he wants to knock it out quick are good for ND. Of course, don’t know if any of it is true, but that’s what is be ing reported.

    On the USC transfers…Couldn’t happen to a more deserving douche than Kiffen.

    Armstead…If playing for Nike U fits your personality, you aren’t right for ND anyway. Best of luck.

    Go Irish

    1. Delta,
      Standifier tweeted that his online class was not accepted by administration. He is taking his official to Pitt on Feb 20 and will is disappointed. ND needs another corner in this class they are thin at that position.

      1. Damn. Hadn’t seen that. Thanks Jack. That is bad news, we definitely need another corner.


      2. Delta,

        Brian Poole who is verbally committed to Florida. If they can get him to flip I think he is as good as Darby.

      3. Thanks Jack. I will read up on him….anybody giving a liklihood on whether he switches?

  27. Anthony Standifer it seams will not be eligible for ND because of his Spanish class. We need another true corner in this class. Where’s Darby when we need him?

      1. The Trojans are feeling the pinch with the reduction of scholarships because of their cheating ways.

        They feel that they must maximize each scholarship that they still have.

        That means culling out the weak, troubled, and injured.

        Now I know why Kiffin was chosen as the head coach.

        Because when he breaks a promise to a former scholarship player, in order to make room for someone new and better, nobody is really surprised!

        Why kids like Pratter are suckered in by a pasty-faced liar like Kiffin is beyond me.

        At least he ended up at Northwestern. Shows that he learned a valuable lesson.

  28. It has been at least a few days since BJ benmoaned the fact that our defense gave up more than 2 yards a game last year and actually allowed a touchdown in several games. It is somewhat refreshing not to hear fire diaco, fire swarbrick, tear down touchdown jesus, kiel’s mom actually recruited him to ND!!!

    Hear is to a reformed BJ. A kindler gentler version if you will. We will call you BJ 2.0.

    Go Irish and long live BJ!!!

  29. Is it just me or is recruiting in a “stand still” right now for us. It just seems like we are not getting the guys to jump on board as early IMO.

    1. I just think the last couple guys we are waiting for have already made up their minds to wait until NSD. I think we have a good class and we can afford to wait. We don’t want to just fill shoes with 2-3 star guys. We can afford to wait for Armstead, Darby, etc.

      I’m with you though, I check this stuff 8 times a day to see if we got anybody else. Feb 1st can’t come soon enough.

      1. Tell me about it. I’m all over the Internet looking for news of recruiting. It’s far better entertainment than anything on tv for me.

        NSD is coming up quick. Most of the high end kids want their day in the lime light. I can’t wait to see where these kids go. And not just ND kids but all over the country. Will DGB end up as a razorback? Will Darby & armstead boys end up as Irish? Exciting stuff!!!!

        Go IRISH!!!

      2. Yeah I’m with you guys also. I check my ND apps for any news a lot here lately. I’m even reading a lot of the Bleacher Report just to pass the time and we all know their journalism sucks. Lol

  30. @C-DOG

    On your comment about father Jenkins. Last time I checked, it was The University of Notre Dame and not Notre Dame Catholic University. Its UNIVERSITY first and foremost.

  31. Congrat Giants fan. 49er fan here, it’s ironic, this is the first time i have ever wished john goodman was returning punts for my team. He would not have made those dumb mistakes. Hope the giants get to brady. Go irish.

  32. “So I would’nt read much into it?” Tell that to Mike Brey and the fans who charged the floor. Especially the way you degrade the rankings and our team at the time. Of course, I forgot, a new after the fact crystal ball genius among us. How many words do you whine a minute? Impressive. You always like to make drive by comments but gee you don’t like the response you get. I wonder why?

    FACTS not opinion:

    And for your suspended star Syracuse player, go to ND’s Team page ESPN and watch the video review of the game. FACT Commentary tells you he scores 6 points a game and 4 blocked shots and no great loss to the team. 6 points doesn’t win the game for Cuse. Your math is as good as your posts. Not to mention, we don’t have our star center/forward Abro for the year due to a torn acl. On my side? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Sure hope you survive your analysis/paralysis talent.

    1. Cooley couldn’t be stopped in the paint without a true center in the game. He had one of the best games in his career, I would hate to break it to you but when a player out sizes his opponent than normally he has the advantage and that can change a games flow from the front court to the back court, rebounds, blocks, and points. I understand that the concept is very hard to understand but not having your center in the game although I am guessing that you have no understanding of the game of basketball can be devastating.
      Second, lets get real JC my post have always been positive, I never whine about the state of affairs, I am very opptomistic about the future of ND. You on the other hand never stop whining about Kelly all the time. He has been with the program for a few years, we need to give him a chance, I would hate to break it to you but I think he knows what he is doing, he is not playing to lose. He understands who he should play and not play, he understands football.
      Third Brey is a good coach, I never said he wasn’t, from your post my understanding is that he must be the best ever. But for me 12-8 is not that great, and I am a realist, Syracuse is a better team. Sorry that the statement hurts your ego, but as for me the things you say do not hurt my ego, I just like to state the obvious. But obviously you can not handle that.
      Fourth, it really hurts me that I have a life and can’t be on this blog every two seconds to make a post. It really does, I wish I had that kind of circle of influence where I could just sit in front of my friend the computer all day and post to a blog. So as for me being a drive by poster I thank you for that. I do have a life thanks.

      1. Priceless, you need to sharpen your debate skills instead of preaching personal theory. Your definately mesmerized by your own self-hypnotic chants. You sound like a Southern Baptist Preacher. “I am just saying.”

        I am overwhelmed with your advance knowledge and unfactual theory. Did you do a double blind study to reach this ultrasophisticated conclusion? Taunting seems to be your only skillset.

        Hey, if you want to be a BK zealot be my guest. On the other hand, don’t set there and claim Mike Brey being 12-8 isn’t that great with your buddy BK setting at 8-5 isn’t that great either. Of course, you did’nt bother to site Mike Brey’s accomplishments from last year in your usual shallow evaluation Mr. Realist.

        B-dub, it’s not possible to have a real dialectic discussion with you; move on. Your facebook presentation doesn’t sell here. End of story.

      2. JC,
        Honestly I am just checking back daily now to see how a negative person such as yourself can get so angry over words. It makes me laugh.I also enjoy the twists you add in about how I am stating no facts when all you diatribes have nothing but statements about me and the things that I might be implying. Please take a few minutes and read over the post, we are not talking about last year, we are not talking about wether or not Mike Brey is good. The simple fact is that we are talking about how they beat Syracuse, I stated the fact that a player wasn’t playing, and that most likely changed the outcome of the game. I am sorry that you for once had a positive post and I ruined it for you. I know for many people it is very hard to change that negative state of mind and life is much harder being negative. I am behind you, if you need help being positive and not blowing up at everyone that doesn’t step in line for you, I will lend a hand. As for BK, I know we have work to do, but I on the other hand since I am positive can see that things are gettting better. And I can also see it now, how your tune will change when the system is on full display. But hey we can always find something to whine about right. I am just saying JC.

      3. Seriously. JC, why do you feel the need to immediately demonize and make ad hominem attacks on anyone who disagrees with you on these boards? It’s very odd and sad that you need to resort to namecalling and personal attacks as a matter of course when someone takes a contrary position. I am betting you do not resort to such tactics in person for obvious reasons.

        Perspective is important.

      4. Amen JDH!

        (Actually, I never say that, I was just being sarcastic!)

        I will say this: you got balls!

        Good luck!

      5. Shazam,
        It’s just getting old. You know we have all disagreed in the past, sometimes passionately, but I’m not aware of anyone who launches into personal attacks and name calling as a matter of course, when disagreed with. It’s very tiresome, grossly immature, and speaks volumes about the individual engaging in such behavior.

        Enough already JC. You have alot of well thought-out, intelligent, and valuable things to say on this site. I enjoy reading those thoughts. But the constant attacks should give you pause. Are they really necessary? Do they make you feel good? It’s akin to road rage. You don’t know the person in the other car and likely will not have to back up your behavior because you can just drive away.

        Granted, I’ve made jokes on this site (sometimes in frustration) in the past that some called inappropriate. So I toned my comments down- didn’t mean anything by them, but they offended some people on this site whom I respect.

        Maybe you should do the same.

  33. Amazing, a young ND “inspirational” B-Ball team “earned” a win over #1 Syracuse. 67-58! Led as many as 18 points. Hmmm….Maybe Mike Brey can give a powerpoint presentation on “inspiration” required to beat elite teams. BK ought to buy him lunch.

    1. The Cuse was missing their big man in the paint Fab Melo. Suspended for two games, so I wouldn’t read to much into it. The center although they do not get the glory is usually the most important position to a championship caliber team.

      1. Of coarse BK FanBoy, this young team also won against #4 Lousiville and #18 Pittsburgh. I’m sure in your narrow logic they were on crutches also.

        Sorry, you don’t like the unvarnished truth.

        By the way, more than likely the Cuse “big man” won’t last the season anyway due his wonderful grades.

        I won’t read much into your nonsense either.

      2. Is name calling really the answer to ones short insight. Pittsburgh is not even close to #18, they are not good, they are 11-9 and Lousiville is also not that great, they have no big wins, they have been beaten by every decent team that they have come across. Playing three forwards and two guards is not an ideal lineup for any team, not to mention what that would do to the normal flow of the game.
        If Melo was there ND would not have won, not saying it for any other reason than to state a fact. If ND goes up against Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, Baylor I am sorry 9 out of ten times they lose.
        Now for another fact, I am a ND fan, so I am on your side. So lets just see how narrow minded you are again and you can come back at me. Well, well, waaa, waaaa, meee, meee, weeee, weeee. Ah sorry that the truth hurts JC. Would you like a cup with that. I am just saying.

  34. nice article on elliott, maybe i was wrong!

    Brian Kelly, the chief architect of Notre Dame’s current attempt to rebuild its football program, has been busily making adjustments to his coaching staff, in lieu of the upcoming season. The most recent came today, as the university announced the hiring of 33-year coaching veteran, and noted developer of NFL-quality players, Bob Elliot, as the program’s new leader of the safety position.

    In his career, 29 seasons have been spent as a defensive coach, lending Notre Dame a tremendous asset with accentuated attributes. Of which, 11 of those seasons have been spent as a defensive coordinator as Ball State, Iowa, Kansas State and San Diego State. In all of his tenures at the respective universities, one thing remained consist – their defenses improved at a torrential clip.

    The man who lays claim to being the first hire by Chuck Long at San Diego State, Elliot completes the cycle as he enters a Notre Dame coaching staff full of familiar faces. Newly-named co-defensive coordinator, Kerry Cooks, was a corner back on a 1997 Iowa team, coached by Elliot. Cooks was one of four team co-MVP’s. Current Irish assistant head coach and defensive coordinator, Bob Diaco, was a graduate assistant under Elliot, as well.

    Of Elliot’s more notable player commodities are several All-Americans and NFL players, including Merton Hanks, Jared DeVries, John Arnaud and Terrence Newman. Newman was a 1993 draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys, while DeVries spent several seasons with the Detroit Lions. Both were All-Americans and Defensive Players of the Year.

    Elliot has long been regarded as one of the best defensive minds in the game. His knowledge, as a coach and former defensive back, has made him the kind of coach players love to learn from. Notre Dame’s defense, looking to make major upgrades at the defensive back positions, will now have the opportunity to learn from one of the best. Not only that, but they will be given the tools to quickly ascend the ranks of the nation’s elite defensive backfields.

    Notre Dame continues to breathe new life into an improving, but inconsistent program. Kelly, and the university, seems to be making the right decisions. Coupled with the continued good fortune they have had in recruiting, the turnaround looks all but an afterthought. It will be interesting to see, as an Irish fan, how well the changes affect Notre Dame’s defense. Regardless, we can look to the 2012 campaign with as much fire and fervor as we always do. This time, however, they may live up to expectations.

    1. You are missing the point. Under Diaco we went from 63rd to a Top 25 defense. This with players that Kirk Herbstriet said were like a high school defense.

      Kelly has shown a commitment to recruiting talent on the defense. As the talent increases, so will the scoring defense.

      1. I meant to say the scoring defense will improve. I really believe that this defense can be a Top 10 in the next couple of years.

  35. We will see where this pans out for Mr. Kiel. The guy now has a history of breaking committments, both to Indiana and then LSU. That says something about the young man, even if he is a YOUNG MAN. Personallly, I hope EG ends up earning the starting position.

    Go Irish, stomp where Angels fear to tread.

    1. Storespook,

      I agree, however, BK has a 30 min commitment history to QB derby winners.

      On BK’s word, he might as well offer a 5×5 guarantee your his QB to start: 5 feet or 5 seconds which ever comes first!

      The real bad news: Rees starts.

      1. Hahahahaha, yeah, I know what ya mean, JC.

        Hail Mary full of grace, Notre Dame made 1st place

        That would be the making of a great prayer in early January 2013.

        Go Fighting Irish

  36. yes, get diaco out of the press box. defense is all about inspiration not about getting in touch from 100 yards away, 20.8 pts a game says it all.


    1. Bj,

      I’m still baffled by your dislike for Diaco. You stated that 20.8 says it all and you are right. 20.8 makes ND the 24th BEST defense in the country. In 2010, they were ranked 23rd. In 2009, they were 63rd and in 2008, they were 42nd in scoring defense.

      Since Diaco took over, ND has become a Top 25 defense. I believe they will become a Top 10 defense in the next few years because of the talent upgrade on defense. Diaco has the system, they just need the players to run.

      Please find thing else to complain about, because Diaco is not the problem.

  37. Shaz,

    If that’s so, then we need a full-court press assault on R. Darby to get him re-committed to ND. If not him, then perhaps the big kid who was a Michigan commit. If not him, then perhaps we shouldn’t waste a scholarship on a marginal DB (2 stars) and either get another top recruit (4-5 stars) in another position or keep an extra 5th year player.

    1. SFR,

      I would love to see Kelly and crew get Darby back in the fold.

      Still have some time on that, and this staff wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

      ND has never given out scholarships just because they could.

      As they say, It has to be the right kind of guy.

      But I’m never really sure what the right kind of guy really is.

      Is it the “A” student who can play football as well?

      Is it the high character kid with the squeaky clean reputation that they hope will grow into a player?

      Or could it be a good kid, with good football skills, who is a marginal student, but is driven to excellence, and will bring some toughness and swagger to a team in need of such values, and will make the very most of his oppertunity?

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe that transfer from USC will shed some light on self confidence, team spirit, and swagger, that looks so green from this side of the fence.

  38. C-Dog,

    Perhaps what was implied is that players like C. Zorich, T. Rice, R. Waters, and J. Bettis, among others of that era, received the benefit of the doubt academically speaking when they applied and were admitted. It’s well-known that Holtz got the then administration to give him some recruiting leeway. But here’s the point. All or most of those players did very well at ND academically. Some, like Zorich, not only graduated from ND as undergrads but got grad degrees from the university as well. Zorich is an ND Law grad!!! (Recall that this was a player who was considered academically marginal when he got to ND!!!) We need to get back to that. Give good kids a shot and help them elevate their game on the field and in the classroom.

    1. Rob,
      You could be right there. Your point that those players, could perform at ND even if by the book they wouldn’t meet today’s criteria should be considered.

      I do wonder what the administration would say to a strict comparison of the admission rulles today versus the 80’s specifically for athletes. Based on my experience in the 80’s, you could sleep through some majors even though supposedly your were among the brightest. Saw a few 2.0 GPA engineers switch to sociology or pre-law and bag GPA’s over 3.5. Any football player not smart enough to pass majors like those might be a danger to himself on the field.

  39. Not good Yuri Wright news today. Expelled from Don Bosco for tweeting profanity. Michigan cancelled his visit with them. Can’t see ND taking a player that even Michigan has doubts about the character.

    1. Delta,

      This might be an excellent opportunity for ND not to dismiss this recruit out right. If this is his first offense, ND can take a chance on him. I’m assuming if he was being recruited by the ND staff they know more about this young man than either you or me know about him. This might be the perfect chance to show young Mr. Wright some grace (assuming this is a first offense, of course).

      1. SFR,

        I am wholeheartedly behind giving second chances. And the texts, while stupid, is a kid being a kid. I would love to see the kid come in, get right and be a RKG. But, you and I both know what we will hear if we take this kid now, after Michigan dropped him immediately. The screams that ND has sold out and is no better than the SEC will be deafening. Letting a kid in that is academically questionable is one thing. Bringing in a kid that’s 1) demonstarted low character and 2) dumb enough to “tweet” away scholarship offers is another entirely.

        I’m not preaching or trying to be holier than thou. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. Hard to call myself a Christian and not believe in second chances. And we all know how much we need a kid with his talent. But, the part of me that, in even losing efforts,finds solace in the fact that ND does in right and with the best character kids out there will definitely take a hit if ND takes this kid.


      2. Delta,

        I think it’s time we stop worrying about what other people think. I think that the “what will people think of us” rationale is one thing that has kept us back all these years. Let them say what they want!

        At one time ND didn’t play in bowls, redshirt players, have a training table, admit transfers, etc. We do all that now. Does that mean we’re no better than Auburn or USC or Tenn. or Ohio State? NO! It just means we need to evolve to stay competitive in the social Darwinian world of college football. Survival of the fittest.

        Having said that, of course, there will be standards ND doesn’t breach. But as a Christian school it would not be hypocritical for ND to show some leeway here. If Wright is a fundamentally good kid who made a stupid mistake (on his PRIVATE not public Twitter account!)then cut him a break. This seems like an ideal opportunity to pick up a solid player who also seems to be a decent enough kid. I guarantee you that if we don’t get him someone else will!

    2. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

      Anyone sitting within ear shot of the ND sidline or who can read lips on TV and has observed Brian Kelly this past season can tell you all you want to know about profanity!

      I know we are talking about two different situations here, but anyone associated with the team oe even this blog can confirm, there is no shortage of profanity when it comes to an Irish Catholic school, their coaches, and their beloved football team.

      And here we are debating the character of a high schooler who supposidly dropped a f-bomb!

      1. Actually, he expressed his love for vagina. And some interesting scientific knowledge on the subject.

        The irony isn’t lost though. Surely any football player that hasnt been accused of being a “vagina” on occasion hasn’t been propely coached. LOL

      2. Now that’s funny!

        I doubt he will end up at ND though, last I heard he is leaning towards Oregon St.

        I’m guessing the Beavers look pretty inviting to him right about now.

  40. where is the nation’s best defensive coach, and why isnt he standing beside kelly, its so narcicistic, i’ll take my buddy or buddies but not the best.
    the BEST. put diaco in charge of recruiting but not the defense, and get out of the press box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Would you please stop with the press box!!!!! Gene Chizik was the national assistant coach of the year and won a national championship at Texas calling the defense from the press box.

  41. So should bama had fired saban after last year when their record was worse than the year before? The record is only part of the story. Two seasons…you are basing everything off of two seasons! This team is night and day better than it was 3,4,5 years ago. Thats improvement

    1. I’m with you… The sad thing is that everyone patients of losing games has run out! And rightfully so. However, people need to remember we are trending forward with honest improvement.

      This offense is a QB away from us seeing Kelly’s offense hum like a indy car. If it’s Gunner…. If it’s EG we need to find our patients because this offense takes time to learn. But, I do believe that either one of those kids could play next year and lead us to 8-9 wins. This new Offensive Coordinator loves to pound the football with both QB’s and Backs. A smaller play book for the QB’s (like Reese had), dominate run game and some tough defense could easily get us to 8-9 wins next year. And that’s against the toughest schedule in the country.

  42. I find humor in the thinking that the ND Fighting Irish should be contending for BCS games or Championships. I find humor in the thinking that two consecutive 8 win season is grounds to dismiss a new coach. I find humor in the in ability to see that the Defense under Diaco hasn/t vastly improved over the last two season. I find humor in the in ability to see that the recruiting of Kelly’s staff isn’t phenomenal. I find humor that Kelly is too mean and yells too much. I find humor in the thought that music being played or the new “look” of a uniform has anything to do with winning a football game. I find humor in the irrational ND fan that thinks success of yesterday has anything to do with success today or tomorrow.

    Look, I get it! I really do. Many of the active participants on these boards have been die hard Irish fans for 40+ years. You’re used to seeing ND dominate every Saturday and be in the hunt every year. I’m also very aware that you (and I) have grown miserably tired of the play since the 1997. For 20 years ND has been hiring and firing coaches and had years where we “should” have won 10+ games only to finish .500. I understand that because we hit gold with Manti and had MF and Golden Tate with a strong QB we should have won big games. I assure you that I’m equally as frustrated with watching the Irish lose games in the 4th quarter, game changing turnovers, and personal fouls that end red zone attempts. I also know that the 2012 season is going to terribly difficult with a young QB (god help me if Reese is the starter), a young defense, unproven secondary and a lack of play makers at the receiver position (despite TE). Now add in the 2012 schedule that is cleary the most difficult in the country.

    All that being said… For the first time in the last 10 years I can actually see this team getting stronger. More importantly it’s getting stronger in the areas that has killed us in the past. Kelly’s staff has brought in elite talent, size, speed and power to the defensive front seven. BUT, we still need more of them. We will never be able to compete with the big boys until we are two and three deep in the front seven of our defense. Kelly has continued this with bringing in yet another strong class of defensive lineman (it’s elite if we’re able to grab the Armistead boys).

    Diaco has taken a pathetic defensive unit that simply could not keep us in game and provided us with a top 30 defense without any depth at all. He’s had 3-4 true freshman playing (starting) in his front seven this past year. I believe that is an amazing accomplishment no matter how talented these freshman were. For the 1st time in years the entire ND football team has had continuity and stability to build upon what the learned from the year before. We are now going in to our 3rd year of the same system, same reads, same responsiblities. These kids are going to make large jumps in their ability to react instead of think as a play develops. Their athletic abilities will begin to show more…and more over the next 2-3 seasons.

    Personally I don’t commit the idea that Kelly is too mean and yells too much. I’m 13 year vet of the military. I’ve seen 18 year olds respond like men because their not being cuddled by their mommies. This kinder, gentler, girlier American male crap needs to end. There are times when it’s appropriate for two men to behave like men who ready for battle. The football field is one of them. These world class, highly competivie kids can handle this. Stop feeling the need to embrace a 6′ 4″ 260 pound monster to your teat so he can suckle of it. It’s embarrassing!

    I understand ND history ( I embrace it). Once a year I travel the hour and half and attend a game. Not because I’d rather sit in the stand and watch the game. But because I need one day a year on campus to experience everything ND has to offer. I soak it up like a sponge. That being said…. The color of a helment means nothing to winning a football game. It’s about heart, discipline, strategy, commitment, and finding out who’s the better athlete every snap. If new jersey’s and music get kids to revisit the idea of attending ND I’m all for it. Not too mention it’s gets the crowd into the game instead of sitting on their butts talking about how good the hot dogs are.

    Notre Dame will be a powerhouse again under the current coaching staff. I fully believe it. We’re not ready yet. We’ve shown progress from year one. Year two was a little better on the field. And next year there will be strides again among the kids who have been in an Irish hat for the last 2-3 years. Another strong recruiting year in 2013 will continue to add the quality depth that we need to compete for a BCS game. A full year of a QB that has a much higher ceiling athletically than Reese & a defense who has had time to develop depth will prove to be worh the wait. This team will be amazing to watch in 2013! 2012 has the potential to be another 8 win season against some very…very tough teams. This offense will not click nor run at the speed it should until one of these young QB’s has had the time to learn and get game experience. unfortunately they’ll have to learn against the Sooners, Huricanes, Wolverines, Trojans, and Sparty..

    I’m sure I’ll be eaten alive by my thoughts… let me have it. lol

    1. Chan,

      You say: “I’m sure I’ll be eaten alive by my thoughts.” Why? Your thoughts are perfectly reasonable. I don’t see why even someone who might disagree with you here or there would want to “eat you alive.” That would be uncalled for, in my opinion.

      I tend to be a bit more negative than you, IrishChan. But even I have to agree with you that ND is getting better on paper. This week and next could see ND get even more top-flight recruits. I wouldn’t be surprised if we landed 4-6 more top 150 type recruits. Yuri Wright looks like a lock. both Armsteads seem possible, perhaps we can even get a re-commitment from Darby and add a Shaq Thompson. If we end up getting Wright, Darby, and Thompson (to go along with the other DBs in this class), then this year’s DB recruits could be even better than last year’s front seven haul! That’s saying a lot!

      Now, BK has to do what CW couldn’t. Win with those big-name recruits. Until I see wins, Chan, I’ll remain somewhat cynical. But I do hope you’re past experience with ND and gut feeling are right.

      1. Amen SteelFanRob,

        A logical assessment on winning. We have had many rebuilding coaches come and go. I too, hope IrishChan is right.

        As Father Hesburgh advised Lou
        “Just win!”

      2. That’s all well and good, but even when ND “just wins” people on boards like this complain . . . they gave up 250 yards, they only scored 38 points, they didn’t cover the spread, blah, blah, blah.

      3. “just win”! I agree. lol I’m still holding to my position that it’s going to be depth and coaching continuity for several recruiting classes before we can honestly, logically be able to expect too “just win”.

        Any time I see true freshman starting in keys areas such as D-line, QB, or O-line, I see a team that’s gonna struggle. Unless those freshman are just freaks of nature. Which I believe Lynch is.

        Well, if Kelly is able to get your list to sign in two weeks it may go down as one of the legendary classes of all time. I would love to see Shaq & Darby re-consider. But, I’m not gonna hold my breath.

        The Armistead boys have decided to not enroll by today and wait to announce on NSD. That has me thinking (IMO) that they are headed else where. Maybe they weren’t able to get enrolled for another school in time? We get them in our class this year… We will officially have depth and an elite defensive line to which the likes of Bama would be impressed with.

        Yuri seems to be pointed in our direction… and too be honest. If it came down to Darby or Yuri I would rather have Yuri.

        I believe we only have 3 or 4 more openings any ways. Other wise we’ll be sending some 5th year guys on their way.

        Back to my original post. Even if we sign the dream team/legendary class mentioned. I still don’t expect a 10 win season next year. Many of these true freshman DB’s will be getting significant playing time next year. And that leaves plenty of room for true freshman mistakes. 2013 I demand “just win” due to having Kelly’s recruits in the system for 3 years. Next year is going to be dog fight with a young team. Most of our D-line rising stars will be sophomores with one season of playing behind them.

        Just me, just my opinion, but I’m still not ready to pin these kids down and expect a miracle season next year. I expect to see a dog fight out of them playing the toughest schedule in the country. I expect to see some swagger and moxy out of the defense next year. I have a hard time thinking the EG, Kiel, or Hendricks will be able to deliver the type of QBing we need to expect a miracle season.

        Just my thoughts… And I may make a drive to campus to spend some time at the Grotto this weekend to pray for that dream team class of 2012!!!

    2. It’s OK. I have been an ND fan for at least 43 years, ( can’t remember the first 2 ).
      It’s been in the family for 3 generations, since like 1914.

      But I am not stupid and it’s pretty obvious that ND hasn’t been ND since 1996. And unlike the screw job on Dan Devine that was corrected 5 years later, the one on Holtz has been like a curse.

      I am also quite sad to see how the University itself has turned God, Mary, and other saints into Disney characters as part of a brand. I find it quite sickening to see Catholocism warped into a marketing ploy to keep a band of questionably oriented soft clerics and their lay colleagues quite comfortable in a country club.

      So no, you won’t get flamed by me. I want, the Old Notre Dame, but I don’t expect it anymore. Not unless someone new comes in with passion and belief to take us back to the desert to purify ourselves with fire and hunger. Realizing that the passion for ND Football never was just about football, ND’s identity crisis over the last 16 years is why the football team is what it is. It will only be special again when it embodies the old Notre Dame, with or without the University.

      1. You got that right C-dog. If you really want to be sick to your stomach about ND try checking out The Cardinal Newman Society’s website from time to time and what they are exposing at Notre Dame. Makes it hard to believe it is a “Catholic” University. Couple that with its football team and its tough to stomach anymore

      2. C-Dog,
        How has “ND turned God, Mary and saints into Disney characters and used Catholicism as a marketing ploy”? Understand, I am not disagreeing with you and there is no sarcasm at all in my question.

        I tend to agree with your statements but am genuinely interested in why you think that.

      3. I believe that the administration at Notre Dame is very comfortable and to maintain their position of comfort, they have sought to become like Harvard, a school with an endowment so large, if can pay for itself.

        While I love the character of the campus and some very uniquely formative experiences there, I feel like everything now gets marketed.

        I don’t want it advertised that the Grotto is a special place. I don’t want every good act like work in Haiti to be advertised. I don’t want every tradition to be promoted on NBC. Furthermore, a little hunger on campus by making due with sometimes less than the absolute best facilites all the time, might develop stronger character.
        I am not a fan of Father Jenkins. Bringing an abortion rights advocate in our President and giving him an honorary degree is wrong. Having an active supporter of Planned Parenthood on the Board of Directors in wrong too. Meanwhile, the fake Rudy music at the Eddy Street Commons and the Waterford Crystal at the book store make the place look like the very money changing at the Temple that pissed off Jesus after he entered Jerusalem.
        You get the feeling that it’s a bunch of wimpy priests walking around without too many hard life experiences talking in hushed and pious voices about why we should drop $10K on the U this year. Because doesn’t every Domer, alum or fan make six or seven figure incomes? And can we use Jenny McGillicuddy or Jimmy O’Toole and their weekend with the poor as props for our fund raising campaign?
        It’s embarassing and it smacks of corruption and self serving aims, hidden being a once but not currently successful legendary football team and some vague idea that the University is different.
        Frankly, if they just did all those good things and didn’t advertise, the word would get out anyway and the work would seem purer.

      4. To put it concisely, ND needs to return to it’s humble and hungry roots. Have a modern operation, of course, but get the mission closer to the original one, that of educating those who show the will to improve themselves and then serve the world.

      5. Outstanding response CDog and very interesting. I too have felt that the University has “gone viral” and it has not been very attractive.

  43. JTRAIN,

    The point is, it really matters what’s in those pretty-new-uniforms more than the uniform itself. And that my friend is all about football. Otherwise why not have robots playing football and be done with it.

    If it makes you happy not to worry about what I think, I could less about what appurtenances the team utilizes. 8-5 & 8-5 = Zero improvement no matter how you choose to spin it! You got your well known opinion so no need to direct it further with me.

    Stop the immature neophyte insults none was directed towards you.

    1. I simply don’t agree that significant steps forward have been made in the past two seasons.

      I believe 8-5 records that last two seasons is (dare I say) fantastic!


      If anyone believed that Reese was going to carry us to 10 wins and a BCS victory they are delusional. Reese’s inability to stretch the field shredded any chance of a dominate run game or passing game. His inability to keep the defense on their heels and reacting instead of anticipating a 5-10 yard crossing pattern or slant to MF killed us. Add in his lack of mobility, weak arm, poor coverage reading, and never progressing through his reads killed us. I’m not picking on the kid…he ceiling was exposed early and often.

      We were starting… not playing… but starting 2-3 true freshman along the defensive line. Not too mention our stud NT played for the first time this year. We have some talent and rising stars in our front seven but their young and don’t have much for quality depth behind them.

      quality, big, physical, talented depth is how Bama consistently is in the hunt. Pinning a 10 win seasons on true freshman is delusional. I don’t care gifted they are as athletes. Installing a true freshman here and there for a few snaps a game is how they should be used. A team that has true freshman taking 60 snaps a game is going to be on the rails. Winning some and loosing some.

      Expect next year to be about the same. 2013 will be the year ND blows up and starts man handling teams like many of remember.

      1. IrishChan,

        The unecessary disillusionment that took place this year was BK picked Rees over Crist. That decision alone set the program back to a minimum of 2013 to recover. Especially now with 3 inexperienced practice QB’s to date!

        BK flat out lied about being commited to Dayne. 30 mins of play for 2011 is not a commitment! It is a sick joke for a so called experienced HC famous for developing QB’s? Not to mention, the delusional 2 turnovers per game being allowed by BK.

        Yes, we are indeed faced with rebuiling for BK’s mindless mistakes made in 2011.

        Yes, BK will not start a true QB freshman or red shirt freshman for that matter. Rees will start whether we like it or not. The 2012 QB derby is for entertainment purposes only like last year.

        Yes, 8-5 records where no less than a miracle considering we were spotting everyone 2 Turnovers per game.

        Yes, the freshman are great without question. But again, BK’s mindless comment’s against the upperclassmen that saved his ass for the 1st two years was totally classless. Good reason for zero team chemistry to date.

        Please, everyone take time out to understand Lou’s advocated #3 golden rule tenet. There is more to a team than just talent and depth.

        It is easy to understand why most of the people on this board are mesmerized by the new talent including myself; they are indeed exciting. Sorry, I love my team just not BK.

      2. I for one will be keeping a real close eye on how Dayne Crist does next year as the full time starter at Kansas and being back under Charlie Weis.

        There is no question that DC will be the Kansas starting QB as last years incumbent has already requested a transfer, and Crist is a fifth year senior who can step right in and run Charlie’s offense.

        If Crist continues to flop and get hurt, BK was probably right in replacing him.

        If Crist stays healthy and excells, BK was probably wrong.

        Ether way, the proof will play out on the field for both teams.

      3. Dayne may very well continue to flop as you be grudingly put it.

        You and others don’t accept the fact that BK himself easily could have given Dayne another 30 min 2nd chance to end this argument.

        Character and Commitment does matter at ND regardless what the rest of the world thinks.

        BK made the commitment to Dayne. It is what it is.

        So go ahead and revel in Dayne’s possible demise next year. I for one will not rub it in your face if Dayne is successful next year. But you are not going to prevent me from enjoying Dayne’s success if he is successful on the field.

        However, even if Dayne is not successful on the field he is a man of character, he is ND and will be successful in life. He already is!

      4. I don’t begrudge Crist.

        After coming back from two surgeries I pulled for the kid. I felt he paid his dues behind Clausen and it was his turn to shine.

        To me, he just didn’t handle himself or preform like a senior player who has been given guidence and instruction at the college level for over 4 years.
        To me, he played like a freshmen.(just my opinion)
        Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word “Flop”, but for whatever reason, he never convinced Kelly, and he never convinced me.(again, just my opinion)

        I don’t think it is a defined fact of what, if anything, BK affords any of his players.
        It’s not a democracy. There is no popular vote on who goes in and who comes out.
        Who starts and who doesn’t.

        There is no signed contract between players and coaches and no one is on a payroll.

        The commitment BK made to “all” his players is he will go with who “he” feels can make the plays and win games.


        I hope DC, and for that matter Charlie Weis, both do well next year.

        All I’m saying is that it will be interesting to see what 2 different coaches do with DC. I didn’t intend to make you feel theatend or inhibate you enjoyment of the game.

        If you feel that you might have gone too far over on the whole Dayne Crist / BK thing and want to cover your self that’s entirerly your choice.

        I’m not going to hold anything against you or imply any pervention of anything.

        Dayne Crist said at the time of his transfer that he will always be “ND” and I believe him.

        Classy kid. Hope he finds success in football and in life.
        And I hope you are there to enjoy it.

      5. Sigfried & Roy…
        (you know, the famous magicians)

        It’s was a joke…

        You should learn to laugh more… You’ll live longer!

      6. My apologies.

        I didn’t know you were such a serious person.

        A little fiber in your diet might help with that.

        A brand muffin in the morning perhaps?

      7. I thought Kansas had another transfer with instant eligbility like Crist. Man that kid will be educated.

      8. C-Dog,

        You are correct on another transfer QB to Kansas. I don’t remember his name. He will have to red shirt for one year to transfer.

      9. Thank you Delta,

        For allowing me to recover from my “sometimers” on the BYU jake heaps transfer.

  44. “Pretty new uniform teams”…aha so thats what it is…i knew it wasn’t all about football. Yo are one of those tradition, tradition, tradition, nothing should ever change guys…guess what young kids like bright new things. Thats not changing. Its time for ND TO EVOLVE…otherwise you are correct we will be a glorified div2 team. Jumbotron, turf, flashy uniforms once in a while i am for it..the only tradition kids care about is winning. So if we have to change some things, than why not..

    Time to come out of the stone age

  45. So where’s the Chris Zorich fire-in-the-belly guy on this team? Where’s the QB leadership on this team? Where’s the Trust, Love, Commitment mojo on this team? So where’s the work ethic on this team?

    Right now it is only fashionable to play for ND. Team chemistry is an obvious after thought. No need to point fingers, the same problems remain and year after year since Holtz left. Unfortunately, we all hear the same speeches year after year.

    Most of the 88 team made a statement by playing beyond their God given talent. How? Inspiration! So who’s the motivational leader who will lead us out of the wilderness?

    Until the emotional wellness of this team is truely inspired; we will remain a fashionable Division II pretty-new-uniform-team, destined to win by luck only. A tantalizing thought, not.

  46. Diaco was a HUGE factor in why ND lost to Florida State. To not blitz the whole 2nd half when we were absolutely killing them with the blitz in the first half was pretty mind-boggling. That kid from FSU couldn’t pass if he had any kind of pressure on him, and we flat out stopped blitzing. Really stupid move by Diaco.

      1. exactly fxm and if you watch the second half he stopped blitzing because we were getting beat, that’s what ended the blitzing. Also the offense has to do better than 7 pts.

  47. i just donte understand if we are stuck with kelly and diaco why they dont hire amazing awesome assistant coaches, this is the obama probllem, they are afraid to hire guys that are smarter than they are? they should have been fishing for the best, that is my point. and gunner he came to nd because of his mother, not kelly. just so so so tired of LOSING!

    1. Again, you make a statement without knowing all the facts. This coach from Iowa State has a ton of experience and was the DC of Iowa when they had one of the best defenses in the country. Diaco, Cooks, and Alford have all played for this guy, so there will be some level of comfort. Kelly is getting his defense on the same page by getting guys that are familiar with the system the same way he’s getting his offense on the same page by moving Martin to OC. I’ve said this before, Kelly knows what he’s doing and these staff changes are going to be HUGE in the development of this program.

    2. In 2011, Iowa St. Ranked 69th in the nation in recruiting.

      Hard to finish in the top 10 in anything with that level of talent.(especially when you play in the Big 12)

      Diaco is our top recruiter.

      We currently sit at 14th in the nation. And that still stands even with the departure
      of several assistant coaches, who by the way, were good enough to be hired by Urban Meyer at Ohio St.

      Used to be when ND offered a scholarship, a high school player considered himself very fortunet, It was like gold. And ND wasn’t in the business of offering twice.

      But with Kelly, it doesn’t matter who or what “verbals” a kid may have given to other schools, he doesn’t stop recruiting until the player has officially signed his LOI.

      Not such a bad coach to be “Stuck” with.

    3. Bj is right about one thing…

      ND has the resources to hire people to the staff who can aspire to be truely amazing.

      There are two guys that I think could come in, and with a snap of their fingers, could make it happen.

      One is Sigfried Fischbacher.
      Ever hear of him? The guy is remarkable. Got to see him to believe him!

      The other is a guy who likes to work with those big cats down in the trenches… Roy Horn.

      Get those two together and I think it could be magical!

  48. LOOKS LIKE GUNNER WILL HAVE TO SCORE 30 PTS A GAME TO MAKE UP FOR THE DIACO DEFENSE. THE NEW DB GUY FROM IOWA ANOTHER DIACO PICK, “Last season, the Cyclones ranked 73rd nationally, out of 120 NCAA bowl subdivision teams, in pass defense, allowing 234 yards a game.” MY GOD!

    1. It’s not about the X’s and O’s it’s about the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s. Can you please get off of Diaco, it’s growing old and tiresome to hear you moan and groan about Diaco. Do you think Saban could walk into Iowa State and have them as the #1 Defense in the country?

      Why don’t you subscribe to your own words and be ND first! I know our D is not like LSU or Alabama but it is better than it has been in years. Give the recruits time and we will be better.

      Please come up with a new take other than fire Diaco.

      1. We will be damn lucky if Diaco is not picked up as a head coach in short order. If CW had Diaco he would still be coach. Maybe when you look at Iowa State defense it would help to consider the league they play in with Baylor, Oklahoma State (whom they beat to stop from playing for the national title), etc.

    1. I am pretty sure they are headed to Auburn. I think they are waiting for medical clearance from the SEC for Armond to play. Only logical explanation to as why they didnt enroll already.

  49. I’d like to see the other QB’s first. Let Kiel redshirt. If he’s good then 2 years at the helm should be enough.

    Frankly, I am more interested in the potential character of the team as a whole in 2012. This group gets embarassed next year unless they realize the task at hand. That requires a commitment now. Every day counts. ND’s 1988 champioship season was built on the ashes of a 1987 campaign that fizzled late and left everyone a little let down. It was the character of the players, as inspired and led by the coaches, until in 1988 the players themselves took ownership that caused that season to be special. It inspired all of us.

    2012, could be that season. But the schedule is such that the team cannot let up even for a day and that starts now. This team goes either 10-2 or better or 6-6. Just how hungry are they?

    1. C-Dog,

      QB play is the deciding factor. That 88 team had Tony Rice and Mark Green leading that offense. I think last year was a lack of leadership on the offense that caused it’s collapse. This year the QB needs to step and be the leader. As far as a team leader, this is Manti’s team. If I was BK I would bring back some of those players from 88 to explain what it means to play at ND and what they can accomplish this year. Some of these players need a conversation like Jonas had with Jerome Bettis. If they can get that kind of play from 11 on defense and offense there is no reason they can’t beat every team they play.

      1. Jack,
        I couldn’t agree more. Although, I’d qualify the first statement. Rice was not a great QB according to pro-style or spread prototypes. Rice ran the option extremely well, passed effectively when required, and WAS the FIELD GENERAL. He made himself a better passer by working with Holtz on touch by throwing darts. He did the little things to make himself ready.

        Rees still hasn’t gotten all of that from a leadership perspective, and Hendrix needs to prove that same leadership potential. Unless Golston is a surprise in his development schedule and Kiel is some sort of mature 18 year old, I would hold them both out and plan them for 2013 and beyond. But nothing is set in stone.
        I do feel that overall team leadership in the weight room, conditioning and agility training, and studying of the playbook now is more important than one position. I feel that Rees and Hendrix both have the skills to run the offense. I feel that BK needs to prove that he can teach, mentor, and foster leadership among his players. It’s only his team if it’s their team too.

        Boy, I’d love it if the 88 team offered their experience to this current team. I remember how hard they worked in January. Guys coming back to the dorm around 7:30 or 8, just hammered from early workouts. But they bought into it totally and it paid off. That team through the 1993 team were among teams that believed beyond their individual talents and capabilites. As Holtz said, “Trust, Love, Commitment” Those words were engraved on the 1988 championship rings.

      2. C-Dog,

        Didn’t go to ND, but played QB and the leader of the offense needs to be the QB. Rice ran Holtz’s offense to perfection and stepped up in big games. I don’t see Rees having the ability. I think Hendrix has the best ability out of the two of them. He just needs some game action. I think his first two games against Standford and then FSU with a top 10 defense is a little to ask for a kid. BK needs to make a decision by the end of Spring ball or same thing will happen next year. As far as the 88 team those players we are talking about would not qualify to play for this team. Give someone a chance that is bordeline and see if they suprise you.

      3. Rees does not have the skill set to run Kelly’s offense. I think the 2010 season proved that. Kelly went with the wrong QB.

      4. @jack,
        I agree the QB needs to be the offensive field general. That was T. Rice. But part of that is a committment by the coach to the QB. Kelly seems sometimes a little political to committ. Holtz cared about creating a championship team. In fact he might have been more fanatical about the glory of OUR LADY, in a religious sense, than the administration. I read here comments about Rees and Crist and I cringe a bit. Crist could very well succeed in another system. So could Rees. Other than being psyched out with red zone turn overs, what’s the difference between Rees on an 8-5 Irish team and Kirk Cousins, a less talented but true leader on a 11-3 MSU team. Your coach having your back helps. Don’t get me wrong, I question whether Rees can perform for Kelly and the Irish when it counts. But he’s a good kid and I would begrudge him playing somewhere.
        As for Crist, people need to realize he had no serious option at ND next year. Possibly, he’d learn to be a coaching assistant, but that’s it. It’s been reported how much he provided in leadership this year, even as a depsosed starter turned backup. He get’s a chance to learn from an offensive master. That could help him no only for playing potential, but really for a future in coaching if he chooses. Plus he’s got an ND degree, ( or two ), not something to sneeze at.

        Regarding your comment about players on the 88 squad not qualifying for this team, I am confused by your meaning. Certainly they were among the best talent in their day. If you refer to academics, I would debate that a bit. I knew some of those guys and I’ve heard about some of the players today. I think the academics demands are about the same. Don’t buy the hype from ESPN. If they ever buy ND’s rights, you can bet the spin will be different. Personally anyone with reasonable intelligence qualifies and can make passing grades at any university in America in a business or liberal arts major. Those fields of study just aren’t that hard, unless you need all A’s.

        Please explain your thinking on the 88 guys and qualifying statement. It’s worth discussing.

      5. per my comment, ” I would begrudge…” I meant to say I would not begrudge. Would hate to lose Rees, but it would be fun to see him play somewhere. Maybe he can do what Crist is doing.

  50. It takes a pretty special freshmen to step in and run Kelly’s offense when you consider how much a freshmen has on his plate with first year classroom work load.

    Then there is the increased speed of the game at the college level, grasp of the play book, and the complexities of opposing defenses to deal with.

    Not saying Kiel couldn’t do it, but sometimes it is better to red shirt a kid.

    That gives him time to get his class work under control, time to learn the offense, gain a year in the weight room, and earn the trust and respect of his teammates.

    The last thing you want to do is put a kid in the pressure cooker that is being the quarterback at ND too soon, and damage his confedence long term.

  51. kiel’s mother to replace swarbrick as athletic director, she knows how to get irish recruits, go mom! keep the faith!

  52. Video is streaming on Kiel at ESPN, NBCsports and Yahoo. This kid can thread the needle and has a strong arm as well as good evasive skills. Looks like the focus will be Golsen and Kiel. Kiel can run the spread simular to Rees only with greater talent and deeper concept. Fast release and very quick reads.

  53. What’s the word on Armstead? and his brother for that matter? Possibly heard on Rivals that Shaq Thompson is re-looking at his decision, along with others because the recuriting coord. left. Maybe we could get Thompson. The end of the recuriting process might swing in ND’s favor after all. Cwynar is leaving, so that will free up another scholarship( IMO we didn’t really need him to return). I’m worried and kinda glad we Gunner. I’m worried because I’m not sure how he fits in with this offense and I was really looking forward to seeing how Golson was going to do (maybe we still will and he doesn’t get the urge to transfer), but I’m also excited because Tony Pike wasn’t super athletic, but had pretty good success under Kelly (it was Cincy tho). Hopefully we can grab a few more recurits and Kelly will lock up another solid recuriting class. (looking to get Yuri Wright, Arik Armstead, Nelson Agholor, or maybe steal another recruit by getting S. Thompson) Go Irish. next fall cannot come soon enough!!

  54. I completely disagree Chris. Case in point? Look at USC this last decade. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinhart and Mark Sanchez. I don’t buy that high quality athletes don’t want competition. To the contrary, I think they thrive off of it. For USC, that meant three quality college QB’s.

    Is it always a perfect situation? No, it isn’t. But I’d rather have a guy come to ND to compete than one who wants a cake walk. If that’s what Gunner wanted, Indiana was the perfect place for him. Something tells me, based on his decision, he isn’t afraid to compete.

    And personally, that’s what I want from an ND quarterback.

    1. Matt Leinert was next in line behind a starting Carson Palmer. There was no competition when it was Leinhart’s turn to start. It was his job when Palmer graduated. Same exact thing for Sanchez once Leinhart graduated. Tell me who was legitimately competing with these guys when it was their turn to take over after the starters graduated?? Nobody!

      QB competitions typically lead to a rebuilding year. Maybe its just the fact that I’m sick of ‘rebuilding’. I don’t know what everyone else thought, but this last year should NOT have been a rebuilding year and I felt like it was. This team was stacked with talent. But, we had a QB competition between Crist and Rees. Kelly said Dayne would be the starter last year later in fall practice and said that he hopes he is his QB for all 12 games. Well he went back on his word and put in Rees, who is much less talented, but had a successful last 4 games of the previous year. He ended up playing decent and then we all saw that he doesn’t have what it takes to get ND over the hump. Will something similar happen this year? Who knows?

      Maybe it’s the fact we don’t have a QB that stands out either. I guess I just have to face the fact that this next year will be another rebuilding year because we don’t have a true starter yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Kiel wants to come in and compete for the job, but I really feel like Golson needs a legit shot this year. I wish Golson would get the majority of the 1st team snaps throughout spring and fall practice to get the entire offense ready for the 1st game.

      I don’t know…I’m just sick of losing….

      1. Sorry, but Leinhart was very nearly beaten out by Matt Cassel when Palmer left, when Leinhart left Booty competed against Sanchez and won, when Booty left it was a three way competition between Sanchez, Aaron Corp, and Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain, when Sanchez left it was an open battle between Mustain and Barkley. There is no pattern of preference for youth or experience in Carroll’s QB competitions and obviously no plan beside playing the guy most likely to help them win. All were parade all Americans (except Corp) and none transferred. I think the reason was because they all thought they had a fair shot at starting come every spring. Competition is what bred success at USC. Hopefully it will do the same here.

  55. QB competitions are the worst thing possible going into a season. They all share reps with 1st teamers, usually up into fall practice until a #1 is decided. This doesn’t allow your 1st team to get enough (in my opinion)all of the necessary timing down with your #1 QB as you have to get timing down with probably 2 other QBs. Whoever is decided as the #1 QB will constantly be looking over their shoulder at the other guy waiting for him to mess up so he can get his shot. It is hard to build confidence this way and with Kelly’s track record, these guys saw what happened to Dayne Crist after being named the starter in the fall. One half of football and see ya. Kiel may be a great quarterback, but it seemed as if Golson was going to take the reigns from the very beginning this spring. Now you definitely have 2, maybe 3 guys fighting for it, and then potential transfers to go with it. I’m not sure how mobile Kiel is, and how he fits into Kelly’s offense, but it seemed like Golson was the perfect fit. Now, with a 5-star QB coming in, Kelly has to give him a shot. I was really hoping Kiel wouldn’t come in and mess things up, but it happened so I hope if he does get a shot, he is the real deal all around.

    1. One more thing with QB competitions….the fans sometimes are the hardest to please as well, so now that we all know there are 2 legit QBs on our squad and the starter ends up coming out of the gate and playing terrible, the fans may start boo’ing and calling for the other guy. I’ve seen this happen too many times.

  56. This is going to be a crazy year leading up to the season, QB is still up in the air a lot of guys battling for one spot something has to give.

  57. the difference between men and quarterbacks, some notre dame quarterback have left early to go to the pros or to another school, maybe they werent really irish. in days of old notre dame players were notre dame players where they fulfilled their four year commitment to the irish. tom schoen, was a quarterback at notre dame, who stayed four years and became an all america safety. coley obrien rode the bench behind terry hanratty but in his senior year won nd the national championship with his unbelievable 51-0 defeat of usc. tell kiel this is the difference between notre dame and everybody else.

  58. I just read on USA Today about this and now I guess it’s official. Does Kiel fit the Irish O? I don’t know if I want this guy at ND simply because I have EG so high in my mind. To me the Irish qb situation is still a situation.

  59. Kiel is on campus and living in o’neill hall. Word is both armsteads are now set on the Irish as well. Also rumors of yuri wright with the Irish as his #1

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