Notre Dame Football Recruiting Report – 3 Days to Signing Day ’14

(Photo: Matt Cashore)
(Photo: Matt Cashore)

There are really only five names left for Notre Dame recruiting in 2014 as the Irish look to add to the #GoldenArmy14 on Signing Day in just three days.  Here is the latest roundup of the remaining recruits left on the board.

  • Courtney Garnett – Officially visited Notre Dame this weekend along with current commitment Pete Mokwuah.  Based on their interaction on Twitter and some pictures Garnett posted, it looks like Notre Dame did a good job working on the Oklahoma commitment.  Garnett committed to Oklahoma last week, but still visited Notre Dame and all indications are this one is far from over.   What’s crazy is that Mokwuah makes Garnett, who is 300+ lbs look small.  Hopefully the line up next to each other in Notre Dame jerseys for the next 4-5 years.
  • Daniel Cage – Visited Notre Dame mid-week and then immediately went to Missouri.  Reports were that Notre Dame did a good job but also had a lot of ground to make up on Michigan State for Cage.
  • Michiah Quick – Nothing new on the Quick front, but it does sound like Notre Dame did a great job with their in-home visit last week.  Quick will announced on Signing Day and it looks like it’s down to just Notre Dame and Oklahoma.
  • JuJu Smith – There was some talk that he might visit Oregon this past weekend, but that ended up not happening.  Notre Dame, USC, Oregon, and UCLA remain in the mix, but it has long been speculated that Smith was a lock for USC.
  • Terrence Alexander – There’s been some chatter that Notre Dame has pulled ahead following last week’s in-home visit from Brian Kelly.  Ole Miss and Stanford remain in the mix though and Stanford is still considered the biggest threat to Notre Dame.  Like the rest of the recruits on the board, we won’t know until Signing Day here.

One recruit that we know is off the board right now is Isaiah McKenzie.  The one time Notre Dame commitment who worked to get his grades in line for admission at Notre Dame decided that he wanted to visit Virginia Tech this weekend and thus pretty much eliminated himself from the mix because he had never met with Notre Dame admissions – that meeting would have taken place this weekend had he visited Notre Dame as was the plan as late as Wednesday of last week.  Instead, McKenzie visited Virginia Tech and ended a roller coaster ride of a recruitment with Notre Dame.

Not much new out there right now, but with three days until Signing Day it won’t be much longer until Notre Dame finds out about these final recruits.  It’s looking almost like a boom or bust type of day on Wednesday with none of the remaining recruits considered a lock for Notre Dame but at the same time Quick, Alexander, and Garnett would not surprise anyone by Signing with Notre Dame.  Cage and Smith on the other hand would be considered upsets for the Irish if they gained their signatures on Wednesday.  As we know all too well though – strange things can happen on Signing Day.

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  1. I just watched the Sleeper Bowl. Booooring. But it gave me a little perspective I’d like to share with people that, while not unique, seems like it is overlooked by contributors. Specifically cc.Isiah McKenzie, I’m glad NotreDame is refusing admission to non-adademically-inclined people. I mean, by “academically-inclined” all I’m saying is a guy who wants to get smarter. NotreDame doesn’t need brainiacs. But we don’t need punks, neither. I just read a story somewhere that Randy Moss regrets being a punk and not being serious about his personal forming. That meant a loss for both Randy (now lamenting his youthful indiscretion) and ND. Might Isiah McKenzie be the same kind of immature superstar? Maybe! But you know what? HE’S NOT WORTH THE RISK if he seeks immaturity. (VaTech visit) CUT BAIT!

    1. Of course, it’s been about 2 minutes since I completed the above entry, and I’m just saying that we (ND) must weight the benefits & consequences THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS and retain our judgement to stop doing what once seemed wise. And I apologize if I’m just stating the obvious, but…

      1. It is difficult in this day and age to figure where the role of parents is or should be in all of this. Sometimes, we are thrilled in the event someone like Tuitt has a strong mom playing a role. Then, you hear some kid waffling because his parents want him close to home, some say “he is a grown man, let him make the decision.” I feel like with McKenzie there were no grown ups around, his school or otherwise. Conjecture. I can’t fathom that all these kids think they are going to the NFL. Look at the income associated with an ND degree compared to some of these other schools and over a lifetime you make more than a guy who goes to the league for a couple years as a day two pick. I can’t believe we find ourselves with scholarships in hand, high and dry, so kids can go Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia…..

      2. If they are deciding strictly based on income than these schools all have a higher average starting salary than ND:

        ga Tech

      1. Right you are, MrBurgundy. (live a few miles from city-line) Funny,,, I have a wicked hahd time hearin’ it as i’m writing. (;

    1. All indications are that he is. In fact his HS coaches are big proponents of the idea. D Line is what Bama was recruiting him for.

  2. Wow, I guess we will be calling him “Big Pete” to say the least. From what I read on the pay sites, I am not as worried as previously. It sounds like Sam Mustipher is a better D-line prospect than a bunch of the guys who split on us or we whiffed on. So, we can always move him over.

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