Notre Dame Recruiting ’14 NSD Announcement Schedule

Photo: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow could be a feast or famine day for Notre Dame’s class of 2014. The Irish are still heavily involved with five different recruits although at this point there aren’t many strong indicators on where any of them are leaning. Here is the schedule of announcement times that are known for the remaining #GoldenArmy14 targets.

  • 10:30 AM ET – Terrence Alexander – ESPNU
  • 12:00 PM ET – Daniel Cage
  • 12:00 PM ET – Courtney Garnett
  • 4:00 PM ET – JuJu Smith – ESPNU
  • 6:30 PM ET – Michiah Quick  (UPDATED)

So there you have it. By Brian Kelly’s yearly Signing Day press conference, he and his staff should know the fate of both Terrence Alexander and Daniel Cage, but will have to wait until later in the day to find out if the recruiting efforts led by California ace recruiter Mike Denbrock will pay off for either Smith or Quick.

As of right now, none of the recruits above are considered locks for anywhere which makes tomorrow all the more exciting and all the more nerve racking.

Terrence Alexander still looks to be a Stanford and Notre Dame battle. 247Sports’ Crystal Ball for Alexander has been trending Notre Dame’s way the last few weeks though and things are looking pretty good for the Irish here.

For Daniel Cage it looks like a Notre Dame – Michigan State battle. The Spartans just picked up a DT commitment on Monday from Craig Evans – a Wisconsin decommitment – though and are still heavily involved with Malik McDowell. McDowell makes his announcement earlier in the day and if he does not select the Spartans, Michigan State figures to be the heavy favorite. Should McDowell select Michigan State, however, that could push the Irish on top.

Right now the only real positive for Notre Dame on JuJu Smith is that his recruitment is eerily similar to that of Manti Te’o five years ago. Notre Dame hasn’t won over elite defensive recruits on Signing Day in recent history and like Te’o almost all signs are pointing to USC. All that said, Smith’s recruitment feels a lot like Te’o’s in all of the things he is looking for in a school. It would still be considered a pretty big upset for Notre Dame to pull this one off, but so was getting a signature from Te’o on Signing Day 2009.

Things look much more optimistic for fellow California native Michiah Quick. It’s been reported that this is an Oklahoma and Notre Dame battle for a little while now. The 247 Crystal Ball trended up ever so slightly for Notre Dame this week though and it looks like Denbrock’s hard work has a good chance of paying off for Notre Dame.

Oklahoma commitment Courtney Garnett currently does not have an announcement time set but since returning from his weekend official visit to Notre Dame, he has yet to reaffirm his commitment to the Sooners which can only be considered a positive for Notre Dame.

UPDATE: Courtney Garnett is now scheduled to announce his decision at 12:00 PM ET on Wednesday – the same time as fellow defensive tackle Daniel Cage.  On Tuesday, Cage’s recruitment took a turn for the positive from Notre Dame’s perspective and things look like they are trending in favor of the Irish.  Could Notre Dame add two defensive tackles to this class at the same time?  We will know soon enough.


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  1. No, Burgundy, only your lack of creativity, that’s all. But you stay classy as always.

    Any under-qualified affirmative action hires you’d like to suggest to NFL or college teams, Burgundy? I think Ty Willingham may still be looking to destroy some other team, like he did at ND and Washington.

      1. Who cares?!!!

        How did the team you really cheer on do?

        BTW: I didn’t give you or anyone else on here any license to share any personal information about me. So I’d like to know where you got your information from. I guess that’s what passes for class with you, Burgundy.

  2. fxm,

    Sadly, academics seem to mean less and less these days. Kids want degrees with little or no work (see UNC). Too many schools are willing to give them pieces of meaningless paper (aka, diplomas, if you can call them that).

    As for Ron Burgundy, when it comes to things of the mind, he’s pretty much always in neutral.

  3. The whole team George. They are all going to transfer. All the commitments are going to leave – like Eddie did last year. We’ll have to field the Lacrosse team to keep our season alive.

    We’re doomed.

  4. Cage is Irish. Now they have 3 defensive tackles committed. Nice way to address needs. Now if they can get Garnett it will be a cherry on top of the class.

  5. This is a great class even without these remaining guys. Don’t forget we get Golson and Bryant back.

    Hope we get 2 or 3 positive surprises tomorrow!

    Go IRISH!

    1. Garnett is debating it with his mom as we speak. Notwithstanding my bias, I can’t imagine a parent saying “No son, I don’t want you to go to Notre Dame, I want you at Oklahoma.”

      1. You’re implying an Oklahoma education is worthless. Maybe the kid has dreamed of being a Sooner, maybe he doesn’t care for religion, maybe he’s afraid to be away from home, maybe he wants his family to see him play, maybe his father played at Oklahoma, maybe he doesn’t like Under Amour, maybe he hates the color blue. Who knows.

        Education is a piece of it and ND has a great one to offer but the implication that you keep making is a degree from anywhere else and you are destined for the unemployment line is ludicrous.

        Peace and love, peace and love.

  6. Cage seems like the most likely. Alexander may be poss, seems like Cooks did a great job and the Stanford D coordinator splitting. Too bad about JuJu, just love to get an athlete like that.

  7. Seriously? Don’t know what to think. There are so many variables involved in a college athlete’s career. Even with a 5 star recruit there is the possibility of injury, academic problems, etc. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. Looks like a consensus top ten class even if we get none of the above. When you have a top ten class, you are among the elite. Coach them up, maximize the development and potential of who wants to be in on what ND can offer, and get on with it. Like was mentioned already, predicting who will be a difference-maker transitioning from high school to college is an inexact science at best. I appreciate the long hours of recruiting by our coaches and the talent of the incoming recruits who can see the opportunities of choosing ND, whomever that ends up to be. Spring ball is almost here. Bring it on.

  9. THE SKY IS FALLING!!! All of our recruits will decommit and we’ll be left without a freshman class! lol

    Every signing day in the history of this media circus has de-commits and surprises. Truth is, nobody on this board or associated with the football program knows what will happen. Only those individual men know.

    Even less is known how the next 2-4 years play out and if these (or any recruits) turn into all world players. Or busts.

    1. You know, back in Lou’s day they never had a de commitment. They signed only 5 star guys and had the occasional rare 6 star athlete.

  10. There are too many weenie South Bend locals who have nothing to do but comment with gloom and doom predictions. You guys should find more balance in your lives because nobody cares what you have to say.

  11. I agree with Doug. At this point, I just hope we can keep who we already have received verbals from. I think Cage is our best shot and then Quick would be our 2nd best shot at a surprise this year. Would be thrilled to get JuJu but I see no chance that happens.

    Should be interesting. I can’t remember a year where there weren’t surprises on signing day. I just hope this year’s list of surprises is more positive than previous years.

  12. Sounds like a “crap shoot” or better yet “Russian Roulette”. We can speculate all we want but the bottom line is, we will not know until the announcement! You would think by now they would all know where they intend to go and the vast majority probably do, but its that few that can make or break your signing day. The high school senior football player is so fragile, both physically and mentally that if the wrong person gets in their ear, they can change them in minutes. Lets hope that doesn’t happen to ND. Go Irish!

  13. My prediction…we don’t score any of these guys and have a surprise decommitment ala Greenberry last year. Please prove me wrong

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