Michiah Quick to Oklahoma

(Photo: Matthew Emmons / USA Today Sports)
(Photo: Matthew Emmons / USA Today Sports)

More than midway through Signing Day and Notre Dame is now just 1 for 4 with prospects it still had on the board when the day started now that Michiah Quick has committed to and signed with Oklahoma.

Notre Dame started the day with a bang when Daniel Cage committed to Notre Dame, but since then the Irish have lost out on Terrence Alexander to Stanford and both Courtney Garnett and Quick to Oklahoma.  Not exactly the kind of afternoon Brian Kelly and his staff were hoping for when they woke up this morning.

Many had thought Notre Dame was the leader for Quick heading into this week, but Oklahoma ended up coming out on top marking the second head to head victory for the Sooners over the Irish on the day.

Luckily for Notre Dame, losing Quick was not a major blow in that the Irish are pretty well stocked at wide receiver.  It’s certainly a big blow from a talent standpoint as Quick is a dynamic playmaker and has drawn comparisons to DeSean Jackson coming out of high school, but with Justin Brent and Corey Holmes signed today in addition to last year’s talent crop of wide receivers, the Irish are situated nicely at the position.

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Would Notre Dame have loved to add Quick and make a splash on Signing Day? Absolutely.  Not adding the talented wide recever though shouldn’t diminish a pretty impressive haul at wide receiver in Brent and Holmes.

Notre Dame’s last chance to make that Signing Day splash comes later this afternoon when JuJu Smith announces his college choice between USC, Oregon, and Notre Dame.  Currently reports do not have things looking to promising for Notre Dame, however, with many predicitng Notre Dame to finish third in the race.  Stranger things have happened on Signing Day before though.  It was just five years ago that Notre Dame was in the same boat with Manti Te’o.

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Luckily for Notre Dame Cage prevented the dreaded Signing Day shutout early today giving Notre Dame another talented defensive tackle to restock the trenches.

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  1. bj,

    Auburn wasn’t a top ten class when they won it. You need to recruit to needs not ranking. ND filled holes at Dline and linebacker. I like this class its not the best nor the worst. Some of ND’s best players were 3 star players and not ranked high. I’m not worried about a lack of talent and I like BK finally realized that Dline should be the priority not an after thought. We’ll see in two years whether BK is at ND or not. He doesn’t produce it’s his ass cause he is in charge

  2. you cant be the national champs when you recruit the tenth best class. nobody in the top 53, kelly should read tom hopkins, how to master the art of selling.

    1. You can’t? What does the class need to be ranked? What should we plan on doing next year during the fall since ND can’t win?

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