Micah Dew-Treadway Commits to Notre Dame

Notre Dame Football Recruiting
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The Notre Dame class of 2015 continues to take shape after picking up commitment #10 on Wednesday night in the form of Illinois native defensive end Micah Dew-Treadway.

Treadway gave fans a clue that things were going pretty well on his midweek visit to Notre Dame early Wednesday evening.


— BLESSED1⃣1⃣ (@DewTreadway11) June 11, 2014

After a tweet like that, it came as no surprise when he followed up shortly after with:


— BLESSED1⃣1⃣ (@DewTreadway11) June 11, 2014

Prior to committing to Notre Dame Dew-Treadway picked up scholarship offers from Cincinnati, UConn, Maryland, Mississippi State, Purdue, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  At 6’5″, 275 lbs currently, Dew-Treadway will likely start his career at defensive end, but could easily grow into an interior lineman down the road for the Irish after spending some time with Paul Longo in the weight room.

Dew-Treadway is considered a 3-star prospect by all of the major recruiting services and the #30 strong side defensive end in the country according to 247 Sports.   Treadway has a lot of upside, but comes in with a 3-star ranking heading into his senior season because he is still very raw.  Dew-Treadway plans on enrolling early in January – something that should help him accelerate his learning curve on the college level.

Because of the success Notre Dame has had recruiting along the defensive line recently, the Irish have the depth to recruit players like Dew-Treadway and develop them without needing them to contribute from day one.

Dew-Treadway’s commitment is the second for Notre Dame in the last four days.  The Irish picked up a commitment from defensive tackle Brandon Tiassum over the weekend after the Indiana native visited South Bend this past weekend.

Notre Dame now has 10 commitments in this year’s class and the ship is filling up quickly with Notre Dame expected to sign a smaller than usual class next February.

Notre Dame a Finalist for Travis Waller

Quarterback Travis Waller our of California, one of the top 100 recruits in the country, named Notre Dame one of his four finalists on Monday night along with Alabama, Northwestern, and Ohio State with a July decision likely for the Elite 11 hopeful.  A couple weeks ago Notre Dame’s quarterback recruiting was all locked up with Blake Barnett committed since the fall, but his decommitment has made Waller one of the highest priority commits left on the board for Notre Dame.

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  1. Steel Fan Rob, my point exactly. You get the best recruits and coach them up. You SHOOT FOR the 4 & 5 star recruits with great upside who fit your program. You SETTLE for the 3 stars to give you depth. You can’t have a small recruiting class with a bunch of guys you settled for.

    1. Agreed, Mike. I have also wondered out loud on this site before on how many 3 star recruits can we afford to take in such a small class. We need to land a few studs before this all said and done. Right now, way too many role player types. But perhaps like Eifert some will turn out to be studs.

      1. Exactly. Some of these guys you can wait until the end of the recruiting cycle and “flip” them if you’re short in your target areas. They did it with Tranquill. They did it with Everett Golson.

  2. More beef!!!

    I challenge the doubters to answer the following question.

    conceding the staff a shakedown cruise for the 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes, when you regard 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes, who are the five biggest busts, regardless of star rating????????

    I wait with bated breath………..

  3. I might be overly negative but what’s with all the 3-star recruits? They have a limited number of scholarships to offer this recruiting cycle. Their best one just decommitted. Yet they keep bringing in one 3-star recruit after another.

    I understand that these guys are RKG’s or are a good fit for your program. However, this isn’t Cincinnati. You can get RKG’s and good fits for your program who are 4 and 5 star players. Go out and get them!

      1. You can give me the exceptions to the rule all you want. I give you this: Alabama has had the best recruiting classes year in and year out. They’ve also been the best team year in and year out.

        When you give me Eifert, you’re saying that you’d rather fight the percentages and than play them. Makes no sense.

        Assuming ND takes in no more than 20 and they don’t lose any of their verbal commits, they at least halfway done with their class. According to Rivals, the highest ranking recruit in their class is 132. 132! They need to do a better job. It’s as simple as that.

      2. Florida has been top 5 past few years too.

        I’ll give you Louis Nix too. 3*
        Whose fighting percentages? Perhaps the recruiting guys have more insight than those rating the players.

      3. Mike,

        Alabama also fills holes with JC transfers. Look at the top ten in recruiting it’s not the top ten in rankings. CW had a #1 class and three top five class, how did that turn out. The best thing to do is look at the ranking after their four years. I can give you more 5 star bust as opposed to three stars who actually became first round picks. The recruiting services fall in love with kids for their physical attributes and not their ability to play

      4. There’s no one-to-one correlation between recruit rankings and final poll rankings. But it certainly does seem that the better teams bring in the better recruits.

        Another factor, of course, is player development. CW was lousy at it. Great recruiter, but lousy coach. BK is doing a good job at both ends.

        All things being equal, of I’d take the 5 star kid over the 3 star one. But sometimes the 3 star kid id developed and coached up easier than the 5 star blue chip.

        Regardless, this isn’t an either or issue. ND should be getting the best recruits AND coaching them up.

  4. One thing about Diaco I hated was his prototype player. He didn’t recruit enough big bodies upfront. I like the fact that the new D – coordinator is getting some trench help. With the three he got last class and the three he has now this will build depth along the line.

    1. Is it “rank on Diaco” time? OK, then let me give my 2c’s worth. At the Div1A level of college football, you rarely win playing a finesse, “bend-but-don’t-break” D. That’s just sensibility. Big, faster offenses need to be hit bigger and harder. Football 101. What Jack says is really encouraging to me. I like Heistand. (I think that’s the new D-C)

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