Daelin Hayes Wins for Best Commitment Announcement

Earlier today Daelin Hayes became Notre Dame’s 19th, and highest rated, commitment in the class of 2016 when he selected the Irish over both Ohio State and Michigan State.  While his selection wasn’t overly surprising, the method in which he made his commitment was unique to say the least.  Actually, it was down right awesome.

Hayes made his announcement via a professionally produced, Dark Knight inspired video that looks straight out of Hollywood.  Check for yourself.

Now, I am sure there are some in the old guard who will roll their eyes and talk about how “that’s not how they did it in my day” or say “what’s wrong with just committing and not making a spectacle?”  Those people can get over themselves.  This was pretty awesome and is a recruiting super tool for Brian Kelly and his staff as they look to close out the class of 2016 strong.

When Brian Kelly walks into a living room, he can play this video and say, “oh, did you see how our latest 5-star linebacker committed to Notre Dame?  Let me show you.”  Then he can play a video of Hayes turning down playoff bound Michigan State on top of Notre Dame’s Fiesta Bowl opponent Ohio State in a professionally produced video that to quote from friend of mine “gave them chills.”

So roll your eyes all you want if this video bothered you, but Hayes commitment video is a hell of a recruiting tool for Kelly and company on the recruiting trail.

Oh yeah, that tweet above has been shared over 2,000 times and liked another 3,000+ times so the video is going viral and giving Notre Dame lots and lots of positive publicity.

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  1. Awesome video I am an 83 graduate of ND. Roll with the times are we will be left behind.
    And yes we were in great hands when we decided to stick our nose in vietnam in the 60s and Iraq 14 years ago.

  2. ND’s only backer leaving? Fortunately that was a position of depth and strength. Next season should be another solid position for the team. Even with at least three leaving. I just hope they all stay,. Fear the lack of playing time scenario. Thanks.

  3. I enjoyed listening to him speak. I like the fact that when Notre Dame players talk to the press I don’t get nervous hoping they don’t sound dumb. We do get intelligent young men and women.

  4. @ Ben, i disagree. He looked at what we showed at LB this season, anticipates our ONLY LB leaving, and made the commitment…he’s coming. But wouldn’t it be nice to actually have 2 quality LB’s next season?

  5. Love his energy, his style, his commitment and judging from the uniqueness of the presentation…..
    I expect him to be the ‘brains’ of the defense. Looks like a keeper. Welcome to ND, we missed you this year.

  6. If you think we are doomed because this fine young man posts this video, then I bet you are one of the terrified who are going to vote for Trump. Dude get over yourself. Did you even listen to his words. A future with this kid in Leadership is a bright one.

  7. While it may be a useful tool for other recruits, to everybody else it’s laughable because these verbal commitments typically mean absolutely nothing. Watch him not even go to Notre Dame in the end

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