Notre Dame Recruiting ’16 NSD Announcement Schedule

Caleb Kelly - Notre Dame LB Target
Photo: US Army All-American Bowl

Notre Dame heads into National Signing Day tomorrow with a lot of high profile recruits left on its board and while it’s uncertain that the Irish will come out on the right side of several high profile recruiting battles, there is still hope Notre Dame pulls off an upset or two.

Here are the announcement times for all of the Notre Dame prospects who are still listing the Irish as a possibility.

  • Ben Davis (LB) – 10:00 AM – The day will start off for Notre Dame fans with the 5-star LB selecting between finalists of Notre Dame, Auburn, Georgia, and Alabama.  If Notre Dame were to secure a commitment from Davis, it would be considered more of a shock than when it landed Manti Te’o seven years ago.  Alabama appears to be the favorite here although Brian Kelly and staff did a hell of a job here.
  • Jonathan Jones (LB) – 10:30 AM – A half hour after Davis makes his selection, Jones will select between Notre Dame and Michigan.  Notre Dame is the favorite heading in to Jones’ announcement.
  • Jeffrey McCulloch (LB) – 11:20 AM – Notre Dame has been trailing for McCulloch for a while and it would be an absolute shock if he selected Notre Dame.  The Texas native will likely be staying in his home state for his collegiate career.
  • Caleb Kelly (LB) – 8:30 PM – The last scheduled announcement of the day will come late in the day with Kelly announcing after school on the west coast.  Notre Dame is in a head to head battle with Oklahoma for Kelly’s services and while the Sooners are considered the leader here, no one really knows where Kelly will land and it would not be a total shock if he put on a Notre Dame hat just like Te’o did seven years ago.
  • Demetris Robertson (WR) – TBD – As of now, Robertson is not scheduled to announce his decision on Wednesday and right now it appears as though this one could stretch past Signing Day.  Notre Dame is still working hard here though and will be pushing for a signature on Wednesday.

A couple other former Notre Dame prospects haven’t announced their decisions yet either.  While Notre Dame hasn’t been listed as an option for these recruits, they did spend a lot of time on them and it’s always interesting to follow where they land.

  • Damar Hamlin (DB) – TBD – Notre Dame has been out of the running for Hamlin for some time now.  Hamlin dropped the Irish around the same time that Notre Dame picked up a commitment from Tony Pride right before Christmas.  Hamlin doesn’t have an announcement time set.  Pitt looks like it will keep Hamlin in state but Penn State and Ohio State are still in it.
  • Nate Johnson (WR) – TBD – Johnson just recently visited Notre Dame, but shortly after his visit, he was off of Notre Dame’s board and right now it looks almost certain that he will stick with his original commitment to Michigan.

So there you have it.  The day will be bookended by a couple of 5-star linebacker announcements – either of whom Notre Dame would be thrilled to land.  Notre Dame certainly wouldn’t mind if 5-star receiver Demetris Robertson decided to fax a letter of intent to the Gug on Wednesday either.

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