Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Who’s Left on Notre Dame’s Board?

Notre Dame DE prospect Jalen Harris (Photo from Twitter @Cha33Cha)
Notre Dame DE prospect Jalen Harris (Photo from Twitter @Cha33Cha)

Notre Dame lost two players on its recruiting board on Monday after gaining two new commitments on Sunday night.  With Signing Day 24 hours away, Notre Dame is still awaiting decisions from five recruits today and tomorrow.  Here’s a run down of where Notre Dame’s recruiting board stands as of Tuesday morning.

Notre Dame’s Remaining Targets

  • Jalen Harris (DE) ★★★ – The Arizona native was committed to Arizona coming into his weekend visit with Notre Dame, but a great visit pulled Notre Dame into a dead heat here.  A decision was expected on Monday, but so far nothing has broken on Harris’s decision.  Harris needs some work in the weight room but he has a lot of potential and could be the pass rusher this class is sorely lacking.  It’s either Notre Dame or sticking with his Arizona commitment.
  • Kofi Wardlow (DE) ★★★ – Another defensive end who is on Notre Dame’s board Wardlow is still committed to Maryland but visited Notre Dame and Virginia Tech the last two weekends.  Wardlow is a bit of a bigger DE prospect – literally – and could grow into more of a strong side defensive end in Notre Dame’s defense, but that doesn’t make him any less important of a recruit for the Irish.  No one seems to have a great idea of where he ends up at this point though confidence is not super high for Notre Dame.  No timeline has been set for Wardlow’s announcement.
  • Russ Yeast (CB/WR) ★★★ – Another committed prospect who got a later offer from Notre Dame and is still considering the Irish.  Things heated up for Notre Dame really quickly once he finally got his offer but then cooled a bit.  Notre Dame is in a battle with Louisville here and has to overcome the longstanding relationship the Cardinal staff has built with Yeast.  If Notre Dame is able to pull this off, Yeast would be the only CB in this year’s class.  A decision is expected as early as today.
  • Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (DE/DT) ★★★ – Tagovailoa-Amosa visted Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, and Navy all within the last week before hunkering down to make his decision.  USC looked like the leader here for a while, but Notre Dame just might be able to pull this off.   There is a lot to like in Tagovailoa-Amosa and this would be a heck of a late addition to the Notre Dame class.
  • Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (OLB) ★★ – It’s Notre Dame or Michigan State for Osuwu-Koramoah after his decommitment last week from Virginia.  He visited both schools in the last two weeks, and it’s still unclear who is leading currently.  A Signing Day announcement is coming from Osuwu-Koramoah.

It’s tough to say who Notre Dame ends up with here.  The Irish have a chance at each, but none appear to be a slam dunk at the same time either.  If Notre Dame ends up with Harris, Tagovailoa-Amosa, and Osuwu-Koramoah, that would be a really solid finish all things considered.  It would be amazing to get Russ Yeast in this class for Notre Dame too but given how late Notre Dame got in here, it’s a tall order.  Still, Yeast got home from his Notre Dame visit a week ago and in that time has not made a final decision which suggests the Irish have at a minimum given him a lot to consider.  We’ll know soon if it was enough to get him in this year’s class.

New Preferred Walk-on

  • John Mahoney (S) – Safety prospect from Iowa who will enroll as a preferred walk-on.

Off the Board Monday

  • Oliver Martin (WR) t0 Michigan ★★★ – This one has been trending in Michigan’s favor for a while after it looked like a Notre Dame – Iowa battle just a few backs.  Michigan cooled on Martin during the season but turned up their attention once they lost out on several other prospects.  The late attention didn’t seem to bother Martin as Michigan was able to overcome both Notre Dame and Iowa for Martin’s pledge on Monday. 0
  • Evan Fields (S) to Arizona State ★★ – Notre Dame initially looked good for Evans heading into his visit and even immediately following his visit two weeks ago.  Fields cooled on Notre Dame, however, and selected Arizona State on Monday.


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